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Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!

12/26/2009 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!Ivana Trump was forced to make an emergency exit from an airplane today in Florida -- as in, she was escorted off the flight by Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies.

According to cops, Trump -- who was sitting in first class -- became upset when a few innocent, screaming children started running up and down the aisle.

Trump allegedly started hurling curse words in front of the hyper tykes ... and when flight attendants tried to calm her down, she flipped out even more.

That's when Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies say they showed up and kindly asked her to get off the plane -- but Ivana refused, so they escorted her off.

Ivana wasn't arrested or charged for the incident.


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#36 has got it right on! I don't blame Ivana for going semi-psycho!
It pisses me off to when parents let their little sh__s run up & down the isle yelling, screaming & bumping into your arm rest and the parents r totally oblivious & could careless! Don't blame Ivana whatsoever here, and yet, she got bumped. It's obvious that the airlines don't care about us...what a joke!!

1700 days ago


WOW, now when I read most of the comments here I realise how hostile americans seem to be towards children. RELAX!
Shure children should not be all to screemy and wild on airplanes but one thing is for shure. The little passengers of today might be the first class passengers of tomorrow. Every airline with brains knows that.

1700 days ago


Some parents act scared of their own kids. Like if they dare to enforce discipline they won't be liked by their child anymore. Ever catch the eye of a parent in this type of situation? They look like a puppy who peed on the carpet. In a way I feel sorry for the rough life the parents have ahead of them but NOT when I'm stuck in a small space with this type of family. I can't stand it in a restaurant and I can get up and leave. In a plane you're a hostage. I agree with Ivanna except for the cursing, she lost her cool there.
By the way, that's a horrible pic, who's doing her makeup? Also, why isn't the mother of Donald's kids flying privately? She probably will from now on. Rosie O'Donnell is going to have a field day with this story. Lol.

1700 days ago


I've been on flights from "hell" with screaming, out of control brats too, so I don't blame Ivana. I want to do the same! It's the rude idiot parents fault for not controlling their kids or teaching them manners. Flight Attendents turn the other way and don't want to deal with it. I say the screaming brats and their parents should have been the ones escorted OFF the plane! There should be flights for adults only offered for all destinations, all due to idiot parents.

1700 days ago


Several things wrong with this. 1. Since when are children allowed to run up and down the aisles of a plane like it's a playground? 2. Screaming children are not innocent. 3. Where were the parents of the children? 4. Why did the flight attendants not stop the unruly behavior of the children. Ivana was not to blame for this one. Parents who don't know how to control their children are. The wrong person was taken off the plane. Should have been the kids and their families.

1700 days ago


I think it was Bill Mahr who once said, "we have become a nation where children are more important than people." He's correct.

We were married a decade before our daughter was born & one of the prayers (among many) was, "don't let me ever love her so much that I do not see her faults."

Too many parents do nothing & the ones that do rarely correct the kids are often louder than the children. Parents act as if it is cute, some kind of entitlement for having sex and producing a child. My cousin once said to me when I was pregnant, "oh, this is great, now our kids can run around a restaurant together and scream." I replied, "no, other people paid for their meal and do not want to her screaming kids." The response? "I never thought of that." Wow, you never think someone may not want to hear your screaming child in a store, restaurant, church, movie or airplane!

Ours is almost 5 & I have now gotten to the point I just give a "look" and she begins to behave. Mine is far far far from perfect & yes we have had many a talk outside a restaurant & my father-in-law thinks I'm too strict -- but it is nice when a stranger comes up & thanks you for sitting next to a pleasant child. Yes nice & sad that it's often so rare.

1700 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

"Ivana wasn't arrested or charged for the incident."

I observe that cops do not arrest women. Cops arrest men.

I notice that the media reports the stories differently too.

1700 days ago


Which airline? I want to make sure that I never get on one of their planes again. You Go Ivana! You were much more controlled than I would have been.

1700 days ago


does anybody know what airline had the "pleasure" to transport ivana?

1700 days ago


"A few innocent children"??? Please! They should have escorted the little screaming brats off the plane along with their lazy parents who ALLOWED them to run around screaming in first class in the first place. What BS!!

1700 days ago


Why the hell did they escort the paarents and the brats away? Just because they are children doesnt give them free rein of the plane-the parents should have spanked their asses and they would have know n who was in charge.

Go Ivana-I have no problem telling children to behave and to sit down-and when the parents say something I simply reply "they seem to be lacking in a authority figure-I have chosen not to reproduce for my gene pool wasnt exactly the best-you might consider birth control yourself"

1700 days ago



1700 days ago


NICE TO SEE TRUMP'S PEOPLE ARE EARNING THEIR PAYROLL BY SCULPTING PUBLIC OPINION ON OUR COMMENT PAGE (STARTING ON PAGE NUMBER ONE... so obvious that the same trump employee is creating MANY comments using different namea... you use the word "BRAT" excessively and your grammer is so similar you MAY AS WELL FILL IN YOUR NAME AS "TRUMP PUBLIC RELATIONS.. and getting paid" LOSERS!!!

1700 days ago


looks like Ivana turned into an uncontrollable toddler, some people should leave their grouchy old people at home when travelling

1700 days ago


The karma grandma more like it...She should have been fined for disorderly conduct w/her foul mouth toward the children....

1700 days ago
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