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Courtney Love - 'Domestic Violence' Mentioned

12/23/2009 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New allegations in the Courtney Love/Frances Bean case -- lawyers have asked to seal documents relating "to a minor and allegations of domestic violence."

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TMZ has obtained documents filed by lawyers for the guardianship that was established on Frances Bean Cobain's behalf. As we first reported, a judge stripped Love of legal control over her daughter on December 11.

Now we have new docs filed by the guardianship asking to seal all court documents that relate "to a minor and allegations of domestic violence." The papers do not get specific, but they do refer to sealing Frances Bean's medical records. The docs also say, "In this proceeding, every document reveals details of Frances's (sic) relationship with her mother."

As we already reported the judge issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Love from having contact with her daughter. According to the new docs, the TRO "...restrains Courtney Love Cobain, from certain behavior and from coming within a certain distance of Frances and her guardians."


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California Dude    

Frances's is the correct usage, but I suppose people don't get their grammar advice from TMZ.

1729 days ago


I bet you anything that Frances is pregnant. Just read the TMZ article about the Jamie Lynn thing. Courtney said, "I didn't want you to end up like Jamie Lynn, I wanted you to be a writer or an artist" in so many words. She also says, this "bomb" was dropped on us, could she be talking about a baby? Why else would they seal her medical records? Don't be surprised if you hear she is knocked up and this is what has caused this whole drama. I said it here first, folks!

1729 days ago


Love's Facebook page is gone. It was a little scary to see all of the people that were willing to believe everything and anything that she said despite all of the evidence to the contrary. She was willing to talk to these people so they figure she must be sincere. I'm sure her daughter appreciates their blind support for her mother when they did not have to live with her.

1729 days ago


Frances's is correct, so you don't need the (sic). You always add an apostrophe s to make a singular noun possessive, no matter what the noun ends in.

1729 days ago

not impressed    

Coming to a bookstore near you Mommy Dearest II: The Love story.

1729 days ago


"She's a woman" "Women can't be abusers" etc. Nice try, TMZ staffers. You're slipping, becoming a little too obvious despite your purposely misspelling the word misogyny in various comments.

Then again, maybe you people really don't know how to spell that word. Either way, totally pathetic.

1728 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Courtney is the biggest skank in show business. I would not doubt that she got f**ked up on drugs and went off on the girl. She's a common no-talent wh*re and should have been sterilized at birth. If Kurt were alive, he'd have dumped this sl*t years ago. Crawl back under a rock, b*tch.

1728 days ago


how ignorant can you be?? Women are abusive! Wake up to the real world honey. Courtney is obvioulsy disturbed! I feel bad for the daughter. AND YES, WOMEN CAN BE ABUSIVE-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!

1728 days ago

not impressed    

I love Nirvana but how was Kurt any better than that skank? They were both screwed in the head junkies who had no business having a kid.

1728 days ago

Common Sense    

There's no need to put a "(sic)" after the word "Frances's" in the article. In some style manuals, including those with greater gravitas than the Associated Press, an apostrophe followed by a letter s is the appropriate possessive of a proper noun ending in s.

Try not to make assumptions.

1728 days ago


Frances bean is a self entitled brat. funny how just before she turns 18 she chooses to cut off ties with her mom. bouncing form one white trash family to the other.
prententios, ignorant and spoiled.
best thing for her is an EDUCATION.
frances, sean lennon and chaz bono should have circle jerks together.

1728 days ago


My mom slapped me when I was a teenager and I deserved it. I doubt this is any big deal. Some one actually has the audacity to now wonder if Courtney killed Kurt in light of this? It's just the age we live in where celebrity's personal business is right there for all of us to chew up. Frances is still a minor and therefore everyone should shut up about her business and that of her mother's.

1728 days ago


Karen... If you going to teach English you too should get it correct. An apostrophe (') is used to “ used to indicate the omission of a letter or letters from a word, the possessive case, or the plurals of numbers, letters, and abbreviations.” Examples of the apostrophe in use include:

1728 days ago


Well, a I see a lot of people are commenting about Frances.... they are filing to have her medical records sealed which means she was injured enough to leave a visable sign or other injury. Otherwise she would not have seen a medical doctor. If the doctor does not see an injury it would be noted.

1728 days ago


Actually this is just asking for EVERYTHING to be sealed so people dont type or say stuff like we have been about Wendy O.

They house they live in right now Courtney bought for them and has paid for all these years. WITH HER OWN MONEY. It's not clear to me why they are doing this RIGHT BEFORE COURTNEYS NEW ALBUM COMES OUT. Guess they liked the old place better. Well good luck with that because THEY WILL BE PAYING FOR THEIR NEXT HOUSE/APT ON THEIR OWN.

Courtney isn't required to suport Frances, at the age she is and I hope she doesn't. Frances has had EVERYTHING handed to her and it's time FRANCES LEARNED TO SUPPORT HER SELF.

Trust's don't typically kick in till way after 18. Frances trust might, SO I AM GUESSING EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS HAS TO DO WITH THAT. What kid want's their parents input at 17? Problem is Frances HAS to deal with it because of the trust.

Honestly, this is good, Frances is a spoiled brat and I've missed Courtney's music (and career) WHICH SHE PUT ON HOLD RAISING HER SPOILED BRAT.

FRANCES is the one with ENTITLEMENT ISSUES. Not ALI LOHAN who she blasted on twitter right before she left it which I don't think got reported here. Check Perez though it's up on that. Frances is a SPOILED BRAT, who is used to having everything handed to her which I'm guessing is going to stop pretty soon.

I'm glad Courtney can get back to her life now. Meeting and hooking up with Kurt was the BIGGEST mistake of her life. "Pretty On the Inside" is still one of the BEST ALBUMS ever made. Made WELL BEFORE SHE EVER MET KURT. AND CHECK OUT AMERICA'S SWEETHEART, IT'S A GREAT ALBUM TOO most people have never even heard one song off it. Most people who blast Courtney have never even heard one of her songs. Ever. I love HOLE, I love Courtney's music

1728 days ago
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