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Barack Obama Involved in Radio Cover Up

12/23/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's taking heat from all sides, but Barack Obama still found time to play a joke on the Governor of Virginia during a live radio show yesterday -- calling in as "Barry from DC."

The alias worked and totally caught Gov. Tim Kaine off guard ... though the President could've mustered up a little more energy after the surprise twist.


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well i just did some searching on the net, sweet eyes, bob whoever they are is correct, the bill would have ran out, but then it was signed by president obama back into full authority!

btw i spelled his name correctly i dont want you to think i am someone i am not, but i see many people who often mispell it, but i am not concerned with his name. i am more concerned in the future of the world for my children, and i do agree he is nothing more than a puppet/mouth piece. that was a very good take on him!

i also looked at the you tube addy someone gave out earlier, that is some scary stuff! is it true? who knows, but it sure is interesting!

1773 days ago


You want to call President Obama arrogant, well at least he isn't like Bush and "Ignorant". I can't believe how negative and hateful the Republican party has been toward our new Commander and Chief. I have friends all of the world, and they are sooo proud of America for actually voting Obama- someone who can actually talk to the heads of other Countries. Not an old fart and an ex-beauty queen. How LAME is that? Do people realize how terrible it would have been if McCain and Palin were in office.. what a JOKE the USA would be.

Posted at 12:38AM on Dec 23rd 2009 by usa today


1773 days ago


loki you analyze peoples writing do you? talk about someone needing a life! i doubt scrutinizing peoples comments is a very good way to spend your time! lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

1773 days ago


after reading the ignorant comments from the obama-followers I must say:

DAMM! that kool-aid was super strong!!!!!!!!!

1773 days ago


Kaine drank the kool-aid for sure. The first year has been miserable - have you seen the unemployment numbers?! The problem isn't with Obama - the problem is with all politicians -they are self serving and don't have the best interest of the Unites States in hand. Stop making practial joke phone calls and get back to work getting people back to work!

1773 days ago


i like how these other countries say stuff about americans! maybe we will call you all a bunch of terrorists and come kick your ass and take your oil too!

1773 days ago


The jobs started to leave under G.W.B watch and you Bush lovers did not say a thing. It was the Republicans that was in control for eight years and not the Democrats.

Some of you people really need to get that stick out of your asses and get a sense of humor.

1773 days ago

My Cat is a Better Doctor    

I have some questions.
First: Why is our President playing on the phone like a teenager using an alias and calling radio shows during the middle of the day? Doesn't he have some work to do?

Second: Why are people continuing to call him brilliant in the face of his addiction to a teleprompter and his unwise decisions to saddle all of our great-grandchildren with massive debt?

Third: Why did so many people drink the Obama Kool Aid? (This one's rhetorical! Actually, they all are. I know the answers! But I want more people to start waking up to this fraud of a leader.) For the record: I'm a black woman who never drank the Kool Aid. Give me someone who is the real deal over a fake any day! Yes, I'm talking about Sarah Palin. She may not have the Harvard degree, but she is confounding the so-called liberal intelligentsia with her popularity. I totally get it. It's a God thing!

1773 days ago


hey maybe GW should drank the kool aid, visited letterman and leno and made crank phone calls too! just like obama is, then he would not get blamed!

hey look at me im cool, im the president, i'm muslin and i hate america!
btw the nations highest unemployment rating, has been under what president? (drum roll) OBAMA!

at least we all knew GW was a nutcase! he didnt smile to our faces, and sell us out like obama!

1773 days ago


Guess he had a little time on his hands after screwing the American people over on health care & cap & trade, but I am sure he will have even more screw yous for us in the new year! I guess he does not have time for getting out of work Americans jobs, I think amnesty for illegals is next on his change list.

1773 days ago


Americans are simply too stupid to have a president this smart. You hear words like "arrogant" or "elitist" to describe this guy. For 8 years America had a president that really mirrored it's citizens, and that would be simpletons. Now go and hide your grandparents before they are sent to the death camps you stupid retarded idiots.

1773 days ago

Hon. Barney Frank (D-MA)    

Two wars, record unemployment, trillions in deficit spending, tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities. Thanks for taking care of the important stuff, Barry! Tim Kaine did such an upstanding job in Virginia that his designated heir, Creigh Deeds, lost by 18%.

1773 days ago


publicity stunt our gov't hopes goes viral pfffft.they're trying to salvage the OBOTS they have left and keep them on board long enough to pass the healthcare bill and climate tax,i can't believe people actually still continue to stick up for this snake oil salesman?he spent 23.7 TRILLION of your money dummies!

1773 days ago


TampopoLoco - For 8 years we had a President who was intent on growing the size of the federal goverment instead of shrinking it and saving us money. We now have a similar situation but the speed in which government is growing has increased dramatically. I think you consider yourself an intelligent person and as an intelligent person why would you want the government telling you how to run your life and choosing where to spend your hard earned money. I have had a great life with much success despite our large federal government and can only imagine how much better this country could be if the government would just get out of the way. I support a true free market system without government interference, bail outs, etc. This isn't about Obama - it is about lying policitians. To think that he is proud of his accomplishments thus far makes me sick to my stomach. He should be ashamed and embarrased at his failures as a Senator and now as our President as should all politicians who cater to special interest groups, unions and money. We all need to stop the name calling and focus on electing indiviudals that believe in the Constitution and shrinking goverment.

1773 days ago


(API) THIS JUST IN: In keeping with his grade school pranks of yesterday, sources say President Obama was caught on videotape this morning short-sheeting the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom and giving a hotfoot to Nancy Pelosi (who was wearing darling open-toed Jimmy Choo's at the time). This afternoon the President plans to give a wet willy to Joe Biden while the V.P is on the phone to the Saudi King, and then after a game of basketball with his comrades the President might round out the day by giving his press secretary a noogie while on national television... HEY, POTUS! RECORD FORECLOSURES, 10%+ UNEMPLOYMENT, HIGHEST EVER NATIONAL DEFICIT AND A HEALTH BILL THAT WILL RUIN THE COUNTRY AND YOU'RE MAKING CRANK CALLS???????????????????? DO SOME WORK INSTEAD OF FLYING AROUND THE WORLD, BOWING TO FOREIGN HEADS OF STATE AND APOLOGIZING TO THE EVERYONE BECAUSE FORMER PRESIDENTS SAVED THE WORLD'S BUTT A HUNDRED TIMES!

1773 days ago
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