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Lawyer: Jon Gosselin's Apartment Cut to Pieces

12/27/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyer: Jon Gosselin's Apartment Cut to PiecesThe damage to Jon Gosselin's apartment is far worse than we thought -- according to his attorney, a "butcher knife" wielding maniac sliced and diced the entire place into a million pieces.

Jon's attorney tells TMZ ... when Jon entered his Manhattan apartment this afternoon, he found his "shoes, shirts, luggage, bed, curtain, rugs and other furnishings" had been slashed by a "sick perpetrator" -- and it doesn't stop there.

We're told Jon's television, CD player, coffee maker, a Nintendo Wii game, dishes, pots and pans were taken from his apartment. Jon's attorney also says a Ming vase, believed to be over 100 years old ... was "smashed to pieces."

As for the note that was left behind ... it was "speared" to Jon's bedroom dresser with a butcher knife.

As we first reported, law enforcement sources say Hailey Glassman's name was signed at the bottom of the note -- but that doesn't mean she had anything to do with it.

Jon's attorney says the NYPD fingerprinted and photographed the scene today ... and Jon wants felony charges brought against whoever is responsible.


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All I have to say is "LOL,LOL,LOL" Karma is reallt true ??

1760 days ago


Jeeeeeez, how stupid is his lawyer, good way to keep his name in the public, get some insurance money, don't these people know that we---- the lowly citizens, have a brain and can smell a rat--- god I don't like Kate, but at least she keeps her mouth shut, and only opens it when TLC tells her she can---get rid of these people----PLEASE

1760 days ago


Well, Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year Jon... Maybe Jon did himself, in one of his Drunken & Pot Smoking Stuppers !! LOL !! Man... This guy will do anything to get his Name back on the News !!! He must be mad, that all the News has been about Tiger, & his WOODY !!! LOL..

1760 days ago


"Ming vase" over 100 years old??? Absurd. If it was authentic it would have to be over 365 years old. The Ming dynasty was overthrown in 1644 by the Manchus, who named themselves the Qing dynasty. If the vase was only 100 years old it wouldn't have been particularly valuable. Still, if it was something he enjoyed possessing, it would be hard to see it smashed.

1760 days ago


"Follow me here , Al...TWO salamis!"

1760 days ago


This is a secure building - someone will be seen coming and going at the time of the crime.
Prints will be lifted
It will be hard to get that sort of stuff out of a secure building without anyone noticing (Hayley).

Do I think Hayley did this -- yes, quite possibly. It's rather convenient that she was seen moving out the building a few days ago, and could come back (or sent someone) to get the "rest" of her belongings. Someone is in deep-doo-doo.

Do I believe Jon did this? No. He's too narcasistic to ruin his own things. It's all about him, remember? And I absolutely do not believe he owned a ming vase -- that's just ridiculous.


1760 days ago


"a Ming vase, believed to be over 100 years old ... was smashed to pieces." Hahahaa!
Ming vases are from the 15th century.
If it was a hundred yrs old.. well it´s a fake. worth nothing. only tells how stupid the attorney and mr Gosselin is.

1760 days ago


The hoe train has taken its toll on the pimp! Jon Gosselin needs to lock his door in NYC. That is why they call it the Rotten Apple.

1760 days ago


Wow, so many people seem convinced that he's repsonsible for this.
Count me in! Hah!

1760 days ago

David Clarke    

Hmmmm ... this seems very fishy. Hailey Glassman's name leaked? Her family financially well-off? Jon threatening to lay felony charges? Is this douchebag now taking up attempted extortion as a money-maker? He is truly the lowest of the low.

1760 days ago


Yes Ming vases are often more than 100 years old, some are even from the Ming Dynasty.

1760 days ago


He's such a media whore/addict...he prob did it himself...IF it really even happened!

1760 days ago


I heard Obama say George Bush did it.

1760 days ago

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1760 days ago


seriously - his time is up - he probably had someone do this to get his name back in the limelight

1760 days ago
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