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Charlie Sheen's Wife Wants to Reconcile

12/30/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has lawyered up in case prosecutors decide to charge her with making a false police report, TMZ has learned. And Brooke and Charlie Sheen both want the court to modify the protective order so they can have contact with each other and try and save their marriage.

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen

We've learned Brooke has hired famed criminal defense lawyer Yale Galanter, who represented OJ Simpson for years. Galanter tells TMZ Brooke did not recant the story she told cops on Christmas Day -- that Charlie allegedly held a knife to her throat and threatened to have her killed. But, Galanter says, Brooke did "minimize her story, like many wives in a similar situation do, when they realize their husband could go to jail."

Galanter tells TMZ he will file papers with the Aspen court this morning, asking the judge to allow Brooke and Charlie to resume contact with each other "so they can work on resolving the conflicts in their marriage." Galanter says Brooke and Charlie love each other very much, calling what happened on Xmas, "one bad night."

Galanter, who is currently in Aspen, says he was specifically hired to make sure prosecutors don't "overreact" and charge Brooke with lying to cops. He says, like many women who find themselves in similar circumstances, Brooke didn't realize that Charlie would be arrested after she called 911. So, Galanter says, Brooke soft-pedaled her story to a female cop hours after the 911 call but insists she did not recant.

Charlie Sheen & Wife


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Those poor babies...they have no idea...and yet this woman wants to keep the man with a knife at her throat around the house.

She deserves whatever she gets...

1728 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

Didn't OJ wind up in jail? Why would you hire THAT lawyer?

1728 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

She should have hired Cal State Long Beach Galanter

1728 days ago


Don't do it Charle don't do it............RUN Charle, don't go back get help and move on just have the nanny bring the boys to you have you not learned anything from that other blond bimbo that you hooked up with. RUN

1728 days ago


I'd love to know Mueller's first husband's reaction to all of this. (His name is Scott Allen.)

1728 days ago


Yale Gallanter? The one who got OJ convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping? LOLOL

1728 days ago


Someone needs to get those babies away from scary Brooke and psycho Charlie. Please!

1728 days ago



1728 days ago


Very sad story, only Charlie & Brooke know what really happened... What is so sad is that have 2 little babies & they are the ones who will suffer. If he abused her he should pay just like every other man or woman who abuses there spouse!!

1728 days ago

A dedicated mother    

People keep calling Charlie out for being drunk. He wasn't the one who was drunk! Brooke had a blood alcohol of .13 and Charlie's was .04. It seems to me that a drunk Brooke, wasn't telling the truth but unfortunately the damage is already done. Once you make an accusation like that it never goes away, even if it is completely false.

1728 days ago

rex kramer    

Brooke called her lawyer, lawyer reminded her that the prenup was iron clad, Brooke crawls back to Charlie after having a nice warm cup of "shut the hell up".

1728 days ago


I guess she sobered up and realized that if her 'meal ticket' (husband) was prosecuted, he would kick her a$$ to the curb and find a new woman.

1728 days ago


What is up with the blonde white women lately. Has the Peroxide seeped thru their skulls and eaten away their tiny little brains.

1728 days ago


go to website and read what denise says happened in her marriage with Charlie Sheen. I don't know why people defended him back then. So what if he is a good actor. He is a failure as a human being. Brook was so dumb to marry him, and she had all that previous info from the divorce papers from Denise as a red flag.

Women need to know, if your boyfriend has an abuse history with the last wife, you cannot marry him. You must break it off or you will be the next victum. Do not have kids with someone who looks at images meant to look like underaged porn and is a sex addict. You will regret it for the rest of your life. The porn he looked at was probably legal but the models all were picked because they looked like teens. I have seen that fake child porn online. Its creepy.

Brook is scared bc she is a victum of domestic violence. She is trying to appease Charlie right now to save her life. Women victums know exactly what I am talking about. It is part of the process if he's really dangerous. trying to calm down the abuser.If she is drinking, it actually points even more to being abused if she is a recovering alcoholic, all the stress from being a battered wife can make you drink because you are in a weakened emotional state.

I wouldnt be drinking like that in the middle of the night, but I am not a recovering alcoholic who is stressed to the max with this horrific abusive sex addict, freak of a husband that wants to kill women when they want a divorce and want to take the kids.

A battered womans most dangerous time is when she is getting ready to leave the abusive man. You don't know Charlie Sheen from his tv shows and the movies. Someone else wrote his lines and he was acting. Acting. Wake up. That is not the real person. the real person is the guy who shoots girlfriends, goes to hookers, looks at images that looks like underaged porn, is addicted to gambling, sex and drugs/alcohol. The real person tells his soon to be ex wife to die like her mother who has cancer in front of his small children. He threatens womens lives. I am certain Brook is terrified and with all the media is just trying to calm down to situation bc she doesnt know what he will do next. Its very normal for people in abusive relationships to make up right after some horrible thing happens. It sounds insane, but it is the cycle of violence discovered to be the force that keeps women in these relationships. It takes up to 7 times for a woman to leave this kind of relationship. if Brook is also a recovering alcoholic she will have an additionally hard time breaking free. Charlie also showed Denise and her mom photos of nicole brown simpsons autopsy photos which were gruesome. Does that sound like someone obsessive about something very unhealthy or does that sound normal to you? Charlie Sheen is a very sick and dangerous person who is also a drug alcohol sex and gambling addict. This making up situation is very dangerous for Brook right now. He is out of control and will not be able to handle his agression for more than a short while. The Oj Simpson attorney involved is a horrible addition to this situation.
There will be another incident and you can know that Brook is very very scared and needs help right now. For her and her infant children.

1728 days ago


sheen your a bad bad guy ..... and' yiour just a fair actor .

1728 days ago
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