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Barack Obama Involved in Radio Cover Up

12/23/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's taking heat from all sides, but Barack Obama still found time to play a joke on the Governor of Virginia during a live radio show yesterday -- calling in as "Barry from DC."

The alias worked and totally caught Gov. Tim Kaine off guard ... though the President could've mustered up a little more energy after the surprise twist.


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What a pompous jerk. "this is actually the president of the United States calling."

1764 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Kathleen, lighten up. If Sarah Palin would have called in and said "This is the ex Governor of Alaska" you wouldn't be saying a word.

1764 days ago


Obama is the most arrogant man in the country...the world! I can't stand to hear his stupid voice!

1764 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

You want to call President Obama arrogant, well at least he isn't like Bush and "Ignorant". I can't believe how negative and hateful the Republican party has been toward our new Commander and Chief. I have friends all of the world, and they are sooo proud of America for actually voting Obama- someone who can actually talk to the heads of other Countries. Not an old fart and an ex-beauty queen. How LAME is that? Do people realize how terrible it would have been if McCain and Palin were in office.. what a JOKE the USA would be.

1764 days ago

Buck Farack    

Hey - the majority of you wingnuts elected him. Kathleen you poor dear, you're just now realizing Bobo is a pompous ass? Well, better late than never I guess.

1764 days ago


Blowin Bubbles

1764 days ago


Seriously, take away the teleprompter, and that idiot prez can't string together a coherent sentence to save his life. We are doomed until he gets booted out of office.

1764 days ago


He IS the president of the United States!!! Last time I checked!
You Americans are so full of BS! Those of you who are complaining just still havent come to terms with the idea of a confident, educated black man in the White House. You all just think he is "uppity" for being how he should be quite frankly! Whats so pompous or arrogant about what he said???

Dumb xxxes

1764 days ago


Kathleen and Steph are correct. Obummer is an arrogant jerk. He says he'll wait a day to fly to Hawaii (on our dime) because he's so involved in passing Obamacare, while he has plenty of time to call a radio show -- completely unrelated. Come to think of it, he has plenty of time to campaign all over the country (again, on our dime) because he's too stupid to realize the campaign is over, and he should be governing the country.

What a lame, stupid, and arrogant president we have.

1764 days ago


#6 Amen!

1764 days ago


This hateful comments were there even before he was elected. I am not American. I hate America and wish to go to hell. This time, at least at his watch, i am reserved and wish to see his success. this is not only mine, the same to most young muslims i know and all africans i know. you donot even know how a uniting figure he is in the world, but you chose to bit him at his race and divide your country. However, as America and American hater i wish you divided even more and fall apart. i know at the end that is your fate.

1764 days ago


Buck Farack,

Do you know me? STFU.

1764 days ago


Arrogant is often a term used by people who feel threatened by others intelligence... I haven't this man do one thing that seemed arrogant.

Besides, isn't arrogance an American value? We are the best at everything and all those other countries suck right?

Oh man... people.

1764 days ago


To "Usa Today"

You silly thing...Bush has been out of office for a year...sorry, but we can't blame him anymore. And it's not just republicans that don't like him, it's independents and some Democrats (I'm one of them). He has gone against almost everything he promised while campaigning. By the way, the U.S. IS a joke now, thanks to the moron we put in charge. Things are far worse now, and they will continue to worsen.

1764 days ago


I haven't this man do one thing that seemed arrogant.

Posted at 1:55AM on Dec 23rd 2009 by Andrew

That is an intelligent statement.

1764 days ago
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