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Barack Obama Involved in Radio Cover Up

12/23/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's taking heat from all sides, but Barack Obama still found time to play a joke on the Governor of Virginia during a live radio show yesterday -- calling in as "Barry from DC."

The alias worked and totally caught Gov. Tim Kaine off guard ... though the President could've mustered up a little more energy after the surprise twist.


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YOU ARE RIGHT MY FRIEND #49. I love it. Yes, it's Obama's fault that you spent $700,000 on a house worth $300,000. It's Obama's fault that through numerous "free-trade" agreements and outsourcing, we literally sold our country and jobs away. It's Obama's fault that college tuition has skyrocketed while salaries haven't. It's Obama's fault that we are at war in the Iraq and Afghanistan (he did say he would transfer the fight to Afghanistan, you know, the place where Al Qaeda and Bin Laden are hanging out... All Bush did was invade a country he and his daddy had been looking for an excuse to invade since the first Gulf War (based on a total fabricated lie about WMD's, which was conveniently written off as "bad intelligence"); and trounced on our freedoms by intercepting every American's phone, Internet, and wireless communications and essentially putting the country under a light version of marshal law after 9-11. Let's not forget how ridiculously Bush's OPEC buddies raised fuel prices under his watch. Yet there are idiots out there bashing President Obama after less than a year in office and overlooking this?

These idiots are the real reason people are upset. There has been an underlying campaign of hate against this man ever since he won! These idiots magnify every little misstep or obstacle, (that have also been made by every other president before Obama), and make it the top stories for their propaganda outlets like Drudge and Fox News. Then they release their attack dogs, Hannity, Malkin, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly for the final kill. Then they send out flash mobs for the finishing touch. And amidst all this hate, I ask Why? Is it the health care bill that was the cornerstone of his campaign? If not, what else did he "lie" about? The Afghanistan surge he also promised during election? As tired as I am of the war too, doesn't it make since to attack the people who actually attacked us, after wasting over eight years in a country that had very little, if anything, to do with 9-11? Republicans are misleading people through fear and propaganda. It's so ironic that they call lefties socialists or communists when it's their new outlets that routinely practice biased reporting like news agencies in China, Iran, or the former Soviet Union.

As for the "snob" or "arrogant" comments. They reveal a lot about the person saying them. Obama is not arrogant or a snob. He's articulate, and very well educated. He was called arrogant for trying to bring the Olympics to America, he was called arrogant for this prank. It sounds more like the people calling him "arrogant" cringe at hearing him identify himself as the President or his performance of Presidential duties. Well, here's a bit of news, HE IS. Like another poster said, that's just the modern day politically correct way to say "uppity ni***r". You can deny it until the end of time, but it's true.

1763 days ago


The President has been in office for one year and you people actually think that all of our problems are supposed to magically go away? Only idiots and morons think that President Obama can undo all of the damage that was caused over eight years in less than a year.

George W. Bush was too busy at his ranch to go on Letterman,Leno or the White House to do his damn job.

1763 days ago


I have nothing against a black president, BUT it seems the only thing I see is him on TV constantly!! David Letterman, Jay Leno, you name it, he is on there. Doesn't he realize there are more important things to do, like get our country out of this mess, than playing jokes?? I would think if I was president, I would take it very seriously and not want air time on TV or radio. Attention seeker is all he is, and maybe he should have tried to be a movie star instead of president.

1763 days ago


i love how you say the last eight years! fyi, this country was in hot water before the last eight years! it started back numerous years before it, i do accept bush was lousy, so was many other presidents before him, they ALL lie! its not just obama the muslim that lies, i think that it is a training course all politicians must have to take to succeed, they have all promised us things and never carried any of those out, BUT, we pay them to speak for us, why should we get a lesser health care package than those we employ?

i do think the prank calls were stupid on obamas part, and to think our fearless leader has nothing better to do than to call up radio stations. but then again its obamas job to keep our focus off the doings of the goverment to make it look like they are actually doing something up on capitol hill.

i bet some of our boys over seas would have like to had a call from the president, but seems he is much to busy for that! to bad we dont have a mature predient who actually cares about the people under him, seems ours just worries about how much more taxes he can squeeze out of us.
i think most people who back obama have to be low income, if they think he is doing such a great job, all i am seeing is more taxes, and if your paying them you would notice that!

obama could not give the social security a cost of living increase, but
we have billions to bail out private failing companies, so they can have million dollar parties! wow a great president, he thinks alot about its geratric population.

1763 days ago


I remember the day when presidents took their jobs very seriously and would never see them on TV unless it was a press conference or an address to us people. Now this one is on for everything. I wonder if he has videos of himself and watches them everynight before he goes to sleep, and thinks, damn, I'm good!! He has to have every little move he makes be put on the internet or on TV including his wife and now his kids!! On an interview, they asked the girls what was different for Christmas this year and one said, " at least we don't have to wait for a plane now". No matter who caused this mess, I say get off the airwaves and do your job.

1763 days ago


You want to call President Obama arrogant, well at least he isn't like Bush and "Ignorant". I can't believe how negative and hateful the Republican party has been toward our new Commander and Chief. I have friends all of the world, and they are sooo proud of America for actually voting Obama- someone who can actually talk to the heads of other Countries. Not an old fart and an ex-beauty queen. How LAME is that? Do people realize how terrible it would have been if McCain and Palin were in office.. what a JOKE the USA would be.

Americans are simply too stupid to have a president this smart. You hear words like "arrogant" or "elitist" to describe this guy. For 8 years America had a president that really mirrored it's citizens, and that would be simpletons. Now go and hide your grandparents before they are sent to the death camps you stupid retarded idiots

he is not at fault for this economy. you cant blame him for this mess. look at past presidents and past congressmen/senators. just because bad stuff was happening the day he took office, doesnt make it his fault.
look it up morons.

1763 days ago


Barack rocks! He is actually cool and intelligent! Unlike all of the redneck trash who don't like him!

1763 days ago


"These idiots are the real reason people are upset. There has been an underlying campaign of hate against this man ever since he won! These idiots magnify every little misstep or obstacle, (that have also been made by every other president before Obama)"Posted at 11:56AM on Dec 23rd 2009 by Mimi, Ha Ha Ha, the person who wrote this is the stupidest moron on the face of the planet, Do they not remeber the liberal brain dead idiots who stayed on Bush from DAY ONE! & if he did not cvoer his mouth when he coughed they made it news for months. But for some reason they see no need to even check into Obama's background or even question what he does. If you question him you are a racist hater, & all he & people like you do is keep blaming Bush fro everything instead of solving any problems. People are mad at Obama because of being jobless, putting this country into further debt, & ignoring a majority to do what he & these other morons want to do. If we had a military that took their oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign & domestic seriously, they would remove Obama & these other morons from office now. Do some researh for yourself & see what good he has done, in 4 more yrs it won't matter because the USA will not recover from this group of traitors.

1763 days ago


yes obama has been in the office for just one year, he was all gung ho, in his campaign how he was gonna do this, fix that etc..

well he didnt bring the troops home, and he did endorse the patriot act and extended its wire tapping capabilities!

oh yes and he made alot of tv appearances, and he did take a tour overseas and told them how spoiled and lazy we americans were!
i dont know about You people but i dont eat $100 a pound steak cooked by a chef like he does.

and he won a nobel peace prize, for what i am still trying to understand! i wish for world peace too, does this mean i am elgible for one?

face it we got another looser in the white house, that uses the american people to become rich.

1763 days ago


EDDIE ARNORLD. You are a looser and for sure an ass. An idiot like you is the reason why people are upset. We know that there has been an underlying campaign of hate against this man. " RED NECK"

1763 days ago


Everyone on this blog should unite against all policiticians and stop the name calling. Who cares if you are "redneck" or whatever names are being spewed on here. We are all Americans and all deserve better representation from our goverment then we are getting. This country has been a mess since at least the early 1950's due to our tax system, greedy politicians and an "everything should be fair" attitude that pervades our society. Stand up and be heard. Vote them all out of office and let's start over!

1763 days ago


Someone needs to tellthis cat he is the president of the USA OK this isn't a joke. He should respect the office. We need to take our country back from Kenyan born people

1763 days ago



1763 days ago


Let love our president because these HYPOCRITES pigs don't even love they own they are haters. I knew that this will happen, it is very sad that people outside USA think that Americains are not RACISTS anymore. You know what I mean. They are simple traiters so don't even take it serious because is not worth it. RED NECKS

1763 days ago


"As far as him playing with his girls on the white house lawn, he is first and for most a dad and a husband and then president.

Posted at 7:28AM on Dec 23rd 2009 by missouri"

UHH hello! what in the world. When he took office he put all else aside. HELLLLLO??!?! This is the dumbest statement ive ever read. He is NOT a dad first, HE IS NOT a husband first, HE IS OUR LEADER first. Maybe he should start acting like it.

1763 days ago
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