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Tiger Woods' Wife: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

12/21/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, is conflicted over what to do with her marriage, sources tell TMZ.

Tiger Woods

We're told Elin is not going to file for divorce immediately, but there are two issues she just can't get past -- that Tiger allegedly had a 3-year relationship with one of the women, and another alleged affair occurred while Elin was pregnant.

We know Elin has confided in friends that she could have fairly easily forgiven Tiger had it been only one woman. But the sheer number, along with a long-term relationship and the pregnancy fling, has Elin doubting whether she can ever trust Tiger Woods again. Trust is her issue.

Clearly not a shock, but that's what is in her head. But still ... Elin hasn't pulled the trigger -- yet.

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the red flags that your spouse is cheating on you are always very bright and in your face, but often, we deny that truth. i'm sure that is what Cheetah's wife did too. it isn't a question of why didn't she see it, of course she did.

1767 days ago


This is OLD news, things have changed...

"And we can reveal Woods sliced the slim chance of a reconciliation out of bounds by reneging on a promise to go into REHAB to get off prescription drugs Ambien and Vicodin."


1767 days ago


People and Wife He is a Rockstar. if you don't think he or any other man at his status wouldn't be a freak. And tiger, this gut was a dork all his life never any tail then he gets big and all sorts of woman are throwing them at him com'n people. I say get a divorce it is tainted she will never forgive or forget and he will always be trying to make up for it the REST OF YOU LIFE. there are a lot better women than her she didn't make you happy enough or he wouldn't have cheated. DTB

1767 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Elin sound keep the kids away from Tiger. Kids need stable environments to thrive.

Speaking of kids, there are some on the Jackson thread who have the following view of child molestation. Take the time to tell them how wrong they are. See below and link.

584. To the poster who said we would not do anything if we saw

molesting children: You know what, you're right! Because if MJ was
molesting kids, that could only mean that, for some reason that we
might not be able to understand, God determined that it was really
okay to molest kids. And like I said, we might not be able to
understand it, but MJ would not do anything wrong and God would not
guide MJ to do anything wrong. If MJ did it, it must be okay and it's
up to us then to try to understand why it's okay. MJ was a good man
the best man and he would not do anything wrong.
Posted at 11:45AM on Dec 20th 2009 by Julie
Read more:

1767 days ago


Elin definitely has class. She really love (s(ed) Tiger. She is thinking about their kids.
Tiger is pretty much ruined. Sure he can still play golf but his sponsors will not take on that risk again. And if they did it would be years from now.
Tiger is very emotional right now, and that is playing on her as well.
She will do whatever is right for her and her family, regardless
of what anyone thinks,says, or does.
Ms.Elin has a very bright future.

1767 days ago


Leave and don't look back. There are many good men out there and you deserve so much better. He had it all and threw it away. Why live in fear that he'll do it again? He's an idiot.

1767 days ago

Dr Bruce Hoag    

Would anyone really care that this was anything other than adultery if this man didn't have such a high profile? I doubt it. We need to spend more time nurturing our own relationships at home, at work, with those who matter the most to us, and stop entertaining ourselves by prying into the personal details of those we've never met.

1767 days ago

Justice needs to be done    

Oh Please.....she is trying to re-negotiate the pre-nup by getting public sympathy, despite being a very violent woman who likes to abuse her man. She is living in fantasy land if she thinks she could ever get full custody. More like she might lose it if she abused Tiger as alleged.

She roughly knew what was going on, some even in her backyard in an Orlando nightclub. She is in it for the money and lifestyle. It is not in Tiger's best interests to stay married to her. The marriage has obvious problems. He does not need to be married for his image. To the contrary, his image would improve if he got divorced since everyone knows the marriage is a sham. Just like the Clintons. They would have been better of if divorced.

None of his endorsements had to do with being a married man, so what is the point of staying married?

1767 days ago

angela kronk    

elin should run as fast as she can and not look back stopping only at the doctors office for a heap of tests.

1767 days ago


you said trust was not an issue! So are you saying that it doesn't matter to Elin that he disrespected their marriage as long as she assured he doesn't do it again? I think the TMZ "sources" need to rewrite that part of the "source".

1766 days ago


I've read some where if Tiger had died Ellin would have collected millions but he lived & for her to collected just as much money she got 2 more years to stay w/tiger & then collect the millions..heck,I would stay until I could collect the money& then divorce Tiger but in the mean time he would have a different bedroom...

1766 days ago


Hopefully she will find her pride and dignity and dump the loser

1766 days ago

L Burns    

Tiger is done cheating...TRUST ME. It's like a person who has just declared bankruptcy, they can no longer run from their creditors. Tiger needed something huge to reset his world, and that moment has come and gone. Don't listen to pop-culture who tells us to destroy our marriages to fix everything. The second you have kids is the second your life is no longer the most important thing. Kids are now involved and those kids have to come first. Keep the marriage together. Magic will ensue.

1766 days ago


that woman has been fooled and betrayed for years.
if she still wants to stay in this marriage, it has something to do with money, prenups and low self-esteem. Tiger may be still controlling her.. Her choice of course. Good luck.

1766 days ago


The only reason she hasn't made up her mind yet is because she's weighing out which would bring in the most money DIVORCE HIM/STAY. Tiger is so private and surely he realizes the book hounds are going to be heavy on their (or her trail)wanting a book deal to go down for her story, so that's some ka-ching! She will make up her mind after she's balanced the checkbook. Heck, she's already had him groveling enough to change their pre-nup. I think she's playing her cards right. Just looking at him day after day would be nauseating to me though after what he's done.

1766 days ago
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