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Tiger Woods' Wife: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

12/21/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, is conflicted over what to do with her marriage, sources tell TMZ.

Tiger Woods

We're told Elin is not going to file for divorce immediately, but there are two issues she just can't get past -- that Tiger allegedly had a 3-year relationship with one of the women, and another alleged affair occurred while Elin was pregnant.

We know Elin has confided in friends that she could have fairly easily forgiven Tiger had it been only one woman. But the sheer number, along with a long-term relationship and the pregnancy fling, has Elin doubting whether she can ever trust Tiger Woods again. Trust is her issue.

Clearly not a shock, but that's what is in her head. But still ... Elin hasn't pulled the trigger -- yet.

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You "know" that "Elin has confided in friends that she could have fairly easily forgiven Tiger had it been only one woman." How do you "know" that? What kind of "friends" does Elin have if all they can do is immediately pick up the phone and call TMZ (and collect their check) the instant Elin turns her back? How exactly do you "know"? Based on what? TMZ continues to be the lowest source of "news." There is no respect for anything or anyone and it is assumed by everyone on the TMZ staff that it is their right to know every single private thought of every celebrity. It is my greatest wish that celebrities turn the tables on TMZ staff members and infiltrate their lives and make them miserable. You "know"? Yeah, I bet you do.

1738 days ago


If Tiger was married to a black girl, no one would care if he had an affair with 100 other black women. People need to mind their own business

1738 days ago


Give in. You 2 are young enough and g/l enough to be awesome swingers! try 1nightstands.com and meet other couples and ejoy yourselves!

1738 days ago


Divorcing Elin will have a big impact to Tiger's career and reputation therefore i doubt he will definitely hold on to this marriage of his.

For Elin, divorcing him means financial headache for her and the kids.

For the sake of their children, in my opinion, forget about the past issues and start a new life.

I think he have learn his mistake and won't repeat the same thing again.

1738 days ago

word upz    

Elin should have known ... I mean look at the sheer number of NBA players that have 6+ kids with 6+ different women. Black guys... gotta satisfy that purple crayon. single white women will always make the same mistake and keep coming back.. bling bling my homies

1738 days ago


Sonya, and the rest, you are right. No one would care if it were a black girl. But since Elin is white, I hope she has as peaceful a Christmas as possible.

Elin, may you have a wonderful Christmas, despite the garbage that Tiger has brought in your life...

Run, run, run, don't walk away. No therapy can help him, none. He's a great golfer, and maybe you all can be friends, but run. He can't give you what you deserve, which is love, attention, and being put on a pedestal!

Let someone else settle for less. Take the fortune, you deserve it, and run. You'll meet someone else, someone else will be attracted to you, it may take some time, but you'll heal.

ELIN DESERVES BETTER! Find love elsewhere, don't be jaded, you'll find a much better package!

Money, and fame weren't what you wanted anyway, so find a nice handsome Swedish man, who understands your needs.

Merry Christmas!

1738 days ago


I've been on the wrong side of an affair when my wife cheated. The trust in the marriage is destroyed. It's nearly impossible to rebuild. We tried with counseling etc but it never was the same. Ultimately we divorced and can't see how Elin won't do the same thing. As the victim in an affair, you think you'd stay together for the children or for financial reasons, but in the end, it boils down to TRUST and that's been blown out of the water.

Elin will go through similar thoughts and possibly try to save the marriage but, if it's anything like my experience, she'll divorce Tiger in 2010 or 2011.

1738 days ago


She's going to move to California and after six months, start the divorce procedure and take Tiger for at least 50% of his worth. Tiger is a completely unrepentant A-HOLE from tee to green in every way and Elin will play this game brilliantly. Tiger is toast in the toilet.


Bring on the Puma contract.

Team Elin

1738 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

584. To the poster who said we would not do anything if we saw MJ
molesting children: You know what, you're right! Because if MJ was
molesting kids, that could only mean that, for some reason that we
might not be able to understand, God determined that it was really
okay to molest kids. And like I said, we might not be able to
understand it, but MJ would not do anything wrong and God would not
guide MJ to do anything wrong. If MJ did it, it must be okay and it's
up to us then to try to understand why it's okay. MJ was a good man
the best man and he would not do anything wrong.
Posted at 11:45AM on Dec 20th 2009 by Julie
Read more:

1738 days ago


I hate to say it, because I understand the importance of keeping a family together, but I say leave the dude. I speak with the experience of a 53 year old man whose father cheated on his wife with, according to his own estimate, 700+ women. After many, many set-backs in his life, including his divorce, my father remarried to a wonderful woman. Little over a year after, he confided in me that yes... he would cheat again!!! He knew full well that it was wrong but he explained that he was just geared that way. He had to have multiple sexual relationships to satisfy his need for physical love. With all the partners that Tiger has had it's obvious that he has this "need" as well. Trust me... he will do this for the rest of his life!!! And... I'm sure that he has had sexual encounters since his "relationships" were first discovered. I say take the kids and find a good husband / parent to start your life over again with. Run girl, run!!!! And... to the best of your ability... never look back.... he never did!!!

1738 days ago


I thought it was Leonardo Dicaprio on the pic above next to Tiger.
Similar male hormone levels I guess.

1738 days ago


GOOOOOOOOOO!!Why would you want to say with a liar and cheat! mind boggling!

1738 days ago


Polarbear what part of pre nup dont you understand solid pre nup !!!

1738 days ago


Dear Elin. Leave this tiger he's messed up your life and you will never be able to really forgive him. I went through the same thing with to young kids to and I left and after a good doctor help me and one of my children out of the mess as my young child was to young. You will be a lot happier never mind the tears for this tiger. Good luck Elin and you'll have a great life. From been there before

1738 days ago


Poor thing, it's probably hard, but if she doesn't leave now, she will eventually. He isn't going to change.

1738 days ago
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