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Miley's New Boyfriend

History of Violence

12/24/2009 1:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, isn't just another pretty face -- dude has a bit of a punch to him.

Just a few months ago -- before he and Miley hooked up -- 19-year-old Liam (in the gray striped shirt) and his brother ("Star Trek" actor Chris Hemsworth) got into a full-on fistfight with some random dude after an event in Hollywood.

We're told it all went down after the brothers -- who are currently featured in Vanity Fair -- engaged in some late-night smack talk with the random guy. The brothers approached the dude -- and suddenly a 2-on-1 brawl broke out.

We're told event security broke up the fight --and managed to separate everyone before cops were needed.

Hope Miley's into bad boys.


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Bob Bullhead    

Owing to the fact most girls her age and the idiot generation she is adored by are into pathetic insecure 'bad boys' is it any wonder she fits the mould by having a jerk with an inevitable "Miley Cyrus tells all" story in the making.
Stay tuned folks.

PS: I guarantee this time in 3 years she will have had a drug scandal, be involved with some controversial jailbird rapper called Skandaluss or something of that misspelt ilk.

1764 days ago


That's a scuffle not a fist fight, "get it right" and this is the first post with Chris's name, so this post is nothing without Miley's name in it. So brave.

Show me the proof the *stranger" did not go them first. Would you not protect your brother.

1764 days ago


This is rubbish bulls*** .. this type of stuff happens everywhere including Australia and America ... both Australia and America are great countries and have so much to offer.

America is alot older than Australia and while Australia is still growing, it will have problems along the way just like America did.

1764 days ago


LMAO ROTF!!!! Mickey...I mean MILEY will be the next RHIANNA! Can't wait! She needs a little ass whooping!

1764 days ago


it’s funny how from one picture we’ve come to debate other issues..Why? Every country has violence so why with this picture has it gone this far with racism, your country is better than mine, your country has more drunken idiots, and rednecks etc. Its ridiculous!

Cathi you right, you don’t see Aussie’s bagging out other countries who have fights so why do it to Australia.

Anotheraussie I am not bashing America lets make that clear too, but there is nothing wrong with what Australia has brought to America, our actors, musicians etc I’m not comparing but I am just saying our image to the world isn’t just for American it’s for everyone to see that we are a laid back society, who yes have it’s rough patches we (really the government) needs to fix. Steve Irwin, Croc hunter were icons everyone loved them, and probably American’s more than Australians!

And to umpa loompa yes what you said is probably fair about African American’s intergrading into society more than Australian’s but what about the one’s who don’t they get portrayed as gang members mostly don’t they?? who have no money, fight for what they want, steal, you really think that is helping portray the image of a great nation! And I’m not just saying that about America, every country has it but America makes it more obvious. And yes not all aborigines have jobs but my mates who are indigenous have successful careers and family, and the ones that don’t that would rather live off the governments money give themselves a bad name.

Like I say again I am not taking sides because there are racist, drunken idiots everywhere!! But I’m sick of people saying one country is better than the other. Both countries are the same, we both go to war, both have racism, both have intoxicated people who do stupid things, but at the same time both nations with the majority of people are kind, giving and welcoming to tourists.

This wouldn’t have been posted if he wasn’t with Miley. And if your brother/friend etc needed you, you would help out. No I’m not welcoming violence but a mate always helps a mate out!

1764 days ago


I've met them both mulitple times and they are lovely, polite, genuine guys, Miley should be so lucky.

1764 days ago


i hope this wont be a rerun of chris and rihanna!! lo miley better be aware!!! lol jk i love u miley!!!!

1763 days ago


ouch im auzzie and trust me we dont all go bash people so dont bag what you dont no not what you see on the net and movies and magzz arnt always true plus you dont even know what was said it also dont say they were drinking we may fight but thats because we stand up for ourselves and what we think is right

1763 days ago


Excuse me all you people grouping all Australians into the one "cultureless, drunken, racist morons who have no sense of right or wrong" who do you think you are? How about we group all you "YANKS" into the one group of "rednecked, tobacco chewing, sister f**king, economy ruining, stupid, CUTURELESS, racist, gun toting IDIOTS!" Not all Aussies get into fights just for the fun of it so watch your mouths.

1763 days ago


KOOKYPEDIA Australians dont speak German u loser lol as for Australians being rednecks I think you guys need to get ur facts right u guys make me laugh!!! Allen Ridak did u get ur head knocked in for being a smartass hmm yeh. If it was an American fighting all of use owuld be perfectly fine with it.

1762 days ago


Um... Allen Ridak your first comment (Australians are all drunken, racist, cultureless morons) and the ones that follow show that you yourself are an idiot and ignorant.

Not all australian's are drunk, racist or cultureless. But i dont blame you for thinking that, as it's just the way australians are protrayed by "Hollywood".
Australia and her citizens are actually very cultured and civil 99%. These poor boys were just photographed at the other 1% of the time.

1762 days ago


I am an aussie. I love America too. I think Miley's parents and Miley need to take responsibility for her dating an older guy (although he is not the oldest she has dated). And he really needs to question what he is getting himself into. I don't condone fighting, but I can understand a brother stepping in to protect his family. Every country has its problems, and I pride myself that I live in a safe multi-cultural nation and am bringing up 3 children were it is safe to live. But I would love to expose them to the whole world and that includes a nation like the U.S

1761 days ago


To all the people trying to correct them calling Australia, Austria.
THEY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, they are saying it purposely to piss you off, its called 'trolling', welcome to the internet!
How can you blame hollywood for portraying us like that when thats the image we send the rest of the world?
And if you check the article, it doesn't mention anything Australians being rough or bad. It says these 2 guys are rough n bad. The association to Australians was made in a comment, possibly by not even an American, yet we get defensive and start bashing America anyway.
And thanx to the Aussie women displaying EXACTLY what we're arguing against.
' so watch your mouths.' ' get ur head knocked in '

Willy Wonka - Perhaps it originated in America, but there was enough of a racist element here to develop its own branch, think One Nation, Australian Nationalists Movement, White Pride Coalition Australia. The reason they have a black president is because they VOTED HIM IN! Do you see an aboriginal or african man making a political career here?

You see more American stuff through the media so its easier to blame them, yet it happens in your own country but you deny it or shadow it. It happen in Russia, in happens in China, it happens in Europe...difference? your watching America so thats all you see.

1760 days ago


Why do you feel compelled to pick on a kid?? Do you know her? I don't either

1754 days ago


i'd kick there behind's if they came to me:P and then do miley:)

1745 days ago
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