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Brooke Mueller No Longer Cooperating with Cops

12/26/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, has told cops she's done talking with them about the incident yesterday that landed Charlie in jail.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Sources say police contacted Mueller for a follow-up interview but she doesn't want to cooperate any further. As we first reported, Brooke has changed the story she told when she called 911.

TMZ has spoken with the man who will decide if Charlie Sheen will be prosecuted. Arnold Mordkin, a Chief Deputy D.A. who runs the Aspen office, tells TMZ he has not seen the police reports yet, but, "Generally speaking, our office files charges when police make an arrest."

Mordkin says his plan is to file charges on February 8, 2010 -- Sheen's next court appearance.

Mordkin also says, although he has not received firsthand information about Mueller's follow-up contact with police, "It is not uncommon where a victim in the throes of an event says some things and thereafter the story seems to change."

Mordkin did, however, warn, "I often file [criminal charges] against someone who falsely accuses someone."


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TO Denise vs.Brooke Brookevs.Charlie

That was the weirdest f'ing post I've read here so far!! What drugs are you on???? Like you KNOW how this is going to turn out. Charlie is not going to jail....for what? He proved after all the allegations from Denise that she was full of it, and he is going to do the same here.

Justice will prevail. He wasn't the drunk here; SHE was. And yes he very well could have been defending himself from some hysterical drunk trying to kill him! Men can't defend themselves if they feel physically threatened?? Please. Get real, honey. Pity the poor person who marries you.

1730 days ago


So does this mean he could be single soon...?

1730 days ago


Charlie Sheen has a history with violence against women - and most of the people on this board are quick to judge his wife, calling her vile names. It's a shame really, that the posters here can't be trusted to use simple logic to deduce that statistically speaking, this is probably his fault.

Vile commenters, probably posting drunk from their trailer homes in some hick town.

1730 days ago


To the one or two people who said Charlie's career is fading, what are you talking about?

Now I'm not a big fan of Charlie's, but his career is RED-HOT.
He has a hit TV series. It's been runing for 7 years now.
He starred or co-starred in a lot of hit movies. He's rolling in money.
He's ALREADY WON, career-wise, that is.
If he decided to stop acting tomorrow, he will still have won.
If he decided to quit acting tomorrow, it doesn't mean his career faded,
it means he decided to stop working as an actor and do something more interesting to him. Since he has truck loads of money, he has the freedom to do that if he wanted.
It doesn't mean his career faded.
SHEESH. There's more to life than fame, being in front of a camera.

1730 days ago


TO RDC....You wouldn't know a joke from an enima. Maybe we're trying to cheer them both up.

1730 days ago


A great man once said: " I don't pay hookers for sex, I pay them to leave." oh yeah , that was you Charlie

1730 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

violence against women. more like get the guy in jail so i can grap the kids and empty the bank accounts.

during the divorce she´ll ask and get an order of prtection from the divorce judge. to protect the woman and children the judge will order the guy out of the house he piad for.

the divorce rate in the usa is like the highest in the world. it´s not she divorces you it´s when.

1730 days ago


she sobered up, he got his people to shut her up, money talks,
case closed
both losers.

1730 days ago

Tiger secret    

Charlie found out that Brooke was having an affair with Tiger Woods and all hell broke loose.

1730 days ago


Didn't Time magazine label the 90's the Trailer Trash decade? Seems that was just the intro to the Trailer Trash Century. We are at the precipice of the fall of the American empire and western culture/society. May God have mercy on all our souls!

1730 days ago


100. Dull. Boring. No interest. No value. Sheen is not worthy of a news article. TMZ has barely a thread of reporting or journalistic talent. TMZ's lead team need to be replaced with people experienced with news services of substantial size.

Posted at 3:31PM on Dec 26th 2009 by PolarBear

No surprise.
TMZ is not a news site. It's a gossip rag, with SOME celebrity news thrown in.

1730 days ago


Charlie, rember in the movie "Pretty Woman" when you almost caught her fingers in the jewelry box, Huh! Awesome! Wish I could have directed. Did you get the Flying Fickeled Finger Of Fate award for that, I forgot. Try that again at home, it worked for Kobi.

1730 days ago


Charlie should have chosen better. At least Denise never beat him up

1730 days ago


73. when cops pull my girlfreind over for brecking the law, they ask for her telephone number.

cops always give chicks a pass.

Posted at 2:20PM on Dec 26th 2009 by goo

True. But then a lot of those same chicks will be dead before the age of 50 from alcohol poisoning -- the law of physics.

1730 days ago


Charlie Sheen has a foreskin. That's reason enough to throw him in jail.

1730 days ago
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