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James Cameron -- True Lies

12/26/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just five days before James Cameron called a fan a "f**king a**hole" after refusing to sign an autograph, the "Avatar" director proclaimed that he'd "sign as many autographs as people will line up for."

James Cameron -- True Lies
During an interview with "Good Day L.A." -- which airs on the FOX station in L.A. -- on December 18, Cameron told Dorothy Lucy, "The only worse thing than to have to sign a lot of autographs is to have them not show up."

Apparently, Cameron forgot that logic Wednesday afternoon, when he rejected a fan request at LAX -- and then blasted the guy for invading his "personal space."


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Amber Berglund    

The business of Entertainment is part politics. If you're out in public, especially and airport, and you encounter someone with a camera wanting to engage with you in some way, it is in your best interest to either 1) be polite or 2) make no statement/ eye-contact with the camera.
Without sound, it's just a picture of you walking through an airport.
The fact is, James Cameron engaged in poor behavior. He fell to the rude, it was caught on video, and now it's on TMZ.
I don't care if he wasn't on "official business" that is not the point. If he doesn't want to sign an autograph, he should have smiled and ignored, or just not engaged in the conversation.
People are going to shout whatever they're going to shout, you don't shout back, because it looks bad.

1700 days ago

Joe Public    

malvolio @

I think that you need to understand the law in relation to downloading vs streaming; further you really need to research legislative Jurisprudence in relation to cross border transfers of IP via a streaming medium. Trust me, it really is a question of morality rather legality but - given the myopia that is evident in your post - it is unlikely that you'll fully appreciate the subtle nuances.

1700 days ago


Cameron doesn't owe you eff all, GTFO of his face.

Cameron forever, TMZ die.

1700 days ago


...and, joe public, you need to realize that i don't give a crap as to your opinion of my's that for subtle nuance? you pseudo-intellectual cry-baby...

1700 days ago



1700 days ago

Joe Public    

I'm not going to argue with anyone who doesn't appreciate a past tense from a future tense.

1700 days ago


Sure, Cameron is arrogant. And the guy trying to get the autograph may very well be trying to sell it too. I don't care if he was wanting it to blow his nose on. That isn't the point. Absolute stupidity is the big factor here. You got a new movie release and now cameras are rolling. Do you display your arrogance and obvious disdain for fans to the public when you're wanting them to spend money to see your movie? Hell no you don't if you got any sense. My son was wanting to see this movie. I'm not taking him now.

1700 days ago


oh yeah, about that "fan", on his ebay page he has dozens of other signed celebrity stuff....and in the video he says stephen spielberg signs autographs, so obviously, he tracked down stephen speilberg and got his autograph and SOLD it! anyways, who cares really the movie is still good....i dont ask people for autographs unless its like, part of a convention or something...


1700 days ago


oh yeah, tom arnold commented the other day and said that both tmz and um....i guess something that has to do with the movie, was connected. this was probably a cooked up story for BOTH parties, TMZ, james camerons production company....whatever!

and tmz is STILL milking this story!!!

1700 days ago


also, i feel sorry for you if you watch a cheap illegal download. this movie is great in 3D and imax!! who cares if your feelings were hurt because of the way he behaved...ha! anyways...

im also sick of my name showing up as me....ME! it sounds so....ugh!!

1700 days ago


As an autograph collector I respect that he did not want to sign, however calling the guy an a-hole was out of line. JCs signature would not fetch very much anyway. That rant cost him way more in lost customers that watch this video than the time it would have taken him to sign and be courteous. Artist should not stereotype all people and should be very thankful for the limelight while they have it.

1700 days ago

malvolio, j.public? you singled me out not vice-versa, you have nothing to say about the contents of my post, you just nit-pick at my grammer, and correct me with your technical mumbo-jumbo...your self-congratulatory BS bores me...

1700 days ago

Michael Reese    

Total BS! Get your facts straight, TMZ! (I guess accuracy doesn't sell, right!) The guy isn't a "fan", he's a mercenary autograph seller. He collects autographs and sells them professionally. (and Cameron probably knew it!) I just can't believe the hypocritical arrogance displayed by that jerk! He makes like some (overly-entitled) "fan" who is upset that his hero won't sign his poster, grossly insults him for it, and then tries to sell the thing on ebay. (which was obviously his true intent the whole time. Duh!) Cameron definitely saw this guy for what he was: a bottom-feeding lowlife! The BIN price started at $1200(!) and has now dropped to $800. (still WAY over-priced, btw!) Cameron may, in fact, not be much of a nice guy, but he's not at fault here, the mercenary "fan" is the bad guy. Cameron, and any other artist, owe us, the public, their fans, nothing more than their contributions as artists. Just be cause we admire them doesn't entitle us to a piece of them. They don't "owe" us anything. Cameron was under no obligation to give this guy his autograph. He said no and the "fan" should have accepted that answer and moved on. Instead, he delivers a whiny and vitriolic rant against Cameron for no reason. That's completely unwarranted and very, very rude. (This is the day before Christmas! And Cameron's with his wife!) I have met many celebs and many of my favorite directors, and I've gotten autographs from every single one of them, and you know why? Common courtesy and basic human decency. If you treat them like a commodity or give an "entitled" vibe, you'll never get that autograph. Be nice. Be thankful. And if they should still say no to your request, accept it gracefully, thank them anyway and move on with your life! (but don't insult the hell out of them, that's just plain rude!)

1700 days ago


This guy malvolio has been posting ALL DAY LONG. What's up with that? Also interesting is that initial posting of comments was interrupted by TMZ' email confirmation not working so no one could post except this guy malvolio (who, again, has been posting ALL DAY LONG) and most other pro-Cameron commenters. Eventually, the only way my comments and other anti-Cameron comments got posted was when TMZ suspended the email confirmation requirement. I never had to confirm mine. (Look at the double-posts of the same comments.) Lastly, I'm not the only one who notices the pro-Cameron spamming going on here, and, in my opinion, malvolio is definitely in on that. Cameron is a ruthless prick, and he pulled off a coup de grace here today on TMZ. Just my opinion. BTW, it's easy to do this. Just put a filter on a gateway to catch all emails from "" Simple as that.

1700 days ago


...lmfao, i'm on the prairies in canada where everyone has the day
off, so what if i want to screw around on this thread? if anyone is being deceptive here, it's you. you're posting under at least two names, i'm only posting under malvolio, and you have at least one replicated post that went up the last time you were complaining tmz was blocking your posts. you're just an impatient whiner. i'm not here for cameron, i'm not posting for cameron, i'm posting for me, and i can type about a thousand words a minute, so of course i'm going to beat your lame little ass each and everytime i decide to air my two cents....

1700 days ago
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