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Diddy to Landlord -- You're Costing Me Millions!

12/30/2009 9:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The storefront of the Sean John store in New York City is quite impressive ... or at least it was, according to a new lawsuit -- and now the company that runs Diddy's clothing line is suing the people who allegedly messed it up.


According to a lawsuit filed in New York, Diddy's company -- Christian Casey LLC -- leased a portion of a ground floor building on Fifth Avenue in NYC for its flagship clothing store.

Diddy lawyers claim sometime in 2006 the building owners put up sidewalk scaffolding and just left it there -- sending Sean John sales down the toilet -- down nearly 50%.

They claim the scaffolding "substantially obstructed the view of the clothing and furnishings displayed in the ground floor windows."

Team Diddy is suing for $2.5 mil in damages ... minimum. FYI, that's roughly 12,500 bottles of Cristal -- minimum.


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AM Hood    

What does Cristal have to do with the lawsuit or the clothing store at all, TMZ? Always trying to make the Black man look bad. At least he can afford the best. Too bad you 9the person) writing this article only makes minimum wage at TMZ. Get A real job making better money then there is no jealousy to tear the man down!!!!
bet your boss Harvey can afford Cristal also, too bad you can not.

1695 days ago


Diddy is in a dreamworld. The Pubic is sick to deaf of his old designs anyways, he's jest making excuses, like his azz always does when he don't succeed ! That goes for his badazz relationships (he is a selfish man) with broads, and his recordings, his stupid tv programs on the kiddie ( Empty TV) channel. GROW UP PUFFY ! Stop blamin' everyone but your big old self, when stuff go wrong ! We kin see right thru y'all ! COME ON, FOOL!

1695 days ago


Cristal don't taste good nohow ! OVERPRICED Stale Beer flavuh !

1695 days ago


i so agree with puffy on this one...i drive the city bus everyday down there and when that thing was there u could have barely tell the store was even there...the only time is was even noticeable was when they had fashions night out and there was a DJ in the front window showcase.

1695 days ago

AM Hood    

# 1 you are a dummy. What do those people like me take. Hell it is more of you people on welfare, food stamps and other government benefits than us people!! Are you just ignorant or racist? Check the stats on it if you don't believe me, one of those people with a AS,BS and a MSW. The man has a business and makes millions each year and gives back to the community. Whsy does he tsae. Don;t be jealous you are poor and struggling in the world, with nothing but, your hatred for others, not like you. Compared to you I am glad to be one of those people. I guess you won;t be going to heaven with all your hate!!!

1695 days ago


Hey Puke Daddy...ever thought that maybe NOBODY wants to buy your junk. As far as I an concerned, your landlord did us all a favor by blocking your store and giving access to people from wearing your disgusting, pathetic thing you call a clothing line. Man up, Muffy...stop crying like a *&^%$.

1695 days ago


When is this dude going to fix his teeth??????

1695 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Diddy is right to be angry about the unnecessary and unsightly scaffolding. It is a blight all over NYC.
However, proving a causal link between the scaffold's appearance and the 50% dip in sales may be difficult. That could just be a coincidence.

I can't really comment on the quality of his clothing. I wonder how Juicy Couture's sales are (they are further north on 5th Ave. and opened a flagship store within the last year). Lots of companies are hurting these days.

1695 days ago

AM Hood    

223 Who related to you is working in a swear shop? Worry about your own and the world would be btter. Don;t hate just congratulate for the business to get ahead. I have seen somethings of his clothing that are nice, but, like all lines I don't like everything out there. So, I buy what I like and can afford, the rest I leave Go get a life you jealous Be-itch-ezs. he is just cooperating the Laws you people made. Oh, but we should not use the legal system to our benefit, right?? The rules do not only apply to you people!!!!

1695 days ago


He is using this as his trump card, to bail out on his lease, cmon diddy or dumbass you think people are that stupid !!! Your sales are down your clothing line suxs, your nothing but a dime thief drug dealer !!!!

1695 days ago

Trooper Tom    

His clothes SUCK! they are in all the discount stores in town and they still don't sell

1695 days ago


Diddy is buying thousands of free rides in the form of subway tokens, and taxi rides for people that have had too much to drink New Years Eve in Las Vegas and NYC!! Kinda like his music, but this goes a long way to show character, now I'm a huge fan, as his actions will no doubt save at least one life this New Years Eve. Go Diddy!

1695 days ago


That Crystal comment is racist. No one drnks that, you could have at least made a ciroc comment, that would have been more relevant.

1695 days ago


I understand that people may or may not like Diddy... but I have to tell you -- I've been to the store, and he's right. The scaffolding is complete bs. That was a year ago. I can't believe its still up -- wow. Can't say that all of his sales dip is because of this, but it DEFINITELY has an impact.

1694 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

They don't drink Cristal anymore. A bunch of lames write for TMZ. I believe they are the main ones posting the racist remarks.

1694 days ago
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