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'Balloon' Fam Gets $42,000 Bill

12/22/2009 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two morons behind that terrible "Balloon Boy" stunt are finally going to have to pay the price for all of their dumbassery -- a cool $42,000.

'Balloon' Fam Gets $42,000 Bill

The Larimer County District Attorney's office claims it sent the bill to Richard and Mayumi Heene -- demanding the couple pay restitution to the agencies which took part in the rescue attempt when they thought 6-year-old Falcon Heene had gone airborne in a massive Jiffy Pop-style hot air balloon.

According to the Denver Post, the DA claims the Heene's $42k will go towards the police, the national guard and the Federal Aviation Administration -- who all played a role on October 15.

A lawyer for the Heenes claims they won't pay a cent until they see receipts and records -- we're pretty sure there's no shortage of TV footage.


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Their lawyer is a fricking idiot just like them. Then again, it's not like they could afford the best, without any money. Hopefully this is the last I hear of them.

1774 days ago

that;s not much    

just hope they do not get a tv deal for this to pay for the bill.

morons for sure .

1774 days ago


It wasn't the balloon that was hot air, it was their story. These people need some chlorine in their gene pool.

1774 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

That's a real savvy move by the lawyer. Once all receipts are produced they are going to owe a lot more than $42,000!

1774 days ago

Debbie O    

What about the farmers field that they landed in? They ruined the crops that he planted. THat seems as important as the other expenses thise idiots incurred.

1774 days ago


AND THEN....all those agencies should promptly turn that money over to the farming family who lost a wheat crop when the dumbass law authorities drove all over the crop to reach the craft, thus destroying the takes two years to grow another similar crop.

1774 days ago


Why don't they just pay the money and be done with it? They could have gone to jail, the wife could have been deported. Ugh. These people are idiots.

They are so lucky that this was the punishment they got. The deserve much, much worse.

1774 days ago


Me love you long time.

1774 days ago


45. They should only have to pay for the incidentals incurred because of the hoax. Fuel, off-duty officers, etc. They shouldn't have to pay for the ON-DUTY police officers and guardsmen who came to help. They were getting paid either way. I'd request receipts, too.

Posted at 4:22PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by c hris

Hey dumbass, guess who's paying for these "on duty" officers and guardsmen..... taxpayers. So I think they should have to pay for every single bit of inconvenience they caused to everyone involved, including those who were "already getting paid anyway".

1774 days ago

luv my TMZ    

Just came back and read that word again...dumbassery. Still laughin my a$$ off!

1774 days ago


Who is going to pay for the crops damaged by those emergency vehicles? Those farmers deverve compensation also! Freaking idiot people I tell you....

1774 days ago

cosmo in texas    

I am embarrassed to say I watched these two on wife swap and knew then there was something wrong with this man. His demeanor came across as a wife beater. His way or the highway. She tried to act as crazy as him but it also came across as fake. As if she was trying to cover for his craziness. Having your children sleep in their clothes just in case they had to suddenly leave in the middle of the night to go chase a storm. As a woman, my children always came first. A good nights sleep, a good morning breakfast, so they would be alert and ready for their daily school classes. If this country would start sending none American citizens (as she is) back to their countries when they commit a crime some might reconsider their actions before they commit them.

1774 days ago

dissy blonde    

question is who is paying the attorney?

1774 days ago


Hey Lilarose,
You stupid ass. Those "dumbass law authorities," as you put it, thought there was a child in the baloon. Why don't you just take a handfull of pills, and rid the world of your worthless self.

1774 days ago

you just don't get it    


Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will. Have a good life.

1774 days ago
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