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O.C. Choppers - Dad Sues Gearhead Son

12/24/2009 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The father/son team that star on the hit TV show, "American Chopper", are locked in a bitter lawsuit ... ironically, these gritty, grease-covered motorcycle badboys are suing over stock options -- and daddy wants more than a mil from his son.

Paul Teutul
, Sr. is suing Paul M. Teutul, claiming they had a deal in which daddy could purchase sonny boy's stock in the Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc. -- the motorcycle company.

Daddy sent a letter to his kid saying he was exercising the option to buy the kid's stock. But according to the lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of New York, the kid won't give it up.

Daddy is also suing Orange County Choppers, Inc. -- awkward.

Teutul, Sr. is suing Jr. for damages in excess of $1 million, and wants an order from the judge forcing the kid to ante up his stock to daddy.


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elivebuy487: Too cheap to pay for advertising. Quit spamming your crap on these forums. WE NEED A 'REPORT' button.

1763 days ago


What a white trash POS!

1763 days ago


I'm sorry but that's just stupid. Paul Sr. gets kudos for bullying people on the show and it carries over into real life too? What a legacy to leave, pal. What a way to be remembered by your family and friends and the world.
Come on. You guys have an empire. You have more than many people could ever hope to have.
All of your charity acts go down the drain if you can't fulfill that great command to "Love one another".
Get it together, folks.

1763 days ago


WHAT A BUNCH OF DOUCHE GEAR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't this man MAKE ENOUGH MONEY????? They just wanted there 15 mins of fame and its lasted more than and hour so TIME TO GO SEE YA LATER, glad I never bought any of there CRAP ORANGE COUNTY SCOOTERS!!!!!!!!!

1763 days ago



Wow- Jr had only had 5% of the company anyway (way to share in the success, Dad!);

Now Daddy wants that pittance back?

Merry Christmas!

1763 days ago


MONEY IS the root of ALL evil. Greed is one of the seven sins, it has been proven time and time again, that MONEY and GREED break up the closest of families. What a mess!

1763 days ago


Stop It Both Of You - Look What Money Has Done To You- Greed - Both of You. STOP IT NOW.

1763 days ago


sr built the company, pulled himself out of drugs and alcohol. i have a certain respect for him. (even though he is an ass to his family, certain being the keyword)

jr would still be a garage lacky if it werent for this show. he would still be renting an apartment and driving a hand me down truck from his dad.

they are both spoiled, dont get me wrong, but at the end of the day, what has jr done, he has no track record, except as a lazy blowhard who's been slapped down in public, now he's acting like a 2 year old, oh wait, he's acting normal.

vinnie wouldnt even hire him, whats he got now? he needs to go to the jon goesslin support group, cause baby its over.

1763 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Don't tell me these easy-rider, chopper people are actin' all Spice Girl on each other.

1763 days ago


My wife's mother threatened to sue her earlier this year over a real estate tranfer. It has completely destroyed the entire family with people taking sides. Over $20,000. People need to think before they bring lawyers into a simple family dispute.

1763 days ago


waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa.
Maybe the fine folks at TLC can mediate because they seem to be the root cause of all conflicts i.e. J&K+8 and LPBW.

1763 days ago


Sr's other son (Dan I believe) is never seen on the show or talked about. The same with his daughter. Mikey and Jr. don't want anything to do with him. Looks like all four kids don't want anything to do with Sr. but it's all the kids fault. They are just ungrateful. Nothing to do with you Sr. Nothing to do with the fact that you were an alcoholic failure as a father. You would think you would support Mikey in rehab because he is there because of you. Nope. Way to go. You are still the same father you always were just with more money. Beth seems like a great lady, why in the world she is with you is impossible to figure out. You are failure as a father and a man because it is impossible to be a success as a man when you fail as a father. Your most important job in life and you totally failed at it. Hope that feels good. Merry Christmas and good luck with the lawsuit.

1763 days ago


What's Sr. need with stock. Like he doesn't have enough money. What about the book ? That PRAISES Rick (Golden Boy) like he is Sr.'s REAL son. He doesn't like Paulie. Paulie is spoiled and think he's priveledged to do what he wants. They are both hard headed and petty.

It takes a bitter old man to sue his son over this. Possession is 9/10th of the law. Should had a clause in Paulie's contract, that if he gets fired, his stock automatically goes back to Sr. Really lame. I love that show, though.

1763 days ago


Paulie's girlfriend is a dumb winch. Wait till he gets rid of her. After he uses her until he's tired of her. She's a user. Tryin to get Paulie to finance some lame boutique. I knew that wouldn't last cause Paulie is WAY too self centered to let her work out to be anything spectacular. Would take way from his GREATNESS.....joke.

1763 days ago


Sr. always was an a**hole. He was only putting up with the kids because it made him money.

If he had any kind of conscience, he would just try to re-connect with his children; the same children he ran out on years ago.

SERIOUSLY man. You're going to grow old alone. Rich, but alone.

.....I know; your too much of a 'man' to do that.

It's Christmas Eve for Christ's sake....why don't you go and hug your kids.

It would be worth much more than $1 me. I know what I'm talking about here.

1763 days ago
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