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12/28/2009 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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It is all over.There is no way that you will be able to FORGIVE her for LIES she told to the stupid cops on CHRISTMAS morning.Or the fact that you had to spend your X-MAS in jail while she was drinking your booze and spending your money and gossiping to all of your friends.After all she is going to have to justify her actions.
It is OVER!Don't throw Good after Bad.It won't change anything.

1762 days ago


John, get the hell out of the 50's and start living in the present. After all, it is a gift!

Women in the 50's did not know any other way...........we do now!

1762 days ago

Bee Joyous    

Is this about Mr. Harper or Mr. Sheen? Both have a habit of connecting with pompous, selfish gold-digging monsters. At least Mr. Harper doesn't breed with them.

To all Mrs. Charlie Sheens: Cut it out! You're a discredit to our gender.

1762 days ago


WTF!!!! TMZ Does anyone else understand that its is abuse as a mother of twin infants to be so beastly by drinking a ridiculous amount of booze xmas morn?????? some mother she is! LOSER BROOKE im disgusted by your actions . YOU SHOULD BE TOO! Instead your fake as is smiling like nothing went wrong!!

1762 days ago

AM Hood    

File charges against Brooke. It is time to stop people from using cops for their personal gain and there are no crime committed. maybe it will stop these crazies from misusing the legal system.

1762 days ago


Being drunk on Christmas morning is sort of odd to me, however, does being drunk preclude a beating or assault by her husband. Probably not.

1762 days ago


Let me get this straight. The pig resorted to his old ways (which we knew was coming) & you're addressing: women, divorce, foreign wives vs. American wives, wives spending too much money, etc. No blame on him? Unbelievable!

1762 days ago


these women are just out for money in the first place, come on guys stop getting with these young girls who are gonna dump you anyway..get with a real older women will treat you good

1762 days ago


#44 Get must be a man-hater... you took her at face value when she claimed it happened but because 'some' women recant when they shouldn't- that you shouldn't believe her now? What a two-faced POS you and others with the same believe the worst, but when they say they 'were drunk and it didn't happen' you won't believe them. Get off my message board.

1762 days ago


Yes, Latin American and Eastern European women do make better mates because both come from more conservative and family oriented cultures where relationships and commitment are actually revered.

Posted at 12:37PM on Dec 28th 2009 by Weeeeeeee

Too bad American men still make the worst husbands. They cheat with hookers, get bored and then cheat with other men.

If they beating her to a slow death, then he's using the dreaded b*tch word or worse c*nt word to belittle and ruin your whole day.

If a cute whore comes along, forget all about college tuition for your babies. Any Eastern European or Latin woman searching for an
American husband is a damned fool.

American men should learn how to treat their own women right instead of ordering women from the internet. Stop abusing, cheating, lying and for pete's sake, stop murdering us.

1762 days ago


NEWS FLASH......Charlie has been rushed to the hospital complaining of hot flashes. They have rushed him to insensative care where he is undergoing a pap smear. M. Jordan, football star showed up shortly thereafter with a clean pair of Haynes ruby red corrective underwear. Film at 2.

1762 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Husbands commit adultery (even against hot models) because after marriage the woman refuses to have sex. For example, Tiger.

Western woman are the bottom of the barrel.

The USA has one of the highest divorce rates in the world of about 190 countries. Women initiate about 80% of divorce (90% if she hads a college degree). About 85% of men. though he is legallly innocent, will automatically lose his child(dren), 18 years of his income, and over half his stuff, while getting most of the marital debt and an Order of Protection (in case he grows desagreeable with the new arrangement).

A man is fool to marry. Period.

1762 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Men are stupid. Where can I get me a Charlie?

1762 days ago


Where were the kids?

1762 days ago



Western MEN are at the bottom of the barrel. Who wants to sleep with a hairy backed, egotistical, lazy, booze drinking, bad breathed P&ick who takes all of 2 minutes to perform???? Most western men don't even know what "foreplay" is!!! It's "slam, bam" and they're done and then have the nerve to ask "how was it?" "Awful, moron!!"

They don't take the time or the energy to make love the proper way.

Give me a European Man any day!!!

1762 days ago
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