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Prosecutors Want Charlie Away From Brooke

12/31/2009 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in Aspen must not be "Two and a Half Men" fans -- they want the restraining prohibiting Charlie Sheen from having contact with Brooke Mueller to stay put.

Prosecutor Arnold Mordkin filed a motion in Aspen yesterday opposing dismissal of the protection order. Both Charlie and Brooke want the order 86'd.

A judge will decide on Monday.

As we first reported, the struggling couple wants to reconcile.


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Yolanda Nixon    

If they wanna forgive and forget, why not let them?

1755 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

No so fast, Charlie.

The following is the list of advertisers that stopped advertising on “Two and a Half Men” in 2009 (Before the domestic violence scandal. One needs to wonder what is the remaining sponsor's stance on domestic violence.):




Abbott Laboratories (Humira)

Bayer HealthCare LLC (One a Day Women’s)

Bristol Myers-Squibb Company

L’Oreal USA (Maybelline)

Pfizer (Lipitor)

Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, Inc.

Tate & Lyle (Splenda)


CSC Brands LP

Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster)

Frito-Lay North America, Inc.

General Mills

Kraft Foods

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC

Papa John’s International, Inc.

Sunsweet Growers, Inc.

Best Buy




Staples, Inc.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company

Capital One

Chase Bank

Liberty Mutual

Royal Caribbean International

1755 days ago


If it were that easy. Once you make an allegation of violence + the kids were there, you can't just say, we are sober now, ha ha, we were just playing. Does not work like that.
Unfortunately, Mr Charlie may be looking at a lot of prison time.
Which could end his career. No more money = no child support, etc.,
and he turns into a depressed psychopath.
Obviously, he needs some professional help, which he should be getting this very minute. I would really hate to see him locked up, he is a very talented comedian, actor. And if anything, why isn't she to blame for any of this? I am a woman also, but I see a lot of blame on her.

1755 days ago


Ya think?
Good call.
The judge will make the final decision on Monday.
In my opinion, the judge will probably agree.

1755 days ago


Charlie avoid her for a while. BTW..Elin needs a date

1755 days ago


Brook may have her problems - that seems clear - however, Charlie has what appear to be major behavioral issues. Why any woman would marry him given his track record is beyond me but I think that keeping them apart for now is a prudent decision. I have read online that according to the officers who responded to the 911 call Brook had marks on her neck. Maybe her original story is not so far from the truth. Maybe she is being encouraged (by Charlie's family) to recant her words to the police.

I have concerns about him with unsupervised visits with all of his children. It only takes one fit of anger to cause a disaster.

1755 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

She wasn't the one with the knife.

IIRC people initially wanted Elin locked up for domestic violence. The American public has a short memory.

1755 days ago


Charlie will most likely be required to take anger management classes before this will be agreed upon. I doubt he will do much jail time, if any, but the worry is there and that along with some money promised to Brooke is surely where her change of mind comes from. Hopefully they will both be required to attend marriage counseling and AA meetings before anything is lifted. The court will take the children into account whereas these 2 morons probably will not.

1755 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

It's very common for a spouse in a domestic violence situation to change her mind about pressing charges. It's known as codependency.

The prosecutor is obviously familiar with the dynamics of domestic abuse. I'm sure he doesn't want to be the one who lets Charlie off the hook so easily in case something even more serious happens in the future. I wouldn't either.

1755 days ago


How many Vietnam or Iraq War veterans do not have some psychological issues. Just think of the number of issues the now far-too-late expansion in Afghanistan are going to have when they return to their wives and families.

When Bush-Cheney illegally began a war in Iraq, all kinds of issues have been created for American families and society as a whole, i.e. now swim in a pool of chaos as a country.

1755 days ago


I thought that Sheen initially not only didn't want to see his wife again, he wanted a divorce. It actually would work to his advantage to not have the order lifted (and as a result have her be in a position to not be able to reconcile with Sheen), and then for the prosecutor decide to go after HER for filing a false report, which has also been floated. I thought it odd that Sheen suddenly changed his story about wanting a reconciliation, at least publicly. This is his potential way out of her having him by the balls for life and in a divorce payout.

1755 days ago


Posted at 12:50PM on Dec 31st 2009 by me

In response to your post, I read previous posts here about this case, and they pointed out that she's to blame too.
I guess they live or lived in same area as her and said that Brooke comes from a wealthy family, her mom's a socialite, and that she has a reputation for being a party girl. It was hinted that she married him to solidify her partying lifestyle, and that she wanted some wealth of her own.
They suggested that he married her when he was on the rebound from Denise and may not have been thinking correctly, and that he had long since straightened out and that Brooke had been complaining to her friends that he didn't want to go out and party, that he wanted to stay home. They said on the night of Christmas Eve, she wanted the partying to continue on and on, and he didn't and made a comment about her mothering skills(Brooke and Charlie have 9-month old twins), and once he said that, the argument escalated big-time.

I hope that was of help. I can find those posts if you want me to.

1755 days ago


Tiger lost endorsements due to straying, so Charlie needs to lose sponsors due to threatening to kill someone. Is this a Race issue?

1755 days ago


Good for the DA. They are saving her from herself. See Battered Womens Syndrome. Now if her parents would stop co-opting this it would be nice.

1755 days ago


I am in the same boat as Charlie, the a-hole was kicking the s*&t out of me in my own home and when I went to defend myself I was the one that got hauled off.

The police and the prosecutors ALWAYS side with the abuser and the victims are the ones that get heauled off, because we are the ones that pick up something to defend ourselves.

What I have learned that anything you pick up cell phone, phone, remote, your fists, your hands to defend yourself can be considered as assault (even if your getting the s+^t kicked out of you). Because my brusing wasn't immediate thats why what happened to me, happened.

People please don't jump to conclusions on this......You don't know what its like when the judical system sides with the abuser and you loose your voice in this, you feel like your getting the s@$t kicked out of you all over again....

1755 days ago
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