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Letterman Defendant Uses Tiger Defense

12/29/2009 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who allegedly masterminded an extortion plot against David Letterman is now using the Tiger Woods scandal as precedent to get the charges against him thrown out ..according to new documents obtained by TMZ.

David Letterman Defendant Uses Tiger Woods' Defense

Robert Halderman's lawyer, Gerald Shargel, filed legal papers asking that the charges against his client be dismissed. In the papers, Shargel notes that when news of Tiger's infidelity surfaced, Mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel, reportedly inked a multi-million dollar settlement in return for her silence -- with the help of Gloria Allred.

Shargel notes, "Their behavior was capitalist, not criminal."

Halderman's lawyer says his client essentially just "offered to sell his very marketable story to David Letterman." Shargel says that celebrity misdeeds have "significant fair market value" and they are "routinely suppressed through private business arrangements."

Shargel's point -- Rachel and Gloria didn't get prosecuted, so why should Halderman?


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Ha ha ha....Tiger can't get a break anywhere.

1672 days ago


obviously it is the difference between BRIBERY- two willing partcipants - and BLACKMAIL- one willing participant and one forced participant.

1672 days ago


This debate actually requires some thought, which I think a lot of commenters are forgetting. It seems that everyone has an opinion but those opinions are being made out of anger or disgust and certainly aren't being made with any type of logic behind them. I did however offer you an answer on my website though and made sure to link back to your article too.

1672 days ago


What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

1672 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Where's the docs Harvey?

1672 days ago


"you got it" headonsholders. The only difference here is David Letterman pressed charges and Tiger didn't. Tiger caved - Dave said "the hell with you" "I'll tell everyone myself" and proceeded to do just that! Yeah Dave!

1672 days ago


One really BIG difference between David Letterman & Tiger ( the jerk) Woods. David may have had a few girlfriends, but guess what... he wasn't married so he can have all the women he wants. Tiger was married & his whole life was a lie!!!

1672 days ago


David Letter puts Tiger down for his affair. He has alot of room to talk. He is making a joke out of affairs. Its not a joke to hurt the people that love you. It affects the children it destroys any trust you have for this person. ITs really not anything to joke about.Why get married if your not ready to commet to 1 person. Stay single and have all the affairs you want but, hope you dont get aids.herpes, or someother std.I was ready some 5 million women come down with herpes every year in the United States and rubbers dont always protect you depending what areas be affected. Forget it . who wants that. I hope these wifes get tested for a year. Sometimes it takes that long or even longer to no you have it.

1672 days ago


The lawyers are going to make a bundle out of this whole thing, especially if each mistress gets her own!

1672 days ago


Oh please let the Letterman thing go to trial---so David gets grilled and every lurid detail of this incident and the other interns he's boned over the years under his employee and in the secret loft above the Ed Sullivan Theatre comes out for all to know of.

May it also be a black eye to that putz Paul Schafer, who has been around this man every working day for over 22 years and didnt mention not once, any of Davids "interests" in his phony baloney book he released the day his boss was admitting his discretions.

Thank god for the TMZ's of the Media...its nice to know they will keep the heat on all these putzes whom continue to get away with Cadding and cheating and lying to us all and whom portray an image that is not true.

Out em all TMZ...Mainstream media has failed us completely on telling the truth. Letterman has not deserved the JFK treatment by the media.

1672 days ago


Let's face it. Rachel U and Gloria A are just as slimy as Dave's extortionist. They are reptilian in the way they conduct their lives. Rachel has been a famewhore since 9/11, when she was on TV showing her missing fiance's picture. That act alone is not wrong, but since then, she has pimped herself out to rich and famous men. She has made a career out of bedding the wealthy. I think they call that job PROSTITUTION!!!! Aldred needs to buy a conscience and share it with Uchitel. They both need it. They give women a bad name. I work a very demanding job and look after my 2 children and husband (who also works very hard to support our family), so to have these women making such a large profit through their gold-digging, I really resent it!!!!!

1672 days ago


'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". "It isn't necessary to get married". "My marriage is just a sham, it's just for public relations". Trash of one color marries goldbrickin' trash of another color. By the way, everyone though OJ was such a nice guy, turns out he was trash of one color marrying trash of another color. $12 BILLION dollars in stock value - POOF! - all gone. Dozens of lawyers texting, calling, pleading, more texting, 12, 14, 16 hours a day, one sponsor after another: "we planned on dropping him waaaay before this happened"! the public knows it's a lie. Eleven, no twelve, no thirteen, no fourteen pieces of trash - some bragging on-line, some trying to have a baby-trashette from the king of trash, no one cares if Mr. Trash is married; Mom number one angry, Mom number two fakes heart attack. Six hours a day of COUNSELING?? For what?? For bad character?? A tiger can't change it's stripes, look at OJ, he ended up in jail right where he belongs. Another sponsor leaves. Panic, panic, the networks panic, the sponsors panic, golf tournaments panic, hundreds, no THOUSANDS of dollars an hour in lawyers fees. More texting, more phone calls, the trash of one color stills sees the harlot, the other trash moves away. All because somebody wants to get some stink on his hang low.

1672 days ago


27. One really BIG difference between David Letterman & Tiger ( the jerk) Woods. David may have had a few girlfriends, but guess what... he wasn't married so he can have all the women he wants. Tiger was married & his whole life was a lie!!!

Posted at 6:34PM on Dec 29th 2009 by jan

Another really BIG difference is that Letterman slept with women who were subordinate to him. I love all the people coming up with all the technicalities to try and defend the obvious double-standard between Dave and Tiger. When you're white in America and cheat, you get a free pass, get to make jokes about it, appear on Entertainment Weekly with just your boxers on (like it's just so damn hilarious), everyone calls you a "victim", and you get to joke on air about the other people who did exactly what you did (cheated on a mate who trusted in you). Screw the "well, they weren't married" and other technicality crap. I'm sure if your fiance or long time boy/girlfriend suddenly up and boned your best friend or sibling, that lame excuse would go right out the window... Dave and all his lame excuse makers, can kiss my... he's a POS cheater, whether he or his delusional excuse makers admit it or not. I hope his extortionist is exonerated, only because Dave thinks everything's a damn joke with his gap-tooth Alfred E. Neuman looking azz.

1672 days ago


I was wondering if this is Tiger's Uncle HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

1672 days ago


There isnt any different Letterman should be watching what he says, gonna bit him in the ass.
I am actually not sure who would sleep with Letterman? yuck

1671 days ago
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