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Jon Gosselin's Ex

Get Me Outta Here!

12/24/2009 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriend is finally dumping all her relationship baggage -- into the back of a big ass moving truck.

Hailey Glassman was spotted carting her stuff out of the Octopop's Upper West Side apartment in New York City Wednesday morning ... for good -- the final nail in the break up coffin.

The couple reportedly split back in October.


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What has happened to us as a society? God I hope I don't run into some of you on the streets.

1735 days ago


Merry Christmas to /Kate/Steve/Jon/Hailey/ & all the posters * TMZ as well....

1735 days ago

polly purebred    

maybe it has nothing to do with the break-up. With no source of income, perhaps Jon will be following shortly. How can he possibly afford to stay in this apartment?

1735 days ago


That what happens when 2 people go their seperate ways move on to next fool,that what HOOKERS do,but the men deserve to be treated in the way of the hooker life....

1735 days ago


Why does anyone call her Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend??? She was soooo obviously a totaly loser who was jumping in for her 15 minutes of fame using any other loser she could find who was tooo ignorant to know her true nature!!! Jay Leno was right....take Jon AND KATE and ALL the other reality show people and put them in jail or on a deserted planet somewhere.....except the Little Couple.....they're sweet!!!

1735 days ago


Haily was just as belittling to Jon as Kate was! Good riddance!

1735 days ago


bout time is all I can say! Hailey he was using you. Everyone in America & beyond new it but for a single second you were good as gold, exactly when you loaned him money then he found out how much money he had lost due to his antics and how much more he would never see. Reality set in and you just happened to be in the crossfire. You should apologize to Kate because she deserves it & you are right you will forever be known as a homewrecking skank. Its just the way it goes but theres still time for you to find the right guy, an unmarried one, fall in love & move on from all of this. I wish you luck. Jon you go back in your hole, you douche! And girl GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!

1734 days ago


The contract stated that BOTH Jon and Kate had to have permission from TLC to appear on any other talk shows, etc. Kate is NOT in breach of her contract. She has asked permission for every appearance she has made and if anyone cares to "google" that, they will find that TLC made that comment.

And why should Jon hit Kate up for the money for the book and tours when SHE is the one that penned that book, not Jon. Besides, he can't. Their divorce states they didn't ask for spousal support and that can't be amended. He knew he didn't deserve it and he knew that Kate used that money for an education fund for her childen.

1734 days ago


I'm glad she is leaving him and I hope he broke her heart like she broke up his family. He is a sorry SOB! When you have children you owe your life to them to raise them and he failed miserably as a father and a husband! I hope he ends up having to live on the streets. Serves him right!!!! LMAO!

1732 days ago


I sorta feel sorry for him, he just went wild.But he wasn,t a Chris Brown when he was married.

1732 days ago


First the moving van, then the PD. She has her ducks in a row alright.

1731 days ago


I dont think Kate would have approved of this packing!!!

1728 days ago
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