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Physical Contact between Sheen and Mueller

12/26/2009 2:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 12/25/09 7:02 PM PST: Charlie has been released from the Pitkin County Jail. He posted $8,500 bond after speaking to a county judge.

Sources tell TMZ ... There was contact between Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller -- but the issue will be who started it.

Charlie Sheen Released from Jail
We're told Mueller called 911 claiming Sheen assaulted her. But we're told Sheen told law enforcement that Brooke was the aggressor and he was just fending her off.

The "Two and a Half Men" star was arrested yesterday morning in Aspen, Colorado for felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief -- a misdemeanor. Sheen will remain behind bars until he sees a judge.


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I wouldn't doubt if it's the truth. Funny how in this day and time, such a double standard still exists.

A woman practically never gets arrested from domestic violence, but of course the man gets cuffed, shoved into the back of a car asap.

This bitch was probably chasing him with a knife, akin to how Tiger's Swede was chasing his ass with a golf club - he however - at some point, decided to actually stand his ground most likely.

Dumb bitch.

1763 days ago


This I can believe that she came at him. Just like Tiger's wife she lost it, could you keep it together after finding out that your husband has been cheating over and over again. Little tip for all of you cheaters don't try to speak to you sluts on the holidays!!lol Tiger? Charlie? Are you guys listening....dumb asses

1763 days ago


Martin Sheen must be so proud...

1763 days ago


Here come all the phony posts under phony female names talking about how women are equal domestic abusers. ROTFL.

Shame on him and his dumb ass publicist for opportunistically trying to jump on the b.s. bandwagon and perpetuate this fallacy and give abusers another way out of their criminal behavior by creating a he said/she said cloud of doubt for people stupid enough to buy into this.

1763 days ago

Eldrick T. Woods    

At least his collar doesn't stretch out in a marital tussle. Michael Jordan will attest to that. Oh, and Tiger will too!

1763 days ago


The racism underlying the comments about Tiger was overwhelming. Look at these comments about chearlie Sheen. No one is demanding that his show be cancelled. Tiger was an exemplary citizen for all of his life until 2 weeks ago. The storm that almost destroyed his(Tiger) career and made him the butt of jokes was motivated by nothing than racial animus. In contrast, this socipath Charlie Sheen has been beating up women or shooting them for the lastbten years. Yet he will walk away unscathed , and back to his hit TV show and to his Hane commercials with MJ. Must be good to be white. What a joke!!!

No wonder black peoiple despise and distrust whites, no matter what whites say or do!! cannot balame them!!!

1763 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Most of you men will just never get it .... Women are EMOTIONAL BEINGS .... You push them too far - and they're going to get ALL EMOTIONAL ON YOUR ASS!!!!

If you don't disrespect - demean - or betray them ..... then YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! Right?? Get it????

BE GOOD!!!!!!

1763 days ago


Moron misogynistic show. Sick misogynistic guy. No surprises here. End of story.

1763 days ago


Enough with the racist whining. America is sick of black people turning every single thing into racial victimization. The only people who turned the Tiger Woods mess into a racial thing were black people as usual. What's hilarious is you should be upset with Tiger who rejects you.

1763 days ago


@32 - 'sluts' ?! I feel sorry for any women who have to interact with you. I don't know anything about Mrs. Sheen, but to refer to Elin Nordegren this way is absurd and disrespectful, but that concept is unfamiliar to you. What a loser.

1763 days ago

Common Sense    

Dry drunk?

1763 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Their noses are so similar in the above snaps. They
resemble each other.I read Brooke has rented a house in Aspen for
three months and they're having severe marital strife. They've only
been married a little over a year, and the twins are only 9 months
old. Charlie will probably be in jail until Monday. I don't think a
judge will be available till then.

1763 days ago


I am no fan of Charlie Sheen but folks look at it this way Tiger and Elin were involved with some type of violence or abuse. Since we do not know the whole story with Tiger or Elin, where are they now? Reportedly Tiger is on his boat and she is out of the country. I have no clue where they are and do not care. My point, why were they not arrested? Obviously, he was on Ambien or liquored up by no blood tests revealed. I am not taking sides here, but it is strange to me why things with Charlie are taken and booked and Tiger is still roaming the jungle waiting for another person to prey upon. This is my opinion and my opinion only. Please do not be hating on me. You are free to post your opinion also.

1763 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Comparing Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen does not make any sense.

Tiger is THE BEST ATHLETE in his sport ... one of THE BEST EVER .... who projected an UPSTANDING, CLEAN IMAGE throughout his career (golf club slamming at tourneys aside ... but the only ones who knew about that were the ones watching golf on TV ... NOT most of the population! lol) And he was exposed for having MULTIPLE AFFAIRS with hos - even while his wife was pregnant!

Charlie Sheen has ALWAYS been a BAD BOY ... in a MAAAJOR WAY! This initial report on domestic abuse is not really surprising with him.

That's probably why you're not seeing the same reaction about sponsorships and boycotting.

It has nothing to do with race for MOST people. I have never really thought much about Tiger's race. When I see him, I happen to notice his Asian heritage just as much as his Black from his father.

So really.... use a little more logic and critical thinking before you start throwing out the race card - where it really DOESN'T APPLY! That just diminishes your argument in situations where it DOES APPLY!

1763 days ago


Charlie Sheen is trash. The stupid woman that married him should have seen from his LONG track record. He is a rank misogynist and jerk of the lowest order.

1763 days ago
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