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Pitt vs. Clooney -- This Is Your Life ...

12/30/2009 10:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You can either be Brad Pitt and bundle up in NYC with your kiddies while visiting your adoring life partner on the set of her movie ... or you can either lay around in Mexico like George Clooney with your girlfriend o' the week.


The question is ...


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Brad's.....ummm....goatee? Gotta go!! Looks TERRIBLE!!!! Can't figure out what's up with every guy's horrible facial hair. Gotta go!!!! Clean shaven makes 'em look so much younger, and less...messy. Unless that's the idea. My opnion? YUCK!!

1573 days ago


God, those beards are nasty... Yuck, yuck, yuck. Not a good look for either of them.

1573 days ago


I picked Clooney BUT !!!! - if you ever have your own child - the love you feel will out way all the women you can throw at me : )

1573 days ago


Clooney has managed his life wisely. Believe me, if he wanted kid's, he'd have 'em. If he doesn't have them, it's because he doesn't want 'em. As for the crack about how he won't have kids to be proud of, give me a break. He'll have other things to be proud of and maybe he's actually able to love people who happen now to be his children? An incredible idea, eh? As for Pitt, he looks like an idiot. He's an overrated actor, but he has also been miscast as a tough guy when he is never able to pull off that sort of a role. He is saddled with a crazy wife and a brood full of squalling brats...ugh. My guess is he should be on a suicide watch.

1573 days ago


As Brit-Brit would say...1,2,3/Brad, George and me...

1573 days ago


They are butt buddies

1573 days ago


Clooney. Even with that beard he's much better than Pitt. Sorry Brad but apparently your best time has gone. Marriage with Angie has affected you badly.

1573 days ago


Clooney is looking pretty pathetic these days. Hanging out with 25 year old bimbos all of the time (are they all waitresses like Tige's hos?), never establishing a long term meaningful relationship with someone of his own age or professional status. I think he's got problems, he's very immature, this isn't something to be admired.

1573 days ago


I think george might seem to be the one on the winning end to a lot of men because he is sarrounded by young and hot women but how do you think he feels when they laugh or smile or seem to be having fun, he wonderes if their smile is sincere or the laugh real. When they leave and he's alone even if in the bathroom he knows they're withi him cos he can afford them not because of who he is when waking up in the morning with bad breath. As for bread every hug he gets from those kids is real, being woken up by kids when you'd rather sleep is real and based on how they feel about you. to them he's not brad pitt but dad and deep down we all want someone to be with us for who we are regardless of wealth which is why a lot of people keep giving love a chance despite being hurt.

1573 days ago


They have the lives they chose? George likes messing around. Good for him. Brad likes being in a relationship and being with this kids. Good for him. Neither way is bad. Christ.

And get over the Angie hate. Brad and Angie have stayed together thru the worst of it. You aren't breaking them up, that's for sure.

1573 days ago


Posted at 11:32AM on Dec 30th 2009 by mike828

The funny thing is, George could be a homosexual but he is still getting laid more and by far more attractive women than you ever will or have. :)

1573 days ago


I find Angelina mouth watering and very sexy. Brad can leave at anytime and chose to stay with his family. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. You don't see that much anymore with all these materialistic women. If Brad didn't want her I'd surly take her.

1573 days ago

London not England    

it is "OFFICIALLY" time to lay these two old geezers to rest as "so-called" Sex symbols.....

Let's now look at Gyllenhal or Taylor Lautner...some young HOT stuff....

cause these two have HAD IT!!!!!!

1573 days ago


MightyMad: on which side are you in?..your contradictory comments are funny. BTW, no. 14: George Clooney is way older than Brad and he looks much better and younger than him. Is you look again George's expression is the one that says "WTF, I just woke up from my sleep, who's there?..never mind my beard, I know I still look good for my age". Arrogant as always, but I bet you don't look that 'pretty' when you wake up from sleep. Brad looks like he's in hell and can't complain to no one since no one will listen, he made his own bed and he is laying on it. Where is the sexiest man alive this days? not anymore sexiest...From beatnik to hobo look and lifestyle, it fits him perfectly but which obviously doesn't make him happy not matter what him and his mini-wife tries to tell us. Poor kids having to endure this changes on their parents personality. Must be confusing for them. Where is 'psycho mom'? careful what you wish for, Brad!

1573 days ago


Seriously the losers who want to be George Clooney are a bunch of Momma's boys who probably have a few kids floating around .. I give cred to Clooney for doing the right thing and staying single and not getting married and cheating on his wife later... but the results of this servey just go to show how screwed up America is... Taking care of your kids and responsibilities and actually liking that lifestyle doesn't make you a bad person... Maybe if we changed this mentality that being a player is "cool" and taking responsibility "sucks" then we wouldn't have so many single mothers and so many children gorowing up without a father...I'm willing to bet that the men who chose Clooney are avid fans of rap music. lol typical

1573 days ago
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