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Poker Phenom Flushes His Marriage

12/29/2009 5:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Phil IveyPhil Ivey -- one of the most dominant professional poker players in the world -- isn't suited for marriage ... dude was just granted a divorce from his wife Luciaetta.

Ivey and Luciaetta filed the joint petition in a Nevada court on December 22 ... three days before Christmas. The divorce was granted today -- both parties were present for the ruling.

Phil -- who's reportedly made more than $12 million playing poker -- married Luciaetta back in 2002. The couple has no children together.

Fun Fact: Ivey is known in the card community as the "Tiger Woods of Poker" -- [insert your own joke here].

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SarahSmile is a complete idiot who has no idea what shes talking about.....and Nick Gertz thinks Black people are cool....What a tool!!!

1758 days ago


Phil Ivey is fine as hell...I was just watching him on some old YouTube videos. Never heard of the dude until today. Damn, and he's worth over 50 million? Damn near 8 years of marriage is a long time...considering this is America we are talking bout. Sorry to hear they're splitting...

1758 days ago


Ivey has the personality of a clam. he never smiles, seldom talks and spends the entire poker game trying to hold his eyes wide open without any expression whatsoever.

1758 days ago

Poker Girl    

Phil Ivey is one of the BEST pro poker players in the world. He is rich, rich, rich. Poker is one of the most difficult games to master and Ivey has not only mastered it -- he plays the Metagame.

1758 days ago


at least he divorce her before he got caught if he did the dirty

1758 days ago


TMZ, if you don't want to hear how Black people dominate everything, then you should delete racist posts. HAhahahahaha.

1758 days ago


Another supposed "heroe" huh? These phony frauds cant live life as human beings, just iconic robotic idiot savants...good at one thing, complete imbeciles at everything else. Here's another one to add to the list--- Rainman, Tiger, and Phil Ivey.

Hey Phil, how much for a candy bar? bout a hundred dollars.

These people are not heroes, leaders, nor should ever be looked up to for anything--except whatever Rainman craft they can do.

Poor things, every one of them...rich in the ways of measurement, poor in the way of humanity.

1758 days ago



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1758 days ago


What's the matter TMZ, are all the White girls in your office trying to sleep with the few Black guys you have working for you? Is that why you allow all the racists comments and delete pro Black comments?

1758 days ago


OMG my friend was just set up on a date with him a couple of days ago, but couldn't make it. She had no idea he was married, guess it's kinda good she didn't go, but she missed out on millions. lol

1758 days ago


There's no scandal here, why all the hate? Phil rocks poker.

1758 days ago


Had I had a second son (first one is perfect); Phil Ivey would have been my second.
He is a most gracious player, winner and looser.
Sadly, marriages do not work out! Thankfully, they have decided to end it sooner
rather than later.
Sometimes, the only solution to an unhappy marriage is divorce.
Live, love laugh and be happy!

1758 days ago


Having his type of expression when playing poker is a ASSET when playing. Impossible to read him.

1758 days ago


This guy is worth morth than 12million. thats just his lifetime tournament winnings. Phil has about a 5% stake in full tilt poker which is a multi billion dollar company. He has part of another team full tilt poker players share whom i won't mention due to a gambling debt. Not to mention he is up over 20mil in online poker alone in the last 30 months. Plays 2k 4k daily and bets 100k per hole in golf hmmmmmm about everyday. She got something, she was his highschool sweetheart

1758 days ago


Unlike Tiger, Phil knows when to send a b tch packing. Tiger ought to ship Elin back to Sweden and get busy winning majors and banging broads.

1758 days ago
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