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Charlie Sheen's Other Family -- Doing Fine

12/29/2009 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards -- the woman Charlie Sheen used to be married to who didn't accuse him of attacking her with a knife -- took the two daughters she shares with Charlie to a park in Los Angeles yesterday.


Charlie denies threatening Brooke Mueller.


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Uhhuh, is that why Denise is always tweeting that she is playing Barbies or doing that with the girls when she is actually at the spa, shopping or tanning? Perhaps the nanny or her dad might be doing those things but not the supermommy she would have you believe. And there is proof of the constant tweets, she overdid the doses of sugar-tweeting.

1761 days ago


EVE's, your on your own! I'm here for all the boy dogs. You pooped up first time.

1761 days ago


All is fair in love and war, unless you're gay...remember?

1761 days ago


Denise didn't do anything to Heather because Heather ended her marriage before Denise dated her husband. Heather had no reason to complain. I just read how Heather is costing CW plenty because of her diva attitude towards the set. I use to like Heather but not so fond of her anymore.

1761 days ago


She is ugly.something about her that says yuck!

1761 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

You'll never see Bimbo Brooke playing with the kids. She'll leave that, along with the housekeeping to the nanny. Bimbo Brooke is lower than dirt.

Denise - you are and always have been a good mom. Please help Charlie deal with this Bimbo, whose shaking him down. That could negatively impact you and your kids.

1761 days ago


It appears Denise has been silent about this recent Charlie Sheen fiasco. I applaud Denise Richards for exercising restraint-it appears she has learned from experience the intelligent way to avoid a subject.

OMG!! I just used 'Denise Richards' and 'intelligent' in the same sentence-the end of the world is coming soon!!!

1761 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Gee, what a surprise she decided yesterday would be a good day for a 'wholesome' publicity shot. Once a whore..........

1761 days ago


WHY do these guys marry these gold digging sluts? they pop out two kids and then go for the cash$$...charlie, you are an idiot, you should have bought some kids, and stuck with the hookers, at least you can kick them out when you are done, instead you have married these two gold digger hookers .............HUGE MISTAKE..why why why

1761 days ago


This Lauren commenter is retarded. She complains her comments were not posted by TMZ yet she has those 2 plus ANOTHER one. You need a life. Sounds like you are extremely jealous that Denise is getting attention, well guess what, these celebs dont ask for the attention, they would love to be able to take their kids to the park or go to the grocery store without being followed. She looks this great everyday and just because you cant get out of your sweatpants and your boobs hang down by your waist dont hate on the beautiful people.

1761 days ago


MILF. Is that so hard to say?
Cute kids too.

Charlie has fine taste.

1761 days ago


I think Denise is great. i would do a photo op too. Just keep the mouth shut and she will look great and the whole world will know she didn't lie when the whole Charlie/Brook mess comes out in the open. He is a pig. Oh, and Denise is no saint but she sure looks like one now. Keep going Denise. Take those moneymakers to get some ice cream now but make sure you are all touched up. LOL!!!

1761 days ago


i think those of you who have not been married to a man like charlie would never understand. If you were ever married to a man who slept around with hookers and did whatever he wanted yet would not leave you alone then you always wish that someone would teach him a lesson.So charlie marries again and denise hopes that one day someone will hear her voice cos when she spoke out nobody listened because everyone was on his side. So him spending christmas in jail and being up for domestic violence and finding out that he's about to be divorced is bittersweet.they say living well is the best revenge so taking the kids out is during charlie's down time is saying i told you so. I know cos i am married to another charlie and one day i hope somebody hears my voice thru someone else since no one will listen and i pray everyday he pays oneday

1761 days ago


Look, these women know what kind of man they are marrying. Did they
think Charlie F'n Sheen would be some great, loyal, loving,
trustworthy husband? Seriously? Women consistantly choose bad men,
over and over again. They are just as sick as the men they marry. I
have no sympathy for his wife whatsoever.

1761 days ago


Total vindication for Denise Richards! She was right about Charlie all along - he is a wife-abusing, threatening, menacing, creep, who was telling all the world that SHE was crazy and none of it was true. Well, now its come to light that Sheen has a pattern of spoudal abuse and a serious problem with domestic violence and he needs to have some jail time sent his way. Of course he won't, because laws weren't made for creeps like him because CBS will lawyer up his ass and he won't see a day in the slammer, unlike if it happened to law-abiding, ordinary schmucks like us - then it would be another story, entirely.

1761 days ago
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