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Jude & Sienna Stomach Each Other

12/28/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jude Law and Sienna Miller cooled off their on-again, off-again, on-again relationship ... on the beaches of Barbados this weekend.

Looking this hot is elementary, my dear Watson.


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Well at least her bikini is cute. Get all of her clothes here

1760 days ago

Go to hell Rita and Vergie    

Sienna Miller the copy Kate. Kate Moss wore a swimsuit almost identical to this red checkered one a few months back.If you wanna know what Sienna Miller will wear just look at Kate Moss.

1760 days ago


The only thing that looks 'elementary' is Sienna's 'elementary school boy's body'. Just what kind of 'freak' is this Jude??

1760 days ago


btw that bathing suit gives a whole new meaning to 'daisy dukes'....YEEEEE HAAAAAAWWWWWW!!

1760 days ago


This photo looks photoshopped to me, the girl is in the back but is larger than the guy in front. TMZ will print anythining.g without verify

1760 days ago


Sienna is crazy. Once a cheat, always a cheat. She should walk away from Jude and his roaming eye.

1760 days ago


Damn, Rihanna drew over 200 comments over her bikini (mostly negative), yet this bean pole that you White men supposedly love so much barely gets 50. Hmmm, guess we know what's really going on!

1760 days ago


I read about him espousing to be such a fantastic father.

Why then, is he not with his children over the holidays?

How about spending time with them Daddy Dearest?

1760 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Easy why the Hip Hop Queen got more votes than Sienna Miller ...
Her voters don't have jobs to go to. You KNOW it's the truth. Admit it. Come on. Don't B.S. me. They don't have jobs so they can spend all day online.

1760 days ago


I'm am a graphic designer, very familiar with PhotoShop. This is one of the worst examples I've seen.

1760 days ago


@45. As I stated, most of the comments were negative so I really don't think it was her hip hop fans who were "voting". So don't BS me, what's REALLY the truth, who is it that's unemployed and what do they REALLY like?

1760 days ago

Loud and talentless    

This skank is TALENTLESS. I suffered through a "song" on SNL earlier this year and she has ZERO vocal range, (kinda' like Ashley Simpson). I am quite sure that every bus stop contains 2-3 with more talent. On top of that she has an ego the size of North America. Thinks her poop comes out with pink ribbons tied around it. Oh ... good taste in baby daddys, too. Typical.

1760 days ago


mmmmm this photo has definitely been photoshopped....can you at least have them in correct perspective or lighting when trying to desperate are you?

1759 days ago


That bathing suit is FUGLY.

1759 days ago


The photos are real, there are a whole bunch of them on another site, he also has his children with him. Pretty slick move on Jude's part. Rekindle his romance with Sienna, the press is much more intrested in that. His new babies mama, but be seeing red over this one, her 15 minutes of fame just expired.

1759 days ago
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