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Mueller Claimed Sheen Threatened Her with Knife

12/27/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller told cops Charlie Sheen threatened her with a knife ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

brooke mueller and charlie sheen

As we have already reported, one of the two felonies for which Charlie Sheen was arrested is felony menacing -- a threat involving a deadly weapon. Our law enforcement sources say Mueller told cops Charlie was in possession of a knife and threatened her with it.

As we first reported, Mueller has recanted much of her story ... so her credibility has clearly come into serious question. In addition, as we also first reported, Mueller was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ when cops arrived on scene they observed marks on Mueller's body, but they do not know if the marks were related to any scuffle with Sheen.


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I hope someone gets this guy help, he's a freekin train wreck. He keeps going after hot blondes, judgeing them by the outside package, what does he expect. Move on Charlie, find a new bimbo, you aren't getting any younger old man.
Pay up and move one. You always end up paying for sex anyway, nothing changes. You are a disgusting father.

1699 days ago


She had a BAC of .13 and so few people are surprised she said CS came after her with a knife? She knows his history with domestic violence and thought she could get away with telling a story like that and no one would question it. If her BAC was still that high after drinking the night before I'd say she has a definite problem with alcohol. If there wasn't a nanny in the house or at least some adult that didn't drink the night before I hope child services gets involved.

Tiger on Thanksgiving weekend. Charlie on Christmas weekend. What celeb is going to start 2010 all over TMZ, The Post etc????

1699 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Crazy is as crazy does...divorce is imminent.

1699 days ago


For the sake of all the KIDS, Brooke, Denise, Heidi and the others, they should either put Charlie in Foster Care or make him move east to Euphanasia.

1699 days ago

Madam Obvious    

#34, you do not get to have a blood alcohol content of .13 through having a glass of egg nog on Christmas morning. Ms Mueller was WAY over an acceptable blood alcohol limit. Here in Australia, legally drunk is .05, I assume it is similar in the US, so she was almost three times over that at 8.30am in the morning. For God's sake!! That must have been one hell of a serious drinking session on Christmas Eve. For a woman to have a blood alcohol reading like that, it is the equivalent, say, of about 9-10 glasses of wine consumed over the course of an evening.

1699 days ago


They deserve each other. It's a crime the kids don't get a chance to get out. What a future they have with these parents. Charlie Sheen always has been a narcacist pig.

1699 days ago


Over 90% of domestic violence victims do not press charges or recant their stories. Domestic violence is a sickness like addictions that affects the two people involved, the abuser and the abused. Brooke should not be judged or chastised for recanting, she should be given counseling. Also, a BAC of .13 is hardly drunk.

1699 days ago


Charlie you and I are in the exact same boat. My @sshole was kicking the crap out of me in my own home and because I pick something up to defend myself with and he was injured in the process I was taken into jail!

Even though the police knew I was defending myself from him because he showed more injuries at that moment I was the bad one.

NOTE: To all police officers bruises from getting the crap kicked out of you don't ofter appear immediatley on all people!!!!!! So don't rush to judge!!!

The police often side with the abusers and not the vicitims who are trying to get these idiots to stop or to just leave.

AND YES people this is the law of land, I am living it right now and so is Charlie...The judical system SUX!!!!!!

1699 days ago


Charlie- You earn more in a week than I do in a year. I don't care how creatively your PR folks spin things, your personal life is a mess. Both of you need to clean-up. You can't be drinking, and you should know better than to associate with a drunk. At this rate, you would have been better off with Ginger Lynn.

1699 days ago


I think maybe why they take one or the other in is to prevent further violence a short time later. A cooling off period, sort out the details later. Like drunk tank. It's the pits if you get the short end of the stick, but could be worse. Has to be a pretty quick decision, so bruises wouldn't be scene. Everybody at the scene has a different story.....Judge Judy. Beats Russia.

1699 days ago

luv my TMZ    

I loves me some Charlie Sheen. But then again, I am a CRAZY woman, just his type. I don't care what he's done, he's awfully cute and probably a fun date. Call me when you're single again Charlie!

1699 days ago

Victoria Secret    

Charlie Sheen is a moron and really boring. He is extemely unattractive, he has paranoid decisions about 9/11/01 and he only married this woman to get back at his former wife, whom he also tried to destroy. So what if she was drinking...she wasn't driving, but rather vacationing during the holidays in Aspen, which would be the best place to be to get away from a domineering social misfit husband she some how got talked into marrying. Charlie is no Martin or Emilio, he's a moron.

1699 days ago

AM Hood    

These ex-wives are so pathetic. He does not want you anymore. Leave the man alone and let go. get a life. You ego is too big!!. It is O-V-E-R!!!!!
You make yourslef look so foolish and pitiful. He cheated he is not worth it, once a cheater always a cheater. Why do you want soemobe like that apart of your life. Move on get yourself someone else.

1699 days ago


She probably had alcohol hallucinations and hallucinated the whole scenario. What police department would arrest someone based on what a drunk idiot has to say? If they were concerned about anything, it should be the fact Momma was drunk at 8:30 am with two babies in her care. They just arrested Charlie for the publicity.

It's his words against hers. I'm more intuned to believe him since she was a drunk off her as*. She should have been enjoying her twin's first Christmas with her family instead of swigging a bottle of tequila and sloshing herself around on Christmas morning making drunk 911 calls.

1699 days ago


Hah and all you sick pups who jumped on me when i said you DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY YET.... who gets the last laugh now? Nevermind I'm laughing so hard I can't hear you.

Charlies Sheen has been set up so much most of you have no clue.

1699 days ago
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