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Brooke Mueller 911 Call --

'Charlie Has a Knife'

12/28/2009 5:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Brooke Mueller on Christmas morning -- when she claimed Charlie Sheen threatened her life with a knife.


In the call, Brooke tells the dispatcher Charlie has a "knife" and "threatened me" and that she fears for her life. She also says Charlie is packing his stuff and trying to "sneak out the back" of the house.

As we first reported, Brooke was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level when she made the 911 call ... at 8:34 in the morning.

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Charlie..listen up. Beginning money =X. 1/2 of X==1/2 of X. 1/2 of 1/2 of X=1/4 of X. 1/2 of 1/4 of X=1/8 of X and so on. Real soon X=O. Y then is where you will be sleeping unless you gamble which means Y will become a cardboard box and a shopping cart.

1759 days ago


Stop defending him. No matter how drunk or how bad the fight, there is never any reason to threaten the one you are supposed to love. Men say "Oh she just made me so mad.". Well if she made you so mad, get away from her until you are calm! There is NEVER any excuse for a husband to abuse his wife.

1759 days ago


I think people are trying to get Sheen let off way too easy and TMZ is right there at the front of the line helping them do it by all the pictures/commentary making his wife look as bad as possible. Who cares if she was drinking at 8 in the morning, sometimes something gets so painful you need to numb yourself regardless of what time it is. The guy pulled a knife on her and strangled her and she had marks to back that up.

1759 days ago


They both need to go back to meetings.

1759 days ago


If she was afraid why didn't she leave. Someone should have left before it got to this point. These 2 should not have the kids around. I thought Charlie quit drinking. Both drinking at 8:30AM sounds like they both need rehab. Get the kids out!

1759 days ago


People people people, this distresses me. I have done a bit of work with DV and one thing I tell people, women is- when you call the police and they come SEEM AFRAID.
For some reason if a woman is calm or composed or not panicked people seem to be unable to BELIEVE that she is afraid or a victim. You have to be on the floor weeping in agony or else "She's too calm, she's making it up".
Thats such BS. There are female soldiers, female cops, female doctors etc who deal with crisis situations all the time and are in great danger and deathly afraid, but they remain calm and composed in order to do what they have to do to protect and/or care for themselves and others. We call them heroes and commend them for keeping a cool head and never think that their calmness indicates a lack of fear or that the situation isn't severe.

But in this situation, the lack of panic and histrionic means she is lying? Wake up people. Wake up

1759 days ago

Get real!    

What an amazing job Charlie Sheen's PR group is doing to put this woman through the shredder. This woman is terrified. Don't ever waste your time with a celeb? When these celebs get mad, they'll stop at nothing to get their way! And how dare you call this woman a whore? She is a mother of two infants with a REAL job. Nobody mentions that Charlie pays boatloads on real whores! What does that make Charlie? Snow White!! She doesn't need Charlie or his damn money. She'd rather live by the river and sell squirrels at this point. Anything is better than living in fear with a larger than life bully that threatens your life. I hope she gets far far away from him!!

1759 days ago


she keeps saying she has to file the report. she is doing it so she has a right to his money if there is a divorce. She was probably hitting him and he got ticked off and threatened her. They were probably both acting like idiots.

1759 days ago


It is obvious they had a fight and that she was drunk repeating what the other people in the home were telling her that she needed to file the report as if she made it clear she was finally going to leave him.

1759 days ago


Are people not seeing the truth, she says he held a knife to her, he says she didnt, but the officer finds his switchblade in the open position. now why else would it be like that? no one would have thought of doing that, except charlie who dropped it in his bag once the fight started to de escalate. People saying stuff about her about drinking, first the she probably still have alcohol in her system from the night before, second, charlie wasnt exactly sober, and if your in an abusive relationship Im sure having a drink eases the pain. Anyone who is critizing her is ridiculous. Abuse is abuse, why are people trying to make it ok . If anyone does their research, his ex wife said the same thing in their divorce " denise Richards' accusations she states that Sheen has a gambling addiction, ..., and even threatens to kill her" sound familiar anyone?? obviously there is a history of this with charlie.

1759 days ago

Interracial facial    

CS is a victim of domestic manic guypass surgery. Translation: wifey will use this blow up as an excuse to eventually become a millionaire divorcee. And you thought pretty airheads have no talent? They're good at faking bad marriages so they can gold dig the spoils!

1759 days ago


Lying whore!! I've been a victim of domestic violence, so I am sensitive to it. All that was on her mind was "filing a report. I have to file a report." I've never heard a true, scared victim utter those words! And, if he was threatening her with a knife he wouldn't have suddenly came to his senses and let her call while he packed and tried to SNEAK out the back. I hope she does jail time!!

1759 days ago


His real name is CARLOS IRWIN ESTEVEZ WTF? that chick sounds like a dumb slob on 911. Why can't COPS SHOW be there when they bust a celebrity? Charlie didnt know what she told the cops, they were under the impression he was walking around with a knife, but it was a swiss knife in his back pocket. The Police probably showed up with guns in hand and couldove shot Charlie thinking he was a big trheat as said by his wife. He should leave that mess of a woman!!!... He should go back to paying whoures!!!...

1759 days ago


It goes to show you that women will do anything for a lavish lifestyle.

1759 days ago


is the 911 operator typin with her 4head.. DANG

1758 days ago
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