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Tiger Woods' Wife: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

12/21/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, is conflicted over what to do with her marriage, sources tell TMZ.

Tiger Woods

We're told Elin is not going to file for divorce immediately, but there are two issues she just can't get past -- that Tiger allegedly had a 3-year relationship with one of the women, and another alleged affair occurred while Elin was pregnant.

We know Elin has confided in friends that she could have fairly easily forgiven Tiger had it been only one woman. But the sheer number, along with a long-term relationship and the pregnancy fling, has Elin doubting whether she can ever trust Tiger Woods again. Trust is her issue.

Clearly not a shock, but that's what is in her head. But still ... Elin hasn't pulled the trigger -- yet.

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She should GO!!!! This guy isn't going to change. This man will end up giving her a disease. She should GO and get a man of her stature, education. This guy doesn't respect her. Is she NUTS?!!? "Should I stay?" Are you serious? Actually: WHAT THE HELL DO I CARE?!!? Come or go. He likes women, she likes the money he provides. Stay together, get a disease, and DIE. What do I care? (Uh-oh--time for my Ritalin.)

1764 days ago


Simone, nobody, but nobody cares about you.

1764 days ago

amber cook    

i do think she should leave i would have stayed if it were only one woman but several .he does nothave a sex problem that is just a excuse to make him look better he messed up now he must face whats next i appluse his wife for beating the crap out of him i would of done the same next i would get hem woman find out how to sue any of them or make there life a living hellike they have made hiswife life

1764 days ago


Elin is feeling all the emotions that she should be thinking. It hurts to find out he had a three year relationship, it hurts to hear he cheated on her when she was pregnant (a lot of men cheat during pregnancy, not that that is right). But Tiger Woods is a serial cheater, he seems to be totally obsessed with sex. Plus, he likes variety. I doubt it if he would ever change, not for Elin, and not for his children. He is a serial cheater and has a problem that will not or never go away. Get a divorce, Elin as sad as it sounds. You have to think of yourself and your kids now.

1764 days ago


I understand he has tons of money and temtations thrown at him numerous times a day. Tiger carried himself like he was Ward Cleaver and had the wool pulled over the worlds eye's, but to deceive himself, his wife, his children, family, friends, and fans the way he did makes him the biggest P.O.S. and so f-ing what he plays a game well. Elin should bend him over and dry rape him in the courts. When is he going to say he's a sex addict? We all know he's just a weak little boy who isn't strong enough to stay commited to his wife, children, and himself. Tiger whatever you do or say means nothing and the world will never believe anything you say. If you really want to redeem yourself leave Elin everything and you start over with the winnings from your next game, I'm sure you will win millions but you will always be our loser.

1764 days ago

A victim of high testosteron level    

Precisely. I understand her dilemma. IMHO this is a worse situation compared to a politician hiring an escort or disappearing to South America for a date. This is another 'elaborate' category of deception.

Tiger's issue isn't privacy, his so called demand for privacy is also a cover up for a cover up, it is insincere.My perception is that he'll need to work it out in therapy, it is his problem that now became others problem, too. His kids are innocent. There are layers of deception and maybe Elin was naive to start with to marry him expecting that he'll change 'for her', a common female mistake.

As in twelve steps TW needs to go through the healing process, recognize and admit a problem, own it and make amends. He needs to redeem himself and it demands a lot of inner work. The question is, ca he go through it and come out on the other end of the tunnel? Can Elin stand by him during all that time? Can she heal? Who knows.

Obviously TW 'wants to know' if someone will love him anyhow, no matter what, love him unconditionally for who he is, not only admire him for what he achieved. You can never buy love.

It is like an unconscious call for love, definitely a sick and screwed way of functioning, so much is clear but maybe he isn't into anybody analyzing him. To fall out of grace is easy.

If Elin stays with him she gets hit, too, and people will definitely say it was all for the money, because no one will understand how she could remain by his side and if she really loved him then her wound must be huge.

However, forgiveness is the only medicine. Even if she divorces him because she can't trust him (which is understandable) she fill finally need to forgive him anyhow.
And he'll be around, because the kids are there so she can't ever run away from it all, she needs to deal with it. And she should get help, too, for her own best.

This is a huge lesson existence assigned to her, to both of them to work with.

Prayers for them both.

1764 days ago


5. Leave run run run and marry me I'll never do that crap

Posted at 12:05AM on Dec 21st 2009 by Scott

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/21/tiger-woods-wife-elin-nordegren-divorce-affairs-mistresses-file/1#comments#ixzz0aKL3547y

LOL! No kidding. That woman is gorgeous compared to bunch of hideous horsey-faced bimbo's he hooked up with.

It IS a complicated thing. Elin obviously loves him very much & having children with a man ALWAYS complicates the decision to leave a marriage. I say, go to Sweden honey & concentrate on fixing up your cute little house. SPARE NO EXPENSE! After all, it's Tiger's money right? Tell Tiger he needs to go get a REAL good therapist & see him about 5 times a week(at least) for a minimum of a year. THEN, come back to America & go to a marriage counselor together IF you think he's actually making an effort & has made some progress. This man has some serious issues. Tell him he gets ONE chance at this. If it doesn't work out, RUN LIKE HELL & TAKE EVERYTHING OF HIS YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON BABY!!

1764 days ago


If Elin stays in the marriage she's a HYPOCRITE!
woods could have given her a SEXUAL DISEASE!
He you know what 14+ women a counting.
If Elin had been back woods would be missing a lower body part if you know what I mean (bobbit).
G-d is fed up with this hypocrite country!!!

1764 days ago


How does Elin's name keep getting dragged thru the mud on here??? Elin DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG. HELLO?!! Seems no matter what she does, she will damned if she DOES or damned if she DOESN'T?! That's BS. This isn't about what ELIN does, it's about what the cheating Tiger DID & what he choosed to DO from this point on.

1764 days ago


Think what if would be like down the road if Tiger remarried and started a new family. Elin would have to share custody with the new wife. She would be with Tiger her kids and new kids. This is not such an easy situation as just leave him. She never gets away from him and the thought of one of these nasty women being with her children would be almost as awful as staying with him. Could you imagine Tiger with mistress #1 having a nice family weekend out to dinner and the movies. I'd rather do anything than let him have the children with another women. That would be the ultimate punishment and pain.

1764 days ago


Dear Elin
Take the bull by the till, in this case the tiger by the ears, or braces, not loosen, there are worse things, do not break your marriage, ok, is good advice,
these are problems of fame nothing more, all happening ... it must mature and you will have the best husband you've always wanted ... and is the father of your children!

Over the years you'll thank me

1764 days ago


I have yet to see any REAL contrition on Tiger's part. He missed the boat long ago by not going public and sobbing and telling the world that his wife and kids are all that matter. Elin may stay initially...but it will not last.

1764 days ago

Michael R    

Run run Elin
You're been reelin' like a merry go round

Come on run run Elin
Stop feelin' like a merry go round

1764 days ago


Nobody could accept the facts as stated, and the behaviour in this marriage, and forgive and forget. The sheer magnitude alone in the numbers of lovers, add to it the length of time the relationships purportedly lasted! It appears to be Narcisitic at best? Take the money and run! Get counceling and go on with your life. Time is too short to be foolishly wasted!

1764 days ago


Without knowing any of them - no, I don't think she can ever trust Tiger again, since she couldn't before. The reason is he doesn't think he did anything wrong cheating on her during their entire marriage. His only reason to stop would be to humor her, and that's not enough motivation. My advice from the outside: Leave, even though it's hard.

1764 days ago
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