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Miley's New Boyfriend

History of Violence

12/24/2009 1:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, isn't just another pretty face -- dude has a bit of a punch to him.

Just a few months ago -- before he and Miley hooked up -- 19-year-old Liam (in the gray striped shirt) and his brother ("Star Trek" actor Chris Hemsworth) got into a full-on fistfight with some random dude after an event in Hollywood.

We're told it all went down after the brothers -- who are currently featured in Vanity Fair -- engaged in some late-night smack talk with the random guy. The brothers approached the dude -- and suddenly a 2-on-1 brawl broke out.

We're told event security broke up the fight --and managed to separate everyone before cops were needed.

Hope Miley's into bad boys.


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that guy is underage how did you get into Guy's and Dolls? He's not even a celebrity.

1731 days ago


My dear Allen Ridak,It sounds very much like they refuse to shag you.

1731 days ago


To all of you saying that Miley is underage and her 19 year old boyfriend should be charged with 'RAPE' is absolutely laughable.. Why are you SHOCKED?? considering this is normal behaviour in your country.. The majority of young American girls are sexually active by the time they are 10 years old.. Some of them even get their first experience in their own homes thanks to their fathers, uncles and brothers.. The United States is a nation full of plastic wannabe home wreckers who whore themselves out to married men with money.. A nation full of teachers molesting their students.. A nation full of gun-toting murderers who walk calmly into schools and open fire on innocent children because 'they don't like Mondays!!' A nation whos' former president had a hand in blowing up his own people on 9/11 for his own personal gain then blamed the Middle East.. A nation who considers itself a 'SUPER POWER' yet lets it's people die due to a third world health system.. A nation that sticks it's nose where it's not needed and spends billions on weapons to kill innocent civilians in other countries and yet leaves it's own citizens unemployed and homeless.. A nation that still considers itself 'supreme' towards the black population and yet ironically now bows to a BLACK President!!.. (how the world turns).. look in your own backyard and clean up your own mess before you start mud slinging other countries.. you all WISH you could be like Aussies but I'm sorry, you will never have enough class.. You are a classless society and should wake up to yourselves!!

1731 days ago


Some people are so ignorant, Australians are not cultureless, drunken, racist morons who have no sense of right or wrong. You must live in a cave. Australia is a very cultural country, if you go there you will see people of all races living there and also racism is not a common issue.

Aren't there fights in the U.S? Is Chris Brown a racist moron who has no sense of right or wrong? ( where did you get the notion that Australians are being racist from? Few aussies get in a fight and you automically assume we have no sense of right or wrong, Allen Ridak your an idiot.

It's pretty funny how you are socially and globally inadequate!

Have a good one mate ;)

1731 days ago


wow, you guys bagging australia are so dumb. i have been to australia and the people there are very friendly. more friendly than any american city i've been to

1731 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Geez Rubes, you need to lay off the alcohol, your assuming a little too much.

Why do you think I'm American? Your country needs to get over it's obsession with the USA. Get your own culture pal! Take your baseball cap off, turn off Two And a Half Men, remove your Nike shoes, take off your Levi's, get off and get your own culture. Go put a shrimp on the barbie and drink some Foster's, or whatever it is you're famous for.

BTW, I'm not American... Not that there's anything wrong with that

1731 days ago


australians are all drunken, racist, culturless morons? you say that like its a bad thing allen.

1731 days ago


...and done it rough,number 68.

1731 days ago


And it seems that Allen Ridak is a xenophobic moron... the majority of aussie males (or at least the ones that i have met - in the last 25 years of living in australia) are not interested in solving arguments with their fists.

don't make generalisations just cause a couple of douches who started a fight happened to come from australia

1731 days ago


#27 He's 19 and banging Miley who's under 18. That makes him a statutory rapist.

Not necessarily. Age of consent varies from state to state. And besides, we all know Miley is just a sweet innocent kid who would NEVER have sex without being married (sarcasm).

1731 days ago


Oh, How mature, and he is soooooooooo handsom, GAG ME!

1731 days ago


From facebook:Allen / Allan Ridak (with many numerous names).. is a hacker and hacks lots of groups... He also impersonates celebrities so people add him as a fan... he then can get personal info from people who are on his friends lists...
Facebook security does nothing!

The group below is one of the groups he has hacked. It had over 157,000 members and he has hacked and taken over the group about a Cause!!! of justice on Animal abuse and has made a mockery of the cause!! Note the admin names so you know some of his other IDS.

1731 days ago


aussie guys don't know how to fight one on one. So tough when you buddies are around.

1731 days ago


2 on 1 wow... they really bad asses...NOT!!. Dudes try to fight one on one next time. Only time do you have someone jump into a fight if somebody else jumps in..Hensworths Bros not cool mates.

1731 days ago


I hope that all the "lets hate the Australians " aren't from Americans. Remember the old saying about rocks and glass houses

1731 days ago
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