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Brooke Mueller 911 Call --

'Charlie Has a Knife'

12/28/2009 5:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Brooke Mueller on Christmas morning -- when she claimed Charlie Sheen threatened her life with a knife.


In the call, Brooke tells the dispatcher Charlie has a "knife" and "threatened me" and that she fears for her life. She also says Charlie is packing his stuff and trying to "sneak out the back" of the house.

As we first reported, Brooke was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level when she made the 911 call ... at 8:34 in the morning.

Story developing...


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Brooks voice gives me the chills. What an awful, terrible situation.
Went thru IVF to concieve those twins,,, & for what??!

1767 days ago


Brooke sounds drunk on the 911 call, upset and wasted..

1767 days ago

u sucker    

Why wouldn't Brooke say who the "other people" in the house were? She was asked twice by the 911 operator: who is with you in the house? She evaded the question both times and it was really apparent. It seems very strange for her not to answer that question directly. And if these people were present in the house, they are possible witnesses so what did they see and hear? If she is supposedly telling the truth, why not be honest about who was there with her? Makes me doubt her story.

1767 days ago


Thanks to most of these comments I now understand why OJ Simpson was acquitted. And why Nicole Brown Simpson always said that none of her allegations against Simpson would be believed. People will not believe that a celebrity could be in the wrong.

1767 days ago


Hard to believe Brook's so young, only 32, basically Brittany Murphy's age --yet she seems sooo much older.

Charlie really aged her.

1767 days ago


The reason she is insistent on filing the report is so she will be taken seriously. You don't get out of a domestic dispute issue and call the cops 2 hours later. Why are you people surprised. Charlie is known for being an a**hole when it comes to relationships. I can't believe the attacks this woman is getting from all of you. It's not fair. Back in February and this was Rihanna and Chris Brown everyone was jumping on the Rhianna train. I bet even if Charlie is proven to have done this (a grown man with children) people will still be on his side. Disgusting, all of you.

1767 days ago


Wow the vile comments here!! Jeez Louise! She says several times, she needed to call to file the report. She didn't need them to save her. She wanted it on the record because its probably happened several times. Sheen is a jerk loser, she should dump him and take his money. Oh - I better watch out, he knows people! lmao

1767 days ago


Seems like blame on both sides. She's a bitch, he's a fool. It's a marital dispute so therefore, none of our business. However, run Charlie run...... well away from this bitch. Sorry folks...but who's drunk at 8.30 am..... and in charge of young children.???

1767 days ago


I have placed a domestic call and it's not like that. She is pilled out and drunk, obviously!!
That was some pretty bad acting....
Charlie is still a douche, don't get me wrong but i guess that whole birds of a feather thing really applies here.

1766 days ago


wow what a bi$$h! How many people have pocket knives? How many tines did she say I gotta file this report? I aint sayin shes a gold digger........

1766 days ago


comment 84 is redamntarded ..are u seroius lady? did u ever stop and think someone might have believed her if she didnt keep going back to him? you get treated how you want, if she wanted out she had his kids she would have had his $$$. OJ doesnt have anything to do with this, not even a little bit, its all about money! you are probably broke maybe you should see what OJ's up to?

1766 days ago


CHARLIE Sheen is a whoremongering a$$hole. I hope they lock his A55 up. Every marriage he has is a train wreck. Psycho.

1766 days ago

Stefan Richard    

Wow, I expected the usual "let's blame the victim" comments but this is too much. Celebrities can really get away with anything can't they? I'm sure when Charlie Sheen finally kills one of his wives/girlfriends, he'll probably get away with it too. Very sad.

1766 days ago

London not England    


This What Happend ta Martin Sheen Son:

Martin Sheen Son woke up Christmas mornin, and said:
"Bitch, you ain't S**KED my D!CK dis mornin..."!?!!?
"what up wit dat"!?!?!?

Marten Sheen Son's Ho said: "Motha F**KA PLEASE...."!!! "It's
Christmas, and ya NEED ta be going "downtown" on ME"!!!!!

So Martin Sheen Son said: "Lookhere Bitch, I got Heidi Fleiss on
Speed dial ya Drunk Bitch....
So ya betta act like you know who's paying fo yo facelifts"...!

And Martin Sheen Son's Ho said: "Motha F#@KA I'll do you like that
last Bitch Denise did and take HALF!!!"...

and Martin Sheen Son said: "OH NO YOU DI-INT".....?!?!?!?!

And he went and got the blade...!

Martin Sheen Son's Ho said: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH"!!!!!!....

and the bitch did.....

and there ya'll have it!

And All Dis up in Aspen where there ain't NO Black Peoples.....cept
Oprah, and she and Gail weren't there!

Ya'll Stay tuned fo Mo of da Claaaaarence report....

1766 days ago


PLady100 if you ever really were an actual victim of abuse you would not be calling her a lying whore. You say you're sensitive to abuse, yet you called the abused names. That shows a very low level of sensitivity or maturity from you. I hope you don't volunteer at a women's shelter, because a dead tree would help them more than someone like you.

1766 days ago
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