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Brad Pitt

Caught in Times Square Super-Crush

12/31/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the giant ball that'll drop in NYC come midnight -- last night the biggest thing on the block was Brad Pitt.

Brad, Pax and Maddox were completely swarmed by paps, fans and tourists after a trip to Dave & Buster's, where they tried to be inconspicuous ... in Times Square ... the night before New Year's Eve.

Better luck next year.


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brod is a cool guy, and angie is a hotest i ever seen in this world!

1710 days ago


Brad Pitt is a gross pig

1736 days ago


Big whoop.

1736 days ago


I understand why media/paparazzi do this kind of nutbar stuff. It's their job (as lousy as it is). But why do fans feel the need to swamp a pop-culture 'star'? What are they expecting to see/hear/do when they get there? Some meaningful words of wisdom? A deep exchange of ideas, thoughts, wishes? A mere glance in your general direction, thereby bestowing Hallowed Grace upon you and your progeny for the next 10 years?? Why? You really need to hear a famous person scream, "Would everyone just eff off and leave me alone!!" ? Because that's all you deserve from him.

I'd run the other way, thinking, "Ok, there's some guy I saw in a movie. We don't know each other, probably have nothing in common, he's just trying to live his life, I'm doing the same. Why hassle the guy?"

People need to grow up. I know it can never happen, but still...

1736 days ago

Hmmm 2    

mkaleborn hits it right on the nose. Very well said.

1736 days ago


Brad Pitt is a good looking fellow. Without that beard. Girls back in the day would have never imagine getting over Brad. Welcome to the Pitt!

1736 days ago


The link to the clip doesn't work, TMZ.

1736 days ago


I don't really like them, but that is just ridiculous right there. they need to back off and leave them alone... especially when they have their kids with them.

1736 days ago


To #3 (Mkaleborn) - I completely agree with you 100%. You are SO right!

1736 days ago


I can understand the paps following old ugly Brad pitt b/c of the money they make,but the fans are so silly..Brad the one got the money not the silly fans, which the fans made old ugly Brad rich...

1736 days ago


I swear people just annoy the heck out of me, they are so ignorant, selfish and complete pigs. It is one thing for paps and fans to go take pictures of celebs and harass them but to do it when they have there kids with them?

Really, how would you like it if you were out art the playground with your kids and all of a sudden here comes a bunch of people taking your picture and asking for your autograph?

I am glad Arnold is passing the paps law because this has got to the point to where it is way over ridiculous but unfortunately the law only stands in California but hopefully other governors will start to take action and get these vultures to back off.

People see celebrities and they think how lucky they are because they have fame and fortune but alot of them will tell you it is not so great because every moment of there life is captured and the only time they seem to get peace and privacy is in there home surrounded by walls. Some celebs can not even go out on there back patio to there own home without paps being in the freaking trees taking pictures, heck there was actually a been helicopters hovering over celebs homes taking pictures. I can not tell you how many pictures I have seen of Britney Spears in her yard with her kids , just after she was released from the hospital after her first son was born they had a freaking helicopter hovering over her house trying to catch a glimpse of the baby, it is just totally ridiculous.

1736 days ago


Brad I love you.

1736 days ago


I have a direct message for Brad Pitt: if you are going to try to go incognito, you'll have to change things up every few days or so, as the media have shown you in that wrap around hat look, so of course you're easy to spot. Today you could have gone as a cowboy from 1853 or a destroyer captain or tour guide from the Empire State Building, anything but that same old look. Best of luck, from your pal, the tree in front of that building four blocks to the west. Ya, that's me today. Cool, eh!

1736 days ago


Poor Brad and the kids the price you pay for the super fame. Happy New Year Brad.

1736 days ago


Americans are crazy about him and his family. I perhaps would have lost my sh*t if I were there. How I wish I were there to see my dream man the hottest Brad Pitt.

1736 days ago
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