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James Cameron Has Mayer in Pocket

12/28/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer is lashing out in defense of "Avatar" director James Cameron -- claiming the director's F-bomb laced interaction with an autograph-seeking man at LAX last week was a "smear" -- because the "fan" was really an "Obnoxious E-bay Poster Guy."

It's all in Mayer's blog, in which he claims Cameron was completely justified in denying the autograph and calling the man a "f**king a**hole" in the process. In the blog, Mayer also spins a conspiracy involving the autograph seeker, TMZ and American Airlines.

But there's another side to the story : Even if the man is a professional autograph seeker -- is it wrong for him to become a middleman for people outside of L.A. who want an autograph from James Cameron? After all, James did announce that he has no problem signing for people.

So the new question...


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Would have been better if Cameroon punched the guy out.

1759 days ago


Whether or not the guy was trying to add value on the poster to resell it later on, it doesn't change anything.

Cameron started the argument out of nothing, therefore he is the douchebag of this tale.

1759 days ago


When it is your job to be an obnoxious duche bag to try and get an autograph that you plan on making money on, you deserve the duche bag attitude right back at you.

1759 days ago


Right, like John Mayer has any less shame tham Cameron!!! He is an ignorant, womanizing a**hole himself, so I guess they just all stick together:)

1759 days ago

My 2 Cents Worth    

The point here isn't whether he should have signed or not.. it's James' attitude. Had he have used a bit of tact and diplomacy in his approach with a simple 'No' he would've had everyone on his side but he chose to lower himself to street standards and release a barrage of abuse in front of the camera which unfortunately is what people will associate with him for years to come. Although this is not as dramatic as Tiger Woods' case but all the years of Tigers hard work and dedication to his craft have been marred by this scandal and that's what he will be remembered for because we live in a society that thrives on others misfortunes..the 'fan' had nothing to lose, he does this for a living and doesn't care about his reputation and this is the exact reaction he wanted. Now James may care, he may not, but once that stigma is attached to you, all the money in world won't buy you respect.

1759 days ago


The guy wasn't rude at first till James was a prick. WTF do these Hollywood people think? They know people are going to want there sig and a picture everywhere they go. They need to grow up and be nice to there fan or find something else to do. Maybe if more would take a time out and do a gig like the b-list actors then it would get a chance for them to get them done in a more controlled way. If they are worried about people selling them on ebay then they should sell them on ebay to drive the cost down.

I would have loved to have his and I would have bought it on ebay but his isn't worth that much maybe 20 bucks or so. The guy would be wasting his time trying to sell James. Only top people like Pitt or Clooney go for anything worth waiting in a airport for.

Funny thing is the guy was right about his movie too. There was no plot just all CG crap.

1759 days ago


Considering that this guy makes millions on the movie he should sign for anyone. Who cares if the guy makes a couple bucks on what? Help a guy out james.....

1759 days ago


Mr.C. Do you know or have you ever met Arnold Schwarzzenagin. Could you get me his autograph? He was great in the "Hulk". How is his hearing these days? I'll bet Gary Busey knows. I'm doing a remake of Gary's tv show called, " I'm not with Busey, thank God"

1759 days ago


Celebs do NOT 'owe' us anything. How would u like to be constantly harrassed all day long for pics and autographs every day wherever u went? It's just a signature. I can't imagine putting up with that crap every time I stepped out of my house. Put yourself in their place for a day and see how u like cameras poked in your face all day long.

1759 days ago


After seeing how he realy is I don't want to see anything he has made.IF someone gave it to me I would brake it and throw it in the trash....thank god I don't have a lot of money because I don't want to be an A.H. like him.

1759 days ago


@JT thats part of being a Hollywood Actor. You live with it or go somewhere else and be a normal person. The job title hasn't changed since the 30's so its nothing new.

1759 days ago

J C    

This story exists because Cameron is affiliated with Fox ,which liberals hate.
They'd like to see Fox take some negative publicity on "Avatar" and loose some box office.

1759 days ago


Some of you are truly insane if you are blaming the star in all this. Sometimes I wonder if you even watched the video.

Here is the poster, and the loser selling it, who provoked the star, yet somehow still believes he is in the right:

Item number: 220530126339 (doing a search for this number in ebay will bring up the listing if the following link doesn't work)

I suggest giving him a nice "ask seller a question" informing him of his rudeness and general all-round loser nature. However since most of you are on TMZ blindly following the "little guy" aka idiot, perhaps you want to send him a word of encouragement for his craptastic rude provoking incident.

1759 days ago


Can't we just enjoy their fkg films. How would you like to try and make one? Where would we be without film, tv, radio, bored to death. Ever have a power outage for a week. Even screwing gets boring after a while..Play fair and mind your manners. Children should be seen and not heard.

1759 days ago


James was wrong.
Part of being a celebrity means being a public figure and people young and old would love to meet them, get a picture and/or an autograph.

I'm 40 and I would probably still ask if I came across another celebrity. Not to sell but, for my personal collection. I don't care if you are an awestruck fan or just an autograph seeker looking to earn money, these celebrities know people want their autograph and what they do with it should be their business. It is part of the celebrity limelight, always have been. Back in the day, no one had problems signing autographs. Now they all seem to want to charge for them at autograph signings. Which suck due to long lines.

Even the biggest ass, I ever met, Tom Cruise (at a bar I hung out at in my 20's, he had NO PROBLEM signing autographs to all of us bar patrons. Yet, try and talk to him, he was an ass and yes, I still have his autograph.

Like I said, I don't sell them but, a celebrity should just sign an autograph than be an ass about it. Especially, when a camera is right there! What did he expect? Once he noticed the cameras, he should have just signed it and none of this would be a story or make James look bad.

With that said, I can understand him not wanting to sign for an adult who is known to sell on ebay but, these are hard times and most of us don't make near the money James does and then there are people like me, unemployed and can't find a job?! Where's the holiday spirit?

At least, I now know, don't ask James for an autograph. Idiot!

1759 days ago
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