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'Balloon' Fam Gets $42,000 Bill

12/22/2009 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two morons behind that terrible "Balloon Boy" stunt are finally going to have to pay the price for all of their dumbassery -- a cool $42,000.

'Balloon' Fam Gets $42,000 Bill

The Larimer County District Attorney's office claims it sent the bill to Richard and Mayumi Heene -- demanding the couple pay restitution to the agencies which took part in the rescue attempt when they thought 6-year-old Falcon Heene had gone airborne in a massive Jiffy Pop-style hot air balloon.

According to the Denver Post, the DA claims the Heene's $42k will go towards the police, the national guard and the Federal Aviation Administration -- who all played a role on October 15.

A lawyer for the Heenes claims they won't pay a cent until they see receipts and records -- we're pretty sure there's no shortage of TV footage.


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Why Not    

If they weren't such dumbasses, they would pay the bill and be glad they aren't in prison, instead of adding to the cost with a lawyer that's dumber than they are!

1775 days ago


Should have also received jail time.

1775 days ago


Since when do defendants get to challenge imposed fines? Oh, yeah, I forgot...

1775 days ago


Forget their screwball "attorney" and his advice, they'd be better off just paying it, cause if they try to drag it out it could end up being A LOT more in the end.

I am glad to see that they are FINALLY being held accountable for their stupidity. I'm just sorry their kids will have to be stuck with it for a few more years.

1775 days ago

Lori Whistler    

I hate to tell them that the judge does not have to show "receipts"-that is there restitution demanded by the judge. They should be glad that they are not in jail, their kids in foster care and the REAL cost of the whole fiasco-what idiots-this is not the last time we will hear about these people~

1775 days ago


What happened to the other two jerks who crashed the white house party, whatsup wit that?!

1775 days ago


Good! Charge them every last penny, and pay the farmer who got his fields trashed. Then take the kids away from those dangerous morons, someone else might be able to re-train them, right now they are foul mouthed wild nasty kids who need a good can of ass-whop opened on them!

1775 days ago

excretive producer    

Bet this is one reality show they wish had never gotten off the ground! Back to the test tubes idiots!!!

1775 days ago


Can they sell their kids to raise the money?

1775 days ago


Sounds pretty cheap, given all the mobilized forces;

Gee, wonder if their lawyer is taking the opportunity to grandstand for himself here?

So hard to tell....

1775 days ago

luv my TMZ    

Dear TMZ I love this word dumbassery I am adding it to my vocabulary thanks.

1775 days ago


Only 42K and he wants to see receipts? If I were the D.A. I'd show them receipts alright. . .and adjust the bill to show them the REAL cost of all involved. Realistically it has to be in the 100-200K range.

1775 days ago

a realist    

Another pathetic example of their parenting skills. Instead of balking at the minuscule amount they are being asked to pay, this couple should help their sons understand that being a man means taking responsibility for what he does and taking the punishment when it is due.

1775 days ago


They'll have their own reality show soon - just so they can pay their legal bills! Maybe they can put them with the 2 social climbing clowns who crashed the White House...

I hope Child Services is investigating these unfit parents!!!

1775 days ago


If I was in the Heenes' position I would not be complaining about the bill. Its a very small price to pay for their misguided actions.

1775 days ago
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