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Hawn vs. Hudson

Who'd You Rather?

12/26/2009 2:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Goldie Hawn, 64, and birth daughter Kate Hudson, 30, grabbed coffee together while on vacation in Colorado.


Question is...


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AM Hood    

I bet the majority of you eat meat. Are not animals destroyed for their meat. God gave us and made for us animals to eat. So, got get a life, I will eat all the meat I wan t and wear all of the fur I lave to wear enjoy and look good in. You people are a stupid and and are being led by some animal rights people that are only interested in making a name for themselves and making money at the same time.

1729 days ago

AM Hood    

That's your stupid opinion and you have a right to have one just as anyone else does. So what! # 47. I bet you'd be one of he first at an execution of a human which is also inhumane. get your priorities correct first. My attitude is also mine to have just as you have your attitude. If don't like it get off the site and go pet your Cat.

1729 days ago

AM Hood    

Bet: You are out, lost, stranded in the wilderness, it begins to snow . There is no one but you a a furry little rabbit. Would you eat and make mittens or boots out of that furry cute little rabbit, or would you let that cute little furry rabbit live and you both end up dead? I rest my case. The END.......

1729 days ago


Have you ever noticed how animal rights FREAKS always claim they care equally for HUMANS as they do for animals.WHAT A JOKE these IDIOTS would step over a hungry person to feed an animal.These animal rights FREAKS would not even exist if not for the donations of BRAIN DEAD CELEBS. There are alot of these animal rights IDIOTS that think animals are superior to humans or at least equal to them what would be going on in someones mind or life to make them believe this type of thing its really PITIFUL..

1729 days ago


neither!!!!!!!!they both can't act. just another example of the casting couch. and unattractive, no boobs, no talent.

1728 days ago

J S    

Why is there not a "neither" option? One is a wrinkled up skank and the other is just a skank!

1728 days ago


Go eat a hamburger and watch a peta video

1728 days ago


Moron if you think humans are superior to animals. Here's a fact. An animal is superior to you because you need it to survive moron! Go watch Avatar, get enlightened. I mean it! There are plenty of stupid peope who think like you. Can't wait for the earth to take revenge on your pitiful asses and when you're old and sick from eating meat don't say I didn't warn you. What a self righteous ignoramus you are. You know who you are. Yes! I'm talking to you!

1728 days ago


Yes you sound like the typical animal rights IDIOT.I know I always get my information from SCI-FI movies like avatar LOL LOL .

1728 days ago


'Birth Daughter??' What is that PC crap. Kate is her daughter-period.

1728 days ago
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