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Alcohol a Factor ...

But Not for Charlie Sheen

12/26/2009 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Brooke Mueller was legally drunk when she called 911 on Charlie Sheen ... and, we've learned, Brooke has fessed up that her allegation was phony.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller
Sources say authorities gave both Charlie and Brooke blood alcohol tests. Brooke registered a .13 while Charlie registered a .04. By the way, the 911 call came in at 8:34 AM on Christmas day.

We're also told Brooke recanted her story to a female officer just before the bail hearing, telling the cop she was drunk when she made the 911 call. Nevertheless, law enforcement sources say police will still pursue the case -- at least for now.

We've also learned Sheen has hired well-known Colorado attorney Richard Cummins to represent him.

Cops responded to the 911 call, arrived at the home and Sheen was arrested after Brooke claimed he assaulted her. Charlie was booked for two felonies and one misdemeanor relating to domestic violence.

As we first reported, Sheen told law enforcement Brooke was the aggressor and he was just trying to defend himself.

Charlie's next court date is set for February 8.


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I am sick of listening to people bash Charlie Sheen. He has more talent in his pinky finger, than all of you haters combined!

The fact is, we don't know what happened! She was the drunk one, NOT CHARLIE!

I will always recognize Charlie Sheen for the great achievements that he has made. His personal life is his personal life....nobody elses!

1761 days ago


@ Susan Tx

Then you're on the wrong website.
Back out and take a left to join the Charlie Fan Club.

There was obviously PROBABLE CAUSE to arrest him for Domestic Violence. Especially with a high profile celebrity. They know he can pay for a legal team to make a huge issue of a false arrest and make a media issue about it.
There had to be other evidence besides just the wife saying so.

1761 days ago



1761 days ago


the reason he is so good in two and a half men because he is basically himself. women, women, women. it comes easy to him;
he seems to have a bad temper and she was drunk! when he arrived with two babies in the house! she should have gotten arrested as well for endangering two babies!

1761 days ago


oh c'mon people someone who can be a such of great drama actor and at the same time the funniest one can be the bad guy of the story ,and about that person Denise Richard eventhough in her "Fixed reality show " You can see she's one of those Blonde empty heads that think the universe was create it just for her ,Behind all that beauty is just that Beauty & nothing more.There are millions of people beyond USA who watch Two and a half men and we agree in something the dude is very funny and millions wish him the best ,Merry Christmas every buddy....
(and Charlie ,find a humble woman to live men ,Top models,business women ,porn stars = trouble dude ;-) )

1761 days ago

Sick of these two cheaters    

TO BRAND MARVIN: Take your $hitous merchandise and peddle it somewhere else please. If your website was successful, you wouldn't need to force free ads on the blogs. Get real, and pay for your advertising like all the legit venders do. GO AWAY! Not interested in your cheap chinese dresses and such. LOSER!

1761 days ago


Re: to #13 Mary

My thoughts exactly...and where were the babies? She's been living there for 3 months? Nice hands on parenting, Charlie.

1761 days ago


Unfortunately this is what happens when you have a problem for a long, long time. When you clean up your act, you still have to deal with your past reputation. It looks like he was the victim this time. I hope he has a good lawyer - and dumps his girlfriend!

1761 days ago

dr cyclops    

guess he wont be calling michael jorden anytime soon..
he should have strangled her to death to get tiger out of the headlines..take one for the team charlie...she has nioce boobies but a butter face,,he needs girls who are youing and old and haggard looking

1761 days ago


Common people, it was her that apparently started it. And when he won't beat the hell out of her she calls the cops. Seen it before. Yes its wrong to hit a women but why is it ok to hit a man..If you want to hit a man be ready to get hit back..she just another drunken bitch..

1761 days ago


well there goes another marriage for douche Sheen

1761 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

when tiger´s wife came after him with a club the police did not ¨pursue the case.¨

double standard

1761 days ago


Lets play detective... my guess is he was gone all night... she tried calling him a million times as she drank herself stupid... he walked in at 8:25 a.m... she nailed his ass to the wall... she hits him... he hits back... she has blood and is turning black and blue... she barely left a mark... he goes to jail... Merry Christmas!

1761 days ago

Standing by the edge    

She accused Charlie of CHOKING and Shoving her when she called the cops. My guess is the cops saw red marks on her neck and they arrested him. It isn't just a case of her accusations. It wouldn't matter what her reading was - if there's evidence that he put his hands on her and he doesn't have a mark on him anywhere then he's busted. They both sound like they've got major problems, especially with 2 babies to care for.

1761 days ago


"Maybe Denise, wasn't such a bimbo" NO she is still a looser and so is the new wife, I don't think Charlie is a woman beating, he's a PIG can't keep it in his pants but don't think he would beat a woman. Maybe she found out that he was seeing someone else and wanted to get him back so she called 911 if thats the case she should be charged not him. Oh and I bet you will see the bimbo Denise in the court saying she doesn't want her children to see their father because of this, mark my words.

1761 days ago
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