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Paul Anka's Merry Little 911 Christmas

12/25/2009 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka had a bunch of people over on Christmas Eve -- cops, according to law enforcement sources.

We've learned Ventura County Sheriff's Department deputies responded on Wednesday and Thursday. In both cases, Anka called 911. Anka tells TMZ his beef on Wednesday was that Anna Anka copped an attitude when he came over to visit their son and his step-daughter -- Paul has been living in a hotel since he filed for divorce earlier this month. Paul called 911 after Anna refused to let him play with their son.

As for Christmas Eve, at around 2 PM, Anka went to see his kids again. Anka says when he arrived Anna took the kids upstairs into a room and locked the door. He says Anna then went ballistic when she realized Paul brought a security dude over to get video from a security cam showing what happened the day before.

Paul left, came back at around 5 PM, and claims Anna refused to serve him dinner and began telling relatives in Swedish not to speak with him. And, Anka says, she put black tape over the security camera. So he called 911 ... again.

Law enforcement sources tell us they responded both times, and no one had been harmed and no one was arrested.

Last year, Anna was arrested for felony battery after Paul claimed she struck him with a piece of ice. That case was dropped.

Regrets, he has a few.


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After listening to video with Anna showing what a real skank she is, it appears that Paul knew what she was before he married. Therefore, he gets what he deserves. I'm not going to feel sorry for him!

1731 days ago


#75,pauls a friend of mine, he would never hurt anyone,Anna anka{aberg} is a tramp,no way to get around that one,paul married her after she had ethen,he was almost 3,he honestly thought he was doing the right thing by making it legal,if she wasn't this wya before, she is now,i am shocked he's allowed it to go on for so long,he is seeking custody of both kids and i bet he'll get it to,anna is an unfit mother,who knows if she abuses the kids as well,i believe she sbipolar,shes nuts and her mouth omg,i can't believe pauls not said"watch you words"the foul words and talking about private things it's disgustng.paul has always been private,i am sure he didn't wnat this in the press but it happenes it's there.
as for an agreement,if there was oen between both through lawyers, anna crossed the line gather she dosen't know american laws yet,she can't keep paul from seeing his son, he owns teh house,i'd wish he kick her out and he keep the kids,shes a rude awakening coming to her, she won't get what she thinks,i feel bad for the kids having a mother that way and when soemone invites you to dinner don't you usually serve the meal?if she invite dhim through the agreement she should of served the meal instead of making herself look like an ass in frount of family and friends,useing pauls money to feed them,useing pauls money for her expensive things she dosen't need, try shopping at thrift stores anna,see what it's like to save some money,shes a poor excusse for a wife or mother,I love paul dearly and i pray everyday i don't get the one news i dread and she did it but he even said now he is trying to get away from her and wants he rout of his life, paul keep a good eye on her, also police said if she continues they'll take the kids from her,she better watch it.friend of pauls

1729 days ago
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