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Mo'Nique vs. Precious

Who'd You Rather?

12/29/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidibe are stunning audiences with their knockout performances in the film "Precious."

Question is...


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Stop using excuses. The page asked a question and people responded. Just because someone finds obesity to be disgusting does not mean they are trailor park, racists or any other idiotic things you claim. They have the right to their opinion. I am female and while I think the one in the gold dress looks ok the other is disgusting. Oh I guess now I am a hater and racists. Grow up people. Just because you think differently doesnt mean only your opinion matters.

1756 days ago


Oh that's funny guys!!!

Is there not a "Neither" option???

1756 days ago


#7 "I think I would rather cut my pecker off."

Ann - Go ahead. I'm sure the women of the world won't miss much.

Thanks Ann! Too funny.

1756 days ago

TOO BAD SO SAD :-p    

"I think I would rather cut my pecker off."

I think you'd need the Hubble Telescope to find that teeny weeny! Don't forget the tweezers, for fine detailed work, LOL

1756 days ago


I gotta say - especially after seeing TMZ on TV - that Harvey Levin is a dirty OLD man (and I mean OLD, look at that haggard old face) who surrounds himself with people young enough to be his kids, or maybe even grandkids, on his TV show. (Is there a male "casting couch" for the show, Mz. Levin?) Dye your hair all you want Harv, but that creased old face doesn't lie. If you were subjected to the age/weight standards you use against celebrities, you'd fail miserably - how would you look in a bathing suit, gramps? "You're a lawyer" like Larry H. Parker's a lawyer. Sleazy.

1756 days ago


These women both did a fantastic job bringing a very difficult book to life. Both women are extremely talented and strong-willed and I'm very upset that TMZ has decided to put them up on a sarcastic poll like this. There are too many real live multi-millionaire bimbos parading around hollywood. poke fun at them instead.

1756 days ago


Oh, TMZ...this question is just asking for trouble, and you know it!

1756 days ago


man oh man, was that photo taken at Hometown Buffet? i have never seen that much tonnage in a single location.....#7, it isn't about cutting your pecker off, its about douching your eyes with alcohol after look at that porkage. i don't care what people are saying here, hefty hefty hefty........its not a racial thing, its an eating control thing.....fhuck where is all the diet spokespeople when you need 'em. damn thats ugly. nevermind the 'no' and the 'neither' choices in the multiple choice section...HARVEY please please please add a choice for "NO FHUCKING WAY".

1756 days ago


I agree with #39. I have been a TMZ regular since TMZ broke the Michael Jackson death story. However, I have been sorely disappointed by they air head stories and "who would you rathers," and Michael Lohan (scuzball). Anyway, perhaps I will tune to my regularly scheduled program -- NOT TMZ--

1756 days ago


Did Omar the Tent Maker make the Red Dress?

1756 days ago


I like how much reverse racism there is in the world. "All white people are racist." yet there is a black entertainment channel, black grammy awards, if there was a white entertainment channel all we'd ever hear about is how its a racist cracker channel.

Grow up. I don't dislike African Americans, but both of these women are hideous despite the color of their skin, I'm just not into morbidly obese women.

1756 days ago


If you don't like the TMZ poll, then boycott this site, which is what I plan to do right away- Join me if you abhor this type of degrading and disrespectful attitude towards humanity- To those of you who have responded in that degrading and disrespectful manner- watch out- you could be next!

1756 days ago


None of the above would have been 92 percent "fo real" lol

1756 days ago


Somebody call Party City,,We found their Missing Tents!!!!!!!!!

1756 days ago


I think.. Gabourey's dress is just very unflattering, I mean, yes, she is overweight but she could have chosen a material that was a little bit more forgiving.

1756 days ago
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