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Child Services 'Aware' of Charlie Sheen Arrest

12/29/2009 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's domestic violence arrest in Colorado has already caught the attention of the local child services department -- and the case could follow him back to L.A.

 Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

TMZ has learned the Pitkin County Department of Social Services is "aware" of the alleged incident between Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller -- and the department is considering whether to pursue an investigation.

Sheen and Mueller have two 9-month-old children together -- and Charlie has two young daughters from his relationship with Denise Richards.

Officials at the PCDSS tell us, "When there is a domestic dispute and children are present in the home, we are always notified."

The official added, "If the family is vacationing in Pitkin County, and we feel that a thorough follow up is needed, we will contact the department where the family resides."

We contacted L.A. Child Services for comment -- but they refused to comment on the situation.


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Whoever wrote that article: Denise is an ex wife; not someone he had a 'relationship' with.. Big difference...

1757 days ago


#30 Must be delusional. Any time threats are made, physical violence is present and a weapon is introduced into a home with small children then a child protective services agency should take a closer look at the parents.

1757 days ago


Social and Health probably should look in on this. I am just wondering, did someone call on them , or did they read your site. or did the department of social and health read it in the paper, that Charlie Sheen was arrested. I always thought someone had to call, department of social and health just couldnt be trolling the papers for clients. I am sure glad to hear at least one agency knows how to protect the HIPPA law.

1757 days ago


He had two children with his WIFE Denise...not his RELATIONSHIP!
I'm getting sick of this site!

1757 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Arrest that drunken biotch, not him!

1757 days ago


So HER BEING DRUNK at 8:30 in the morning wasn't a factor in any of this.

1757 days ago

dr cyclops    

its hollywood people..being drunk in the morning is is having spaced out kids and kids in rehab or really strange kids like wacko jackos kids...charlie likes to party like his daddy so what if he drinks and does drugs,,he isnt sharing them with his kids,,uinless they steal from him..its sex drugs and rock and roll in hollywood peeps party down.. kids and all

1757 days ago


Here is a small history of Charlie Sheen. This record will put him in jail this time. He got out of it so many times before.

1990: Sheen shoots then-fiancée Kelly Preston
1995: Sheen admits to being a client of Heidi Fleiss and to spending over $50,000 for her call girls.
1995: Two months after marrying model Donna Peele, Sheen was sued
by a UCLA student who claimed he struck her in the head back in 1994 after she refused him sex. The case was settled by Sheen paying her off.
1997: Sheen pleads guilty to battery charges brought by his ex-girl Brittany Ashland. Sheen threw her onto his kitchen floor and split her lip. He was sentenced to 1 year's suspended sentence, two years probation and a fine.
1998: Sheen enters lockdown rehab after being hospitalized for shooting coke directly into his vein. He thought it would be fun.
2005: Denise Richards divorces Sheen while pregnant, accusing Sheen of "inappropriate behavior," including prostitutes, gambling problems and drug and alcohol abuse, threatening and physically abusing her.

1757 days ago


HELLO, drunk mother at 8:30 in the morning. Need I say more. Let Charlie prove that he did or did not threaten her and take the children from the drunken mother.

1757 days ago

John Owen    

I saw the report about Charlie Sheen, 2nd Degree Assualt? in Colorado if you are convicted of this it is mandatory Prison sentence with no Judge discreation. Dont know the details, but Colorado has a great way of charging a defendant with the highest crime as to have room for plea bargin. Hopefully no one was injured. I have a son who was just sentenced in Arapahoe County in Colorado on simular charges. Fact: It was a fight between 2 teenagers at a house party no one injured. My son is on 3 yrs probation with tons of court requirements and costs. He was also sent to Pretrial Services after posting bond where a female whom worked in a supervisory position in Pretrial Services gave my son her phone number, they began to date. This court employee shared with my son many incidents involving illicit drug use by DA's and other court employees, invited my son to a training seminar for court employees, which he declined to go and called the police one afternoon on my son because she was jealous of him an argument insued and my son left her premises. My son was then picked up for Domestic Violence which ultimately ended up dismissed and several emloyees of Pretrial Services were fired. My son's case involved a hudge conflict of interest, yet his case was treated as if nothing ever really happened. THE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT? Domestic Violence is serious, however the charges against Charlie Sheen are Felonys.

1757 days ago


Not even half a man.....and her....dont get me started. Nasty people!

1757 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

What a shake down! Check this out - the fix is in. Stand strong Charlie.

1757 days ago


Brook has said that when Charlie had her on the bed that she said to her that her mother's money means nothing. Who is Brooks mother and what does she do that she has so much money?

1757 days ago


She knew what Charlie was all about before she married him. She's just egging him on for drama effect so she can get her money and run. She wants to be famous in her own right, it seems. Charlie was right, she is a drunk. He obviously is intimidated by intelligent women and love drama ho's. He got her pregnant and married her too fast. Should have taken the time to know her first before he dwelved in. Maybe he will learn his lesson this time, maybe not. Either way, Charlie has a way of keeping the public entertained when he's performing on tv or is the subject of tabloid press.

1757 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

I agree with those who picked up on the fact that the knife was
locked in an open position in his bag. That and the marks on her neck seems to substantiate her story. His alleged remark about knowing ex-cops who can get the job done is particularly disturbing.

Martin Sheen does have a lot of influence and always rides to
Charlie's rescue. Charlie's bad behavior with women seems to be
escalating. Authorities better not sweep it under the rug because it sounds like an O.J. situation may be in the making.

Charlie has a long history of violence against women.

1757 days ago
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