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Lawyer: Jon Gosselin's Apartment Cut to Pieces

12/27/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyer: Jon Gosselin's Apartment Cut to PiecesThe damage to Jon Gosselin's apartment is far worse than we thought -- according to his attorney, a "butcher knife" wielding maniac sliced and diced the entire place into a million pieces.

Jon's attorney tells TMZ ... when Jon entered his Manhattan apartment this afternoon, he found his "shoes, shirts, luggage, bed, curtain, rugs and other furnishings" had been slashed by a "sick perpetrator" -- and it doesn't stop there.

We're told Jon's television, CD player, coffee maker, a Nintendo Wii game, dishes, pots and pans were taken from his apartment. Jon's attorney also says a Ming vase, believed to be over 100 years old ... was "smashed to pieces."

As for the note that was left behind ... it was "speared" to Jon's bedroom dresser with a butcher knife.

As we first reported, law enforcement sources say Hailey Glassman's name was signed at the bottom of the note -- but that doesn't mean she had anything to do with it.

Jon's attorney says the NYPD fingerprinted and photographed the scene today ... and Jon wants felony charges brought against whoever is responsible.


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Re Jon's Ming vase. If Jon purchased it recently, it is more likely Amari china. As the Ming dynasty was collapsing, a group of potters who made special china for the rulers sailed to Japan where they started making similar fine china, and for many generations after the Ming dynasty ceased to exist, inscribed the same "Ming dynasty" symbols on the bottom to make it look more valuable. It is still being produced in Japan, but the more recent Amari pieces have dropped the "Ming" label.Some older Amari vases are worth a couple of thousand dollars. It is also possible Jon's family brought his vase over from Korea generations ago, in which case it could be older still. The value very much depends on the style, skill, age and condition, and the price range, even for an original Ming vase, is extensive.

1740 days ago


The Ming period was 1368-1644. So either the vase was older or it wasn't a Ming vase......

1740 days ago


Gee 'wickedorchid' must be a NYer too! THIS 'Manhattan-ite' wants to chime,mostly because I read a comment saying no Nyers commenting.From right here in the land of crime,CLASS, a load of nutters, & more than our fair share of idiots AND reeeeeally 'good at their job' criminals....lemme just tell you,something seriously stinks about this so-called home invasion. First,the entry,the bad staging,& last, the exit. I know his place & no way did a stranger, or even HG just walk past security,be it doorman or camera.& LOL,I hope the bottomfeeder lawyer meant a Wii SYSTEM.....cause WHO steals one freakin video game???To me,THAT reeks of a staged burglary.Bet JG & HG argued over whose game it was.....IF it was just 1 game taken.Ah,the 'clues' are all over this crap & our good NY det. are already smugly chucklin amoungst,I'm findin an online site takin bets on who's goin down,hehehe.....

1740 days ago


A hundred year old Ming vase? Ummm no. In order to be a true Ming it would be between 450 and 600 years old. Sounds like old JG is planning on trying to pad the insurance claim. Hope they nail him on that one.

1739 days ago


I can't imagine this egomaniac chopping up his own Gucci shoes, especially now that he has no income. If they can prove Hailey did this (fingerprints on the butcher knife), she is in deep doo-doo and will have to pay for damages, at the very least.

1739 days ago


He probably staged it all himself, anything to keep his loser ass in the news, he's a publicity whore.

1739 days ago


Interesting thing about the Ming.....insteada being stolen,too,it was smashed.....meaning he & his lawyer are in deep poopy for saying it is a Ming,if it isn't,cause now it can be verified. They shoulda said THAT was stolen,duh.Then again,the dolt must've insured such a treasure,right? Even a dumbass would insure something like that.If so,it hadda be proven a Ming. Regardless,if proven to be so,isn't Kate entitled to half the value? 'just sayin.....' Good Lord this guy IS an expert at something.....seriously,have you ever seen anyone so blatantly clueless?'Public idiocy' should be a crime,huh? ;-)

1739 days ago

Why Not    

When you luck runs out, both good and bad, what you are left with is Karma. His is all bad. Easy way to get out of a lease, huh? File a complaint for security breach, and sue them. Not to mention the hefty insurance payout for the Ming vase and the rest of his stuff. Since he is unemployable, maybe his luck isn't all that bad. At least he gets paid. Yes, I am that cynical and disbelieving. He has a lot of friends who might help him 'stage' a payout. Just saying.

1739 days ago

Money Talks    

I'm not surprised this guy has a Ming vase, I always knew he was Chinese. Gosselin is a French name, but it can't be his real name, which is probably Wong or Ng or Dung.

1739 days ago


I love that idiotic "Ming vase, thought to be over 100 years old..." phrase. Since when can a Ming vase be anywhere near 100 years old? Is he that stupid?

1739 days ago


Lol,that musta been some small TV to have been removed unseen,huh? Sounds like HG just came & got her things & left the door,hey!It happens.....I'm curious about some of his lil his computer(y'all know he runs to read TMZ,lol).....of course he had his cell with him,(it's apparently attached to him)but what about that lil pistol he has?Really,a thief who wouldn't take that??? Maybe all his neighbors got together & decided to get the riffraff out?What's this about his rent was over-due?

1739 days ago


How many Ed Hardy shirts were harmed in the ransacking of this apartment???

1739 days ago


1739 days ago


cute dumb do you think we all are? of course you did this in desperation or had someone do it for you.........ridiculous your ex girlfriend wouldnt be that stupid but desperation makes someone very stupid in others' eyes, yet brilliant in eyes of the need help man.......go get it it is never too late. Tons of people out there get help and in a year or so get their act together and help others. and if you get help you wont lose the respect of your kids which should be numero uno in your heart and brain get real and own up to your human self and realize that hey, we all have stuff but the trick is to deal with the stuff and become a better person go for are a good kid really, just got sidetracked

1739 days ago


Jon, don't you know you're supposed to change the locks after you dump a live-in girlfriend??

1739 days ago
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