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Tiger Woods' Wife: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

12/21/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, is conflicted over what to do with her marriage, sources tell TMZ.

Tiger Woods

We're told Elin is not going to file for divorce immediately, but there are two issues she just can't get past -- that Tiger allegedly had a 3-year relationship with one of the women, and another alleged affair occurred while Elin was pregnant.

We know Elin has confided in friends that she could have fairly easily forgiven Tiger had it been only one woman. But the sheer number, along with a long-term relationship and the pregnancy fling, has Elin doubting whether she can ever trust Tiger Woods again. Trust is her issue.

Clearly not a shock, but that's what is in her head. But still ... Elin hasn't pulled the trigger -- yet.

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he is verry nice

1729 days ago


LOL...you are gonna do what you want to do in the long run Elin, but how could you possibly trust Tiger again.

Oh, I'm sure he is sorry he got caught....er...I mean for his actions but is he willing to get some therapy or has he just promised he won't do it again. If he does get therapy then it going to take at least a couple of years for a breakthrough. I mean the man has a SERIOUS problem.

Anyway good luck to you Elin, and I hope you do what is right for you and the children.

1729 days ago


give the guy a bck!!!

1729 days ago


How could she not have guessed earlier that Tiger was cheating on her? Was she that naive or was he just too clever in his deception? I don't believe that the National Enquirer was her first clue to his extramarital affairs. Her twin is a lawyer, her mother a politician, her father a radio talk show host, she couldn't be that dumb!

1729 days ago


If it were me, I think I could have forgiven maybe one woman, but what really pushes me over the edge as a mom is that if Tiger, who supposedly liked to have sex without a condom, gave his wife herpes while she was pregnant her child could have been born blind or worse...The fact that he gave no concern to his unborn child is unforgiveable IMHO!!! One source is reporting that he was also caught in a church parking lot having sex with a woman and got out of be exposed by promising, and giving, and exclusive interview...This guy is no role model, and even if his father was a cheater as alleged, he is a real 'piece of work'...no amount of money could EVER make me forget that he endangered his unborn child for thirty seconds of pleasure..What a JERK!! I would never buy ANYTHING he endorses!

1729 days ago

love her!    

Elin ur a human being not a stepford wife! Please leave him. He brainwashed you then and he is trying now. Remember Elin it's not 1 affair not 2, it's at least 12. Everyone on his staff and his inner circle lied to you about hiding the affairs. He is a serial cheater. Elin please please please for Sam & Charlie strengthen your inner being. Get rid of Tiger. PLEAASEE!

1729 days ago


I love Tiger Woods, on the golf course that is, but i believe what he has done to his wife many times over and over again, she should leave his ass, and get as much money as she can out of him !!! Maybe getting a big enough hit in his wallet will slow him down and help him keep his pants zipped up !!!!!

1729 days ago

Guelmi Sori    

I thought was ebony but that wood is rotten and weak as balsa.Abandon ship before it sinks!

1729 days ago


Ask anyone who's been there........... HE'LL NEVER CHANGE!! You are young, beautiful and have your whole life ahead of you. If you are still uncertain as to what to do, think about your kids. Do you really want that kind of man as a role model for them ?? They are so young now but will be scarred just the same. Take your precious children and RUN, don't walk, to the nearest exit. You all deseve so much better.

1729 days ago


Brittney Murphy just died and we are still talking about Tiger, How low have we all sunk?

1729 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

Firstly, she would not lose self respect if she stays. Jackie Ken-Onass stayed and J_F_K loved the ladies as well. At that time though journalists could lose there jobs for reporting about the private lives of prominent people.


Did Hillary lose respect? No.

Second, I think Tiger is in a different situation to most potential repeat offenders. He has been so GREATLY publicly shamed and humiliated. I think in one of his press releases when asking for privacy he described the intrusion (gory details being made public) as *inhumane* so he is in extreme distress. I don't think he would want to go through that again.

Third, Elin now has on her side about 1,000 eyeballs watching Tiger's every move wherever he goes. He will be under so much scrutiny I won't be surprised if he becomes something of a recluse. Further, it seems he is making changes to his line-up of male friends. Maybe he won't be so close with some people as before.

I think Tiger did and DOES love her and the kids. He would tend to the kids and he always seemed to be close to them. He just seems to have had them in a mental compartment, and he had fulfilling his extra desires in a totally separate compartment. It's almost as if his steely concentration on the golf course allowed him to partition these aspects of his life. Truth be told, what many men would do 'with' a magazine or adult movie in fantasy, he did in a bold, and bizarre fashion in real life.

They need to get some counselling and therapy. Tiger needs to open up to Elin about all his urges. And Tiger really has to come clean with Elin. If he knows he can't do this... DON'T put her through any more sh1t. She's been through enough. But the plus is many people sympathize with her. As long as SHE is happy... the public will accept her decision.

Also, think of the family unit. I think when there are children we must really sacrifice as long as there is no risk of harm to them.

The only way I would say divorce automatically, is if he used to hit and beat her.

So yes Elin, think it over carefully and make the right decision for you AND your family... not anybody else.

1729 days ago


It's amazing what one can overlook if the paychecks big enough.
Guess it's not enough to walk away with 500 mill when you consider what he'll make in the coming years.
If she stays, she's as bad as the rest.
She must have known- it's more likely she's upset over the public humiliation. Of course if the prenup gets re-negotiated maybe she won't be selling books down the line.

1729 days ago


Goodness. Is it THAT hard to decide? Yeah she may have been in love with him but if he loved her just as much he WOULD'VE RESPECTED HER enough to NOT FOOL AROUND IN THE FIRST PLACE!! All those years of betrayal. How in the hell can you stay with someone who deceived you all that time?
She is soo much better off. But if she's seriously considering staying with that man maybe she does deserve to be with him.
Then what lesson would be learned? How pathetic. Like Meta mentioned, what kind of example is that to their children?? 'stay in a painful relationship without trust. Hey, this is how women should be treated, they're bound to stick with you'
My God.

1729 days ago


jeez, dump the guy already. take half his money and find somebody who actually appreciates you.

1729 days ago


Why to leave, while this is nature an animal we we all are. Humans are probbably more civilized?
Important is status and the respect, you being a queen while king cherish

1729 days ago
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