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FBI On International Hunt Against Jackson

12/22/2009 2:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

FBI On International Hunt Against JacksonThe FBI apparently went around the world trying to make a case against Michael Jackson for alleged child molestation.

According to documents just released by the FBI, in 1993 the LAPD and Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies "Plan to travel to Manila, Philippines... for the purpose of interviewing (names deleted) concerning their knowledge of accusations against Michael Jackson of sexual abuse of young boys."

We know the people sought to be interviewed were a man and woman who had worked at Neverland from 1988 - 1990 and allegedly witnessed molestation.

According to docs, an FBI special agent was involved in the Manila trip.

And another doc states a legal attache for the U.S. Embassy in London was sending information back home regarding sexual misconduct by Jackson in England ... specifically, a phone call to a teenage boy.


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Well if you feel that way and live here - you need to MOVE THE F OUT!

If you don't live in the good ole USA and are only posting on USA TMZ MJ boards - THEN YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR SORRY ASS OUT OF HERE ALSO! Everybody always criticizing the USA - BUT uses our asses every kind of way that they can!!! AND STILL WE GIVE IT TO THEM!

F IT! US TELL EVERYBODY TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES FOR A CHANGE and LET'S JUST TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES!....instead of the whole damn world....and get nothing for it but more debt and living HELL!


Biggi....YOU SUCK!


Posted at 3:25PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Tellitlikeitis

I agree with ya.

1730 days ago


95. 92. If MJ is alive, I guarantee you that, no matter where he may be living, there's an elementary school across the street!

Posted at 3:46PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Tanisha


1730 days ago


He's not only free but 'practicing medicine', LOVELY! I guess it takes an act of God to take away a medical license. LAPD better hurry up before Murray decides to embark on another little 'money-making venture'.

Sadly, 'medical testimony' is hard for the layman to understand in a trial. This is the only thing that worries me here. That & peoples preconceived notions about 'the addict who asks for drugs'. THAT could be the downfall of this whole case. Lets hope that the prosecutors don't screw up when explainly 'medical jargon' to the jury. There are many who say, "He asked for it" & tend to 'overlook' the fact that a physician is not supposed to be administering Diprivan in the home under those conditions & for the condition of insomnia. I DO worry about that.

God, let the truth come thru & don't let the LAPD screw this up!

1730 days ago


Wow. Tom Sneddon was OBSESSED with trying to completely destroy
Michael Jackson and turn the rest of his life into a living hell behind bars, as well as bankrupt him. What an abuse of police power. He tried everything he could, including calling in the FBI, but -- still -- no credible evidence of child molestation was ever found anywhere in the world. The truth prevailed.

Folks, give TMZ a little credit. They're not implying anything by
reporting this. The reporting was unbiased here, and the facts speak for themselves. It is clear by reading these reports on the FBI's involvement and surveillance that there was a gross abuse of police power here and a vendetta against an innocent man.

I sure hope that Tom Sneddon gets what he deserves someday.

1730 days ago


ha.. that supposed kid in t he UK was talking to the MIRROR TABLID WANTING HIS 15 MINS..

ha. if the feds were taking that seriously-- they were scraping the bottom of the barrel.

1730 days ago

so wrong    

I'll just say this, i'm neither a MJ Fan or Hater however I find these comments amusing.

That's the thing, with these over the top 'haters', i mean how do you know, where's your proof? I read these comments and theyre ridiculous!

I just read the FBI Files, ALL of them, no evidence, period, case closed.

I read the settlment jackson didn't pay a cent and all allegations against him were recanted by chandler. jackson admitted to NOTHING!

Sneddon, after $20Million dollars and 70+ investigators had no proof.

So, where's the proof he did anything? I mean, c'mon on people, you got proof got show the FBI what you know.

Whatever, you people are really odd! Unless you were there, you don't know anything. if you make these types of factless based conclusions in your life, that's a hard distorted long road to follow.

it's sad really, it see such ignorance.

how do these people know anything, they weren't there.

1730 days ago


1730 days ago


99. media are so obsessed with michael jackson molestation topic and always painted him as guilt. FBI, LPDA ... worked for 10 years with no evidence founded. the media still can find their way to convince the general public : michael Jackson was guilty after his innocence had been proved by the law. Although Michael Jackson dedicated himself to the charity, using his music to give people hope and message, the general public still believed in the media's lie and distortion. People believed that the child molester could harm the children without any evidence left. "Child molestation is the mental illness, people cannot control themselves. " if someone really did it, there should be plenty of evidence. when 70 Santa Barbara sheriffs raided Neverland Ranch, no evidence was found. but the ignorant people still believed the media's lies. why?
when Michael Jackson died because of homicide, the media didn't see him as the victim, they called him " drug addict". why? when he was killed by Murder Murray, he is still a free man and the doctor who still be able to treat other patients. why? No one fight for Michael's Justice. why?

Posted at 4:04PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Biggi

Life or death michael can never get justice. I hate how they keep referring to him as a drug addict

1730 days ago

so wrong    

hate him or love him, facts are facts, FBI files don't lie, nothing found no evidence.

All of those trips, all of that manpower, all of those resources and still they came up empty-handed.

I also had to laugh at all of the computer results, i.e. NOTHING FOUND.

1730 days ago



It's because those people don't really give a damn about Michael Jackson one way or another. They care about 'antagonizing', 'controlling', & 'hurting' others but they DON'T really care about discussing Michael Jackson. That is why they come.

1730 days ago


It should be Jackson X Files..

1730 days ago

so wrong    

I love that Tellitlikeitis freak, so many personalities, if the board is pro mj, it posts god bless his beautiful children, loved him too, i want to put my arms around him an hold him. if the board is negative mj, it posts bleached skin, blah, blah blah,

Quincy Jones recanted that statement. glad he knows more than Jackson's doctors. all you have to do is search the net and see pictures of his vitiligo.

who the f@ck cares anyway. go god, who cares!

1730 days ago

the peoples court    

Michael Jackson Tribute Show Canceled … For Good This Time

The tribute show Jermaine Jackson had been organizing for his late brother Michael has been canceled for the second time. And this time it’s for good.

The event organizers, World Awards Media, canceled the first show, which was supposed to be held in Vienna, Austria, in September 2009 due to promoters having issues securing big name stars to perform at the event. The show had since been rescheduled for London was supposed to be held in the summer of 2010, but a decision was made last month to dissolve the company behind the project.

Martin Schneider, liquidator for the organizers, said: “The company cannot sign any new contracts and will certainly not plan any new events.”

Jermaine had been trying to get big names like Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, and Natalie Cole to perform at the Vienna concert, which was canceled shortly after the King of Pop’s brother began organizing it. No names had been announced for the London concert, which has also been canceled.

Read more:

1730 days ago


#35 if michael is alive all his fans would pay for his freedom.
He's innocent.

1730 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

104. And all your stupid whining MJ BS on here!


Posted at 4:04PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Tellitlikeitis

crackin up, you live and breathe mj stories, you've got enough now to get you through the holidays though...

Posted at 4:07PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by tellit sucks

yeah you are crackin up. You're the one on here 24/7 with all your akas COWARD.

I won't be anywhere near these boards beginning tomorrow. UNTIL AFTER Christmas Day. But I bet you will be here BECAUSE you have made TMZ MJ boards your f'ing life. You'll be here alright...under freak.

I'm a thorn in your jealous f'ing ass...and you just can't stand it! roflmao...

No other rational reason why you do your best to discredit me at every chance you get....OR TRY TO CREATE.

You are a real nutcase....I feel sorry for you.

1730 days ago
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