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Pitt vs. Clooney -- This Is Your Life ...

12/30/2009 10:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You can either be Brad Pitt and bundle up in NYC with your kiddies while visiting your adoring life partner on the set of her movie ... or you can either lay around in Mexico like George Clooney with your girlfriend o' the week.


The question is ...


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Oh please you people are crazy. George is a lonely loser who just might be gay. I'd rather be happily in love with kids to go home to then a different beard I mean girlfriend every night. What's going to happen when he's 70+ on the sunset of his life with no one around. He will be just like Patrick Swayze. Regreting never having any family. He's not attractive and seems a little suspect sexuality wise.

And all the men who picked George are probably just the same loser men with no wives or children still claiming to be "bachelors".

Love from your children outweighs love from a bunch of gold digging fake 25 year olds who want you for your status and not for who you are. He'll realize that on his way out of life. You only get one so he better wise up. The skanks will move on to their next prey soon enough old boy George.

1760 days ago


Michele, Clooney will be as pathetic as Hugh Hefner, except Clooney's paid hos will be brunettes.

(I would say he's already as pathetic as Hefner.)

1760 days ago


@ # 52 Well said Michele!!!

1760 days ago


remember GRIZZLY ADAMS? maybe they both are preparing for the role or something. gross. bearded men are not attractive. hey tmz, give us that "hell no " option..

1760 days ago


Well atleast Hugh Hefner HAS KIDS. And everyone can confirm he's straight! And don't get it twisted they are both pathetic.

1760 days ago


L (#32):

..."members of the Taliban"...

That was damm funny and I quite agree. LOL literally.

1760 days ago


Lets forget these two idiots and find some new talent. I hear Clooney's new movie SUX really bad and Brad hasn't been in anything decent in AGES. Their time is over. Like the Soup Nazi says.. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!

1760 days ago


I used to love Brad Pitt for many reasons one of them how fine he WAS! What is up with the beard? ... enough already - grow up and when you do, please bring back your fine self!!

1760 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Many of us know exactly why we have beards and many of our partners love the fact that we have em.

Beard = Thigh scratcher
Beard = Flavor Saver

To be without is to do without

1760 days ago


Brad, shave off that unkept beard! It looks like something Angie craved back in her Billy Bob days . . . just dip it in blood!

1760 days ago

who dat    

They both look like they are tired of pretending they are hetro.

1760 days ago


Haha it looks like brads beard is on fire!

1760 days ago

stinky mcgee    

We grew cultures from moustaches in biology - I would suggest shaving post haste.

1760 days ago


Umm, are you sure Clooney likes women? I don't know, but there is something about him that makes me wonder. It's just a thought.

1760 days ago


I'm a woman and looking at those pics -- Clooney by a mile. I wonder if Angelina wonders what she saw in Pitt? because he's looking homelessly pitiful....hope it's for a movie role.

1760 days ago
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