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Jon Gosselin -- Failed Used Car Salesman

12/22/2009 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The same day Jon Gosselin's divorce was finalized -- and he was hit with huge child support payments -- we've learned he tried (and failed) to pad his wallet by trading in his beloved BMW for a profit.


TMZ spoke to an employee at Auto Exchange USA in Lancaster, PA, who told us Jon showed up at the car lot on Friday and wanted to trade his 2005 BMW M3 for a 2008 Subaru STI (pictured above) PLUS around $4,000 in cash.

We're told Jon's car wasn't worth nearly as much as he thought it was -- so he ended up leaving the lot without ever making a trade.


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What good comments #11 really hit it on the head and 19 is soo correct. Add two spots for kids in the car he wants, Jon probably thinks it is ok to put kids in the trunk....
He really needs to get over himself and yes, be a man and father.

1703 days ago



On WHAT planet is any sort of Subaru worth more than ANY year BWM M3???

1703 days ago

ray ray    

Car Dealer: This BMW used to belong to Jon Gosselin.
George Castanza: Jon Gosselin, the tv father of all those kids?
Car Dealer: No, Jon Gosselin the jerk off.

1703 days ago


A man child loser

Hi wife treated him the way he should be treated. Like a 5 year old kid

1703 days ago

A Man Among Men    

You bitches need to stop ragging on Jon.

Sure, he's made some mistakes. Don't we all?

But he's in a tough bind. He knew he was divorcing Kate and he knew that he would be on the hook for huge child support. So, of course he had to go out and try to be a celebrity to make that kind of dough (yeah, some of you say "go out and get a job"...but there's no normal job out there that will make his nut every month). And you guys ragged on him when he was hanging out with that Ed Hardy dude. But, he was just trying to make it work.

Now, you all laugh and point and feel better about your stupid lives because you think you're better than him.

Well, until you've walked in his shoes (and you haven't, bitches), just keep your fat mouths shut.

Good luck, John.

1703 days ago



He really sabotaged himself out of anger.

He used to have the public behind him due to Kate's constant berating & screaming.

But, his childish acting out sullied his reputation & dissolved his support.


1703 days ago

cha ching    

I think the real loosers in the Jon and Kate debate was the church members that came to the aid of the family, was USED on the TLC show, then flushed like they never existed!

1703 days ago


Jon back in the common world and kate reaching for the stars...When will a man learn?? 98% of the men are dorks...

1703 days ago


It's called Karma Jon....what goes around comes around..good, bad and indifferent...It happens to one is above it..not even you.

1703 days ago


Shame on him for trying to get money for his kids and do what's right. Obviously, he didn't learn the central lesson from the Book of Kate: Kids are props and are to be used, not cared for.

1703 days ago


What a complete dork. I guess he'll have to now trade in all his dirt bikes, his 4 wheelers, his Mercedes and his "Beloved" BMW so he can pay next months rent on his NY pad.

1703 days ago


Now how is he going to fit 529 kids in that little subaru? Maybe he should be looking for a van. Oh and a place in PA near his family because surely he can't afford that apt. in NY and air fare every other weekend to shoot his gun, hmm..I mean spend quality time with his children.
All of their assets should have been sold & split between the two of them. No way should crabby Kate have gotten a million dollar house out of the deal. Someone mentioned that she writes books..on what? How to ruin your marriage by putting down your husband? or How to have babies that you can't afford? or maybe How to quit your job and live off of your children?
Doesn't child support go by your income? Why would he be ordered to pay a 5 figure child support payment each month when he doesn't even have an income.
Hey Jon, better take some refresher courses at ITT Tech!

These poor kids are going to be so screwed up.

1703 days ago


Only a fool would pay for a new Beemer... they are just another car... as common as fords in Germany.

1703 days ago


I'm guessing the dealership didn't want ANYTHING to do with Jon Gosselin so they just sent him on his way. Everything that guy touches lately turns into a law suit. What business needs that kind of problem client? The BMW (if it wasn't trashed or excessive high mileage) was, of course, worth much more than the Subaru.
Thank God this idiot is nearly out of our lives!

1703 days ago


Sell both houses in Pennsylvania. Get a smaller home. Sell off the expensive cars. Pull the 8 children out of private school and place them into public school. Both Kate and Jon should find normal jobs as this is what they would have to do if TLC had never been part of their lives. Realize that no one really cares where they live, where the kids go to school, who they are and what they do. Their only claim to fame was having 8 kids and in the early part of this past century it was the norm. Get off them off the media sources please.

1703 days ago
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