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James Cameron Has Mayer in Pocket

12/28/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer is lashing out in defense of "Avatar" director James Cameron -- claiming the director's F-bomb laced interaction with an autograph-seeking man at LAX last week was a "smear" -- because the "fan" was really an "Obnoxious E-bay Poster Guy."

It's all in Mayer's blog, in which he claims Cameron was completely justified in denying the autograph and calling the man a "f**king a**hole" in the process. In the blog, Mayer also spins a conspiracy involving the autograph seeker, TMZ and American Airlines.

But there's another side to the story : Even if the man is a professional autograph seeker -- is it wrong for him to become a middleman for people outside of L.A. who want an autograph from James Cameron? After all, James did announce that he has no problem signing for people.

So the new question...


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1723 days ago


I don't care if he wanted to sell it, Cameron behaved like an a-hole. If the guy had pulled 10 posters out of his bag and whined when Cameron didn't sign all of them, then maybe a different story. But he only wanted 1 autograph.

1723 days ago


You are all ignorant idiots who are siding with the pesty poster douche bag. I know how these people are and operate. They were just trying to get a rise out of Cameron and get it on tape because he denied to sign his poster and couldn't sell it on ebay. I cant believe im even commenting on this horrid site but it bugs me when hard working people like Cameron are taking heat for doing the right thing. I would have told him to piss off too! You people are just idiots if you can't figure this out. You eat up and believe everything this site puts on their website. Everything isn't always as it seems its just all a pathetic games of the media circus and pathetic low lives who cant get real jobs. Btw I hope the CEO of TMZ likes hell cause thats where your gonna end up. Exploiting peoples personal lives for the sake of money in your pocket is now way to make a living. Get a real job and life.

1723 days ago


Yes, I do think it's wrong of him to become the middleman for people outside of L.A. who want autographs. He's not doing it for them--if he was, he'd offer the autographs for free. Maybe hold some kind of draw for them or something. But he makes money off of them. What ever happened to people writing to their favourite celebrities and *asking* for an autograph? People can do that for no cost larger than a self address stamped envelope.

1723 days ago


The people who put this stuff up on ebay aren't fans. I still remember the baseball player who signed autographs for some of these ebay seller types who were the most pushy type so they got there first. All the little kids who were standing in line didn't get to have their stuff signed because of these pushy jerks. These obnoxious jerks then sell these autographed materials so the true fans who want this stuff has to pay for it. These hounds are the same type who send out a bunch of people to buy up every last ticket for concerts so the concerts get sold out and you end up paying hundreds of dollars for the ticket from them. How anyone can defend these type of people shows the intelligent level [low] of people.

As for Cameron, I really don't think he cares what TMZ puts out there. He's just counting the pennies he's making from that Avatar movie. He may be the biggest jerk in the world, but really who cares. No one has to talk to him. If his movies entertains you, that's all you should care about.

1723 days ago


God...I hope if I am ever in a pinch John Mayer will speak up for me because everyone will listen to him. I laughed out loud after reading this. John Mayer certainly doesn't present himself as being the sharpest knife in the drawer. Maybe we can use him to fix healthcare or end the war.

1723 days ago


Cameron = DOUCHE!!! period. John Meyer used to be kinda cute and talented, now he looks like a heroine addict and he hasn't slept in weeks. he's lost my vote.

1722 days ago

Just sayin'    

STFU Mayernaise!!!!!! Go back to your crappy music!

1722 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

JC = douchebag! He IS an extremely arrogant, hypocritical, self-centered, egotistical ahole who really believes he is "King of the World" and better than anyone else. I worked on several of his projects and this man is so full of himself that I refuse to watch ANY of his movies.....ever! He should be deported back to Canada or forced to watch Avatar for 12 hours every day for a year! I can't imagine anybody wanting his signature or to be in his "esteemed" presence anyway. Go away Jimbo.......or just die you puke! Nobody needs YOU!

Viva Argentina!!!!!

1722 days ago


The real questions is.... WHO THE HELL ASKED YOU JOHN MAYER? Honestly...what a douche.

1722 days ago


Shuffler wins this one, D. You can't really be all about peace and understanding if you call unknown people "useless" for stating their opinion, which clearly was the antithesis of hate.

It doesn't matter whether the "fan" was a professional ebay seller (by the way, business must be booming, what with those luring provocations of his!!)with a $15/hr job. Both are self-made men, neither are bound to acquiesce to any sort of on-demand, invasive, aggressive interaction. To say that James Cameron is obligated because of his income and fan base sorely misses the point and is only an irrelevant incidental.

Has anyone asked for an autograph and received one, and if so, do you remember what that felt like? Pretty darn exhilarating. I thought I was going to faint and I thought, even though the musician was walking right by me, that I may be putting the person out--the dude just got off the stage, was covered in sweat, probably just wanted to pee or something else of the human kind. Who knows. Two things became very clear in that moment: this guy was just a person like anyone else, and it's kind of weird approaching a stranger and asking for something. Would you ever dare to ask for an autograph in the manner in which the fan did? Or truly expect to receive anything less than a few choice expletives after acting like an abhorrant grade A jackass just a few degrees short of a restraining order? Sounded a little desperate, too, and not because of his alleged monetary deficit, but because he was scraping the bottom of his huge literary barrel for some tasty morsel to only cause increased reaction in Cameron.

And TMZ can drudge up the worst picture of John Mayer--he will still look a whole lot better on his worst day than probably 99% of the rest of us! He can rock my world (a girl can dream), a guitar, and as it were, a pen. I don't understand why it's cool to hate the guy en masse. I wonder what he did to each individual to be deserving of such.

1721 days ago

Russell Dee    

I posted a lot of anti-Cameron stuff after reading about how he mistreated that guy at the airport. I was pretty angry at James Cameron. I have had a partial change of heart after reading something by John Mayer(sp)and also after thinking about some things I've seen and heard about. I don't know who John Mayer is but he did say some interesting things about how celebrities are treated when they get of airplanes. He talked about how some people will follow the celebrity "barking" at the celebrity for autographs. I think this is true because I was at an airport where I saw a celebrity walking down the hall and somebody was walking beside the celebrity and it looked like the person was pestering the celebrity. Now mind you that the celebrities hands were full, he had just gotten off an airplane and another person is walking besides him bugging him. I can imagine that James Cameron was probably just getting back from a promotion, was very tired, just wanted to get home to catch his breath, and the "fan" was probably shadowing James Cameron and barking at James Cameron for an autograph. I know that in the beginning of the videotape it looks like the fan is being polite but that video starts after the fan and Cameron were already engaged so I do not know how the fan initially approached Cameron or if the fan was coming off as some kind of barking hustler, which I believe may have been the case. Hustler types can't hide their hustle behavior and I can imagine that the "fan" may have come across to Cameron as a hustler type...pushy and not very courteous. So after thinking about it a week I think that there is a real possibility that given that Cameron was tired, just got off a plane, wanted to get home to catch his breath, and some hustler type of person starts being pushy and barking out demands for an autograph, well if I had been in Cameron's shoes it wouldn't have sit well with me so I can imagine it wouldn't sit well with Cameron and so Cameron decided not to be gracious. The fan was probably inconsiderate and hustler-rude and he acted like this at the wrong time because Cameron had just gotten off a plane and just wanted to get home to take a breather from all the Avatar commotion.

I think Cameron is probably getting a raw deal with the negative publicity he's attracted from this situation. I think he should do some kind of online fan-appreciation thing/event to send a signal to us fans that he is with us, and the event at the airport does not reflect his true feelings about fans.

1720 days ago


This is a common ruse and stalker...I mean paparazzi tactic at LAX. It's something we see all the time there, this was clearly a set up by TMZ...though I'm sure the TMZ lap dogs will be quick to come to their defense.

1716 days ago
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