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Paul Anka's Merry Little 911 Christmas

12/25/2009 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka had a bunch of people over on Christmas Eve -- cops, according to law enforcement sources.

We've learned Ventura County Sheriff's Department deputies responded on Wednesday and Thursday. In both cases, Anka called 911. Anka tells TMZ his beef on Wednesday was that Anna Anka copped an attitude when he came over to visit their son and his step-daughter -- Paul has been living in a hotel since he filed for divorce earlier this month. Paul called 911 after Anna refused to let him play with their son.

As for Christmas Eve, at around 2 PM, Anka went to see his kids again. Anka says when he arrived Anna took the kids upstairs into a room and locked the door. He says Anna then went ballistic when she realized Paul brought a security dude over to get video from a security cam showing what happened the day before.

Paul left, came back at around 5 PM, and claims Anna refused to serve him dinner and began telling relatives in Swedish not to speak with him. And, Anka says, she put black tape over the security camera. So he called 911 ... again.

Law enforcement sources tell us they responded both times, and no one had been harmed and no one was arrested.

Last year, Anna was arrested for felony battery after Paul claimed she struck him with a piece of ice. That case was dropped.

Regrets, he has a few.


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This is gonna get good......


1763 days ago


She looks like a wax figure - too much plastic in her! LOL women "of a certain age" look shiny if they've had too much pastic surgury or botox. It's creepy. Paul looks good though:-)

1762 days ago


The very reason that this ho can cook dinner is because Paul bought the house, stove, pots and food. But alas, I wouldn't eat there.....the woman would poison the food.

Can't you hook her up with Tiger to get her out of Paul's life? This woman is trash from A to Z......can you say gold-digger??

Go Paul go!!!

1762 days ago


I can give you a little background to Pauls visits in his own house. Anna and Paul had an written agreement that Paul (who is living at a hotel for the moment) was entitled to visit the house during Christmas, and to have the Christmas meal together with the kids, Anna, her brother and one of her friends from Sweden. When Paul showed up the day before Christmas (as agreed on paper) nobody was at home. He wated, and after a while they showed up. Paul then took little Ethan, 4 yrs, upstairs and gave him an electric train as a Christmas gift. After 45 seconds this sick, crazy woman Anna Anka, runs up screaming and swearing. She grabs the little boy and runs away with him.The whole company, Anna, the two kids, brother and friend runs to the cars and drives away like lunatics, really, really scary... Paul the calls the police and informs them, he don't ask them to show up... it is the police that wants to go to the house and check wats going on. Paul then calls his lawyer, who tells him to go back to the house, there is an agreement and it is your house. When Paul gets back Anna Anka goes ballistic, takes the kids and the nanny in to her office and locks the door. Paul who don't want to frighten the kids anymore leaves. he calls his lawyer again, who force him to go back the next day - it's your house and there is an agreement that you should have the Christmas dinner together with your kids. The lawyer calls Anna Ankas lawyer and they agree that security personnel should come along with Paul the next day and take the tapes (from yesterdays row) from the surveillance camera. When the party shows up Anna Anka gets even more ballistic, it shows that she has put adhesive black tape over all cameras. She then starts to scream to the children and to her friends in the house that they should neglect Paul and not give him any dinner. So all of you fellow bloggers - remember why Paul was in the house asking for dinner!!! He had that agreement between him and Anna, that the Christmas should be spent together for the sake of the children and that they should have the Christmas dinner together. Remember there is always a story behind everything... Merry Christmas to all of you!

1762 days ago


Swedish women

The pattern continues. Get married to a rich dude and stop having sex once you have the kids. Then beat the husband when he says he's banging someone else.

1762 days ago


This Anka is a big a-hole! I hope he's proud of himself. Stupid old bat, the biggest of all has-beens

1762 days ago

Donnie Brascoe    

I'm pretty sure that I represent the majority of the swedish people who have watched Anna Ankas reality show on tv when I say it's most definetly something wrong with that women.
I feel sorry for both Mr Anka and the children. With respect only for the children and Mr Anka I'm not going into more details than that.

Good Luck Mr Anka!
Donnie Brascoe

1762 days ago

Donnie Brascoe    

Emma du måste vara helt jävla blåst om du anser att det är Paul Anka som är skurken!!??

Emma, you must be Anna in disguise... or a lunatic.

Paul you are the man!
Don't take no crap from no body!
Donnie Brascoe

1762 days ago


So let me get this straight the Christmas theme this year for the rich, spoiled celebrities is drink, fight and call 911. Merry Domestic 911 Christmas to everyone. I’m so glad the rich and famous are putting the 911 system to good use. WOW what a bunch of losers.

1762 days ago


Comment #76: OMG I can't believe this woman she's just nasty and stupid. Thanks for sharing the link I hope he shows that to the courts when he divorces her ASS and takes the children from her she's an animal and doesn't deserve children.

1762 days ago


Funny how so many people here are claiming that Anna Anka isn´t swedish. You are first in line to claim that the likes of Malin Akerman and Vendela Kirsebom are swedish, even if they are of mixed background. Malin Akerman moved to Canada when she was two years old, and yet you keep writing
in the swedish media that she´s swedish?? Anna Anka grew up in Sweden, and it doesn´t matter if her parents were polish or not. She is more swedish than polish, that´s for sure. A few months ago
she was the successful SWEDISH Anna who had bagged Paul Anka, and now she isn´t?? How come that changed? Is it because she is proving to be a raving lunatic? Paul Anka doesn´t seem to bright either. He recently stated that they shouldn´t have gotten married because they had problems, and that he was forced into marriage? C´mon Paul. You can afford the best legal team there is, and no one can force you into a marriage? They both seem like a pair of nutters !!

1762 days ago

Interracial facial    

Gotta beware those marriage on the rocks Swedish tempers. Isn't Tiger Woodsman's soon to be ex also Swedish? And does The Winner Take It All like the ABBA song says?

1762 days ago


This is obviously Anka's Barbara Marx. For those into GDing flazen airheaded bimbos, once you've sewn your seed, love's sexual fertilizer is no longer wanted. The pretty flowers are just with you for your greenback garden.

1762 days ago


After 37 years of marriage you divorced your 1st wife Anne, mother your five grown daughters. You said It was the hardest thing you did & It was your choice, not hers & that you still loved her, but it was just something you had to do for yourself. Just because your kids were gone and the house changes & you couldn't be in something & be dishonest to a threshold that you didn't like.

Stupid looked around and found Anna & thought it would be better than your first wife. DO YOU STILL THINK THE GRASS IS GREENER. You couldn't see that this lady was a gold digger. You deserve the misery you're in. Are you sorry you divorced your first wife to later marry a younger crazy woman?

1762 days ago

José Luis Belmar    

Good Lord! The stupids in Channel 3 of Sweden programmed Anna Anka and her Xmas greetings all day long. Over and over you could see how she looks like a tramp and her squeaky voice with one of the poorest Swedish language and expressions I have heard in my more than twenty years of living in Sweden.I repeat what I wrote in my comment #36:. "When she talks, you can clearly hear the expressions of a poorly educated person with a tune of voice reminding of the vulgarity of non-educated persons, regardless of her nationality. Her Swedish language is one of the worse in the country, only used by those of really low class extraction." She is so vulgar that she looks professionally vulgar. I still do not understand how in the hell she has been given the huge ammount of publicity she has gotten up to now and why a great majority of Swedish woman, especially the feminists, praise her so much. José Luis Belmar.

1762 days ago
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