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A Half Naked Christmas Story

12/23/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing better than having an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the shock and this thing which tells time: A Chippendales dancer under your tree.

Billy Jeffrey, who drops trou nightly at the Rio in Vegas, won a two night stay in the infamous home from "A Christmas Story" by dropping $4,200 in a charity auction -- and promptly started stripping inside the Cleveland pad.

Sure beats walking around in Ralphie's bunny jammies.


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Is that the dude from True Beauty. He is selling health products all right.

1710 days ago


A lot of gay guys don't like the hairless look either, unless they're like 65 and are going after young guys. This guy is definitely straight.

1710 days ago


Only a female would be able to see that he has no foreskin.

1709 days ago


Wow. You could poke your eye out with that!

1709 days ago


I know Billy personally and he is a GREAT guy... 100% straight and a TOTAL sweetheart. To the ignorant person that said his vitamin store isnt paying the bills... Did you neglect to read that he won an ebay CHARITY auction for $4200. If he was broke he wouldnt be making charitable contributions! He has a heart of gold and a body of steel.. Dont hate, appreciate :)

1709 days ago



1709 days ago

Penis Hilton    

That's some calendar beefcake there. But not enough gay celeb news here. GLAAD wouldn't be thrilled. If the gay flag came with its own sovereign country, who among the list below would you nominate as the King/Queen/President Of Gays?

1. Elton John --- Too much of a moral streak. Always berrating wrongdoing when he was a brown dirt cowboy poster boy in the 70s.

2. George Michael --- Lost some of his star power after he lost mom. Now drowns himself in the brown like Tiger Woods does pink.

3. Bobby Trendy --- The most charismatic queen. Was once touted to get his own special reality show. Bravo, are you reading this?

4. Simon Coward --- Macho posters adorn walls, but not out of the closet yet. Maybe new AI judge Ellen DeGeneres will inspire him.

5. Harvey Levin --- He's the one man Sinatra Rat Pack of gays. But
a too old school masculine tabloid icon for TMZ's stalkerazi age.

6: Kevin Spacey: Personal fave. Consummate actor and throwback to good old days who moonlights between roles, talents & generations.

7. Neil Pat Harris --- The underrated Johnny Carson of gays. Is a better emcee or award show host than he ever was a sitcom actor.

8. Ellen DeGeneres --- Everybody likes her. She's the Ray Romano of talk show hosts. And her Xmas giveaway shows are a hot ticket.

9. Rosie O'Donnell --- Lost mate and queen of mean title to blue shock comic Lisa Lampanelli. Needs a rant 'n rave show comeback.

10. Margaret Cho --- The Dom Irrera of lesbo laugh riots. Wasn't that her in the Hummer ad? If not, then let her be gay Chick Exec!

1709 days ago

Your name:    

Does anybody else find these pictures disrespectful to the movie/house or is it just me?

1709 days ago


TMZ, please learn the correct use of the word "infamous."

1709 days ago


22. How much do these guys make, for crying out loud?!? Anyone who can afford to drop $4,200 at a charity auction is doing pretty damn good!

Posted at 9:59PM on Dec 23rd 2009 by TONY

Vegas strippers, especially the good ones, make BANK.
Some pull in a quater mil annually, seriously.

1709 days ago


This is the worst injustice since they killed Kenny. Only two photos? YOU BASTARDS!!!

1709 days ago


Butter face

1709 days ago


This look = bleach blonde dry- wired haired 80's rock video chicks-very outdated. Give a little clean 5:00 shadow and shirt on and would look way sexier than these guys. Trying to look TOO CHEESEY-clean cut All- American- not working.

1708 days ago


This guy is a TOOL. Who would strip like that in the "A Christmas Story" house for all to see? I wonder were his next strip stop was, perhaps a local church. Come on people why take something that sooo many love and disrespect it.

1708 days ago
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