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Jon Gosselin -- Failed Used Car Salesman

12/22/2009 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The same day Jon Gosselin's divorce was finalized -- and he was hit with huge child support payments -- we've learned he tried (and failed) to pad his wallet by trading in his beloved BMW for a profit.


TMZ spoke to an employee at Auto Exchange USA in Lancaster, PA, who told us Jon showed up at the car lot on Friday and wanted to trade his 2005 BMW M3 for a 2008 Subaru STI (pictured above) PLUS around $4,000 in cash.

We're told Jon's car wasn't worth nearly as much as he thought it was -- so he ended up leaving the lot without ever making a trade.


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I'm glad Kate got the home b/c she the one got custody of the children,plus, she needs the money more than Jon b/c there 8 children in the home to take care of...If Jon had custody of the children I would feel the same way...Jon would only spend the money on his skanks if he had got a chunk of the money,so, let him work for the money to take care of the 8..

1743 days ago

I Hate PUGMUM    

Just as everyone has said, the children's mother has no future in show business. Jon will support them while Kate's pipe dreams crash and burn around her. Such a pity.

1743 days ago


what is it with these two? Do they not understand there high living life is over? Jons is already over and Kates TV time is limited, within a year she will be at home with no job , right now she is only getting small gigs because people feel sorry for her but that will soon end.

They have all this pricey stuff now they are already going to end up losing and he is trying to buy another expensive item, everyone knows they are going to lose there house. No way will these two be able to keep up with a million dollar house payment let alone the electric bill, water bill, etc. They need to start trading in there vehicles for cheaper vehicles and start looking for a way cheaper house instead of trying to buy new things.

These two are suppose to be College educated, I guess they are just proof how anyone can get in and graduate.

1743 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Well of course his BMW is not worth that much. He bought it, he drove it, he devalued it, just like anything loses it's value when Jon Gosselin touches it, promotes it or is even near it.

He probably hurt Ed Hardy, BMW's stock, Jon Gosselin could make the stock market crash, that is just how much of an impact this douche has on things.

Plus add to his chain smoking, like who would want to buy his BMW!

Get a vehicle that you can fit ALL of your kids in, you dumb@ss!

He always thinks about himself, shopping for him, vacaying for him, sleeping around, it is all about Jon.

To his therapist, he needs to ditch your sorry @ss too, I don't see how his therapist is helping him. By the way, you are far from charming, a snake, is just that, a snake.

Jon is like the serpent in the grass, evil, lies, thieves, cheats. He cannot be trusted, even another car salesmen can smell hiw BS. Jon's only friend is his lawyer who is just as douche mongoloid as he is.

What was up with his trashy girlfriend at that boxing gig? Green yoga pants that rode up her yoohoo? She is far from ever going anywhere in the fashion industry. She is one fuggly ugly.

They both probably smell like disgusting ash trays.

1743 days ago


@ 37 what happen?? I though you were a Kate Fan... I wish Jon/kate the best in life.Jon will need to work hard just like the rest of us common people..

1743 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

The pevans01 post was not the real pevans from Radar. She is a Kate fan. Some one has too much time on their hands and tries to copycat names from Radar, I personally think that was BlogDawg who has an obsession with those who post at Radar. I think BlogDawg is the one sock puppeting on TMZ under alias names of some Kate fans.

Sad old bald mutt that he is. Kinda like Jon but Dawg does not have hair plugs. He looks like a pervert that Dawg does.

He lives on Radar and is so obsessed with finding articles about Kate. He must have been one of the old vindictive neighbors who was creepy and looked into the Gosselin's windows at the old house, he reminds me of the disgusting child predator type, he should be investigated and have his computer looked at.

1743 days ago


This best Car. I very like it. I hope can take it in recent. : My highschool

1743 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Dear Uncle Henry,

I know I am better then him and have a better life then him.

You need to stop posting under an old man's name when you are a grow woman who thinks she can come on TMZ and tell other people what they need to do. It may work that you wear the pants in your family and emasculate your spouse, but doesn't work on a gossip site to play the role of Dorm Mom.

So Uncle Henry, go sip on some prune juice and STFU, then Google Jon Gosselin and Douche, Jon Gosselin and Loser, Jon Gosselin and Thief, Jon Gosselin and Liar, Jon Gosselin and soon to be Deadbeat Dad.

You will see Uncle Henry you are in a minority who look up to this POS waste who is too lazy and thinks he is too famous to go get a job and support his children.

So before you throw rocks Uncle Henry, GO KICK ROCKS!

My life is amazing, Jon's sucks and it is all at his own doing. I refuse to condone his immature behavior and irresponsibility. I refuse to treat him like a child like the Jon Lover's do. He needs to man up and be a man of honor, integrity and start living a life role modeling values and morals for his 8 children.

I am not going to enable his reckless behavior, he is far from ever being a stand up father figure, ever. Time he puts his kids as priority and gets himself together and stops being selfish. He is an embarrassment and shames and sabotages his kids, steals from their money, uses them for photo ops on his custody days. Good thing TLC muzzled him. He keeps taking from his kids, money that could be spent supporting them, instead he racks up lawsuit after lawsuit, damages he causes others, legal fees, spends spends and spends.

He does not have his kid's best interest at heart, if he did he also would not go on trash talk tv bashing the mommy that those kids do love and bashing his twins all because he is mad and cannot handle that they have more fun with mom then with him. He is an abusive Dad who neglects his kid's needs.

So Uncle Henry, STFU, I don't applaud any father who does the things Jon has done to his own children. MY LIFE IS BETTER THEN HIS BECAUSE I WORK HARD AND MAKE IT WHAT I WANT IT TO BE. Jon is too lazy to even try to do anything that would involve an effort or work. He feels entitled and uses others.

1743 days ago


Gee Jon, must suck to be you. Gotta love KARMA.

1743 days ago



1743 days ago

lisa k    

Hey everyone, I got idiot of the week on RWA! I am such an idiot!

1743 days ago


Soon Jon will be riding a bicycle to get around

1743 days ago


Who trades a BMW for a Subaru ??? Besides...Subaru's are specifically reserved for lesbians.

1743 days ago


Who in their right mind thinks you can trade up to a newer car and get cash back? What an idiot

1743 days ago

Mikey C    

For all you people slamming the value of the Subaru STI you really should go check used car pricing at somewhere like .
The STI has a used value of $22650 and the BMW is about $19000. And I would guess the value decreases dramatically after being driven by a moron for so long.

1743 days ago
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