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Miley's New Boyfriend

History of Violence

12/24/2009 1:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, isn't just another pretty face -- dude has a bit of a punch to him.

Just a few months ago -- before he and Miley hooked up -- 19-year-old Liam (in the gray striped shirt) and his brother ("Star Trek" actor Chris Hemsworth) got into a full-on fistfight with some random dude after an event in Hollywood.

We're told it all went down after the brothers -- who are currently featured in Vanity Fair -- engaged in some late-night smack talk with the random guy. The brothers approached the dude -- and suddenly a 2-on-1 brawl broke out.

We're told event security broke up the fight --and managed to separate everyone before cops were needed.

Hope Miley's into bad boys.


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I thin Allen Ridak is mostly right. Us Australians adapt soo much of American culture, food, trends, music, movies, technology, yet still have the hide to turn around and calls Americans crap and Australian superior. Superior in what? we have no real culture, 'beach loving, outdoorsy, drinking beer is not culture' thats just what we market to the rest of the world for some reason, no history, haven't done anywhere near as much as America has for the rest of the world yet we think we're equal or even superior? please...Australia is a great country with great people, but its gonna be a while before you can rank ourselves up there

Enough with the America bashing and blind patriotism.
Yes we have just as much racism and derelicts as Americans, at least they can admit it.

1765 days ago


WOW... Aussie redneck, drunken, racist, culture-less morons... etc etc..
GET A LIFE... Perhaps some people should look in their own backyard before they start judging others...
You are only seeing what "THEY" want you to see in these pictures. How do you know how many people were involved..because the pictures the magazines (who want to make money) show or say 2 people?? Come on people use common sense.

1765 days ago


Remember those TWO AMERICANS that bashed that Aussie a few years back in L.A? easy to judge others isn't it America? Antiseptic is slang for Anti-american (from Septic Tank = Yank). In other words Americans sre full of $#%@ =D

1765 days ago

from aus    

thanks to all the people paying out aussies haha we're not all that bad.. i just wanted to comment on the... attractive... faces the brothers are pulling.. teehee

1765 days ago


Saying Australians are all drunken, racist, cultureless morons is like saying all Germans are Nazis.

I'm sure there's quite a lot of drunk, racist, cultureless morons where ever your from Allen Ridak.

1765 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Why did the Americans bash the Aussie? He was probably slanging racist comments while drunk. If you're trying to say Americans are racist for bashing Aussies then you are just like all your countrymen - a big failure. Australians are not a race, therefore it isn't racist to bash Australians. Call it justice if you like.

Hey Aussie (#87), the English gave you a language - LEARN IT! "Your" a moron

1764 days ago

Pete Whiteley    

Wankers exist in any society, it has nothing to do with which country they're from. I live in Adelaide in South Australia and there are plenty of wankers about the place, but as in any population there are also many very enlightened, open hearted & open minded humans.

As for these two twits, it just goes to show a pretty face is no measure of either intelligence nor wisdom.

1764 days ago


how dare you people call australians dumb, racist morons?!?! thats soo incredibly RUDE and ignorant.
you should all be ASHAMED of yourselves!
by calling us dumb and ignorant, is being VERY hypocritical, because in actual fact, YOUR the bumb ignorant ones.


1764 days ago


aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi! America shut up and go eat some chicken or ruin the worlds economy again. Stuff your good at.

1764 days ago


see this is what annoys me. people bagging out australia just because some australias got caught up in a brawl. When one this happens in Australia they thing were the worst. Alot of brawls, fight and dramas happen in America or overseas somewhere else but you don't see us bagging us out all the time.
I think Australias a great peaceful and welcoming place and any tourist will say that, were very multicultural

so leave guys don't be like this

1764 days ago


so please guys don't be like this *** (sorry my mistake)

1764 days ago


And little ALEXANDER O' Largo said: " I JUST WANT TO BE GOOD"...Miley I'm for you:)

1764 days ago


I would like to point out to Allen Ridak that the definition of racism is "prejudice against someone on grounds of race". The comments Allen Ridak made against australians would put him in that category. Last time I checked drinking and racism happens in every country in the world!!!!!! where the f@#* are you from Allen! jerk

1764 days ago


As an old Aussie war horse from way back, I'd never have gone off with those ordinary and ugly brothers. While there were yanks and krouts prowling the streets, I was well and truly sated and after the party, always slept the sleep of the contented and just.

1764 days ago


Last I checked, Americans loved Australians. So I don't know where the hate is coming from. People from other countries insult Americans as much as Americans insult people from other countries. There are probably loud and big headed people in the U.S. and from Australia. I've already met one loud, drinking Australian. There was another one who was kinda strange but nice.
Whose to say both countries don't have them?
So back to Miley's boyfriend drinking and fighting a guy. Shocker... That happens everywhere. Not much to say about that.

1764 days ago
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