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Michael Jackson's Dad Wants Medical Records

12/31/2009 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, has subpoenaed medical and other records from the UCLA Medical Center because he believes the records could reveal evidence of foul play in Jackson's death -- and the subpoena has outraged MJ estate lawyers ... TMZ has learned.

Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, sent 2 subpoenas to the UCLA Medical Center -- the hospital where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25. Oxman is asking for a number of documents, including medical records, autopsy reports, autopsy photos, medications and prognosis assessments.

Joe Jackson tells TMZ his entire family is behind the subpoenas -- Katherine, the brothers and sisters, along with him. He says they all believe the medical records will show what was in Jackson's body when he passed and they believe the information will expose foul play.

We've obtained a letter sent to Oxman by estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, in which Weitzman calls the subpoenas "clearly improper." Weitzman claims the subpoenas violate Jackson's right of privacy and the physician/patient privilege. Weitzman also says the subpoenas are irrelevant to Joe Jackson's only legal claim -- a financial allowance.


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I believe that Katherine's 40% will go to the J3 .... but somehow six of the nephews are in that will in some way or another .

1695 days ago


What this greedy person won't do, even at the expense of his son's death to make sure he is financially happy. He is no better than the baloon parents. Joe, Michael was,and still is everything to us. You should feel really bad that you are trying to capitalize on his name in death.There won't be a free pass to heaven for you, but I'm sure the devil has your name.

1695 days ago

so wrong    

74. Fortunate or not, Joe Jackson is the next-to-kin (as well as his wife) and have a right to that information. Also, he may be looking at it as a basis for a wrongful death suit against Dr. Murray.

On the sleazy side, is Joe looking to profit through the sale of such info? I would hope not.

Posted at 3:55PM on Dec 31st 2009 by Elisa

Ah, how are his parents the next of kin, his children are! Hello!

1695 days ago


Let the man have the records. Nobody honored patient doctor confidentiality when Michael initially died, everybody was coming out of the woodworks, so what's so different now? Michael's entire family is capitolizing off him anyway and Joe is no different. If not for Joe, there would have been no Jackson five.

1695 days ago


Tito's three sons are named in Michael's will, but I believe they may be named for direct inheritance only if Michael's three children were somehow ineligible or unable to collect their portion. In other words, I think Michael put his three nephews in as alternate beneficiaries of the estate if say, he (Michael) and his three children were killed together, like for example in an airplane crash. In that case, Michael wished for his money to go to 3T.

Not sure if any other neices and nephews were named, although Michael was close to many of them, particularly Tito's 3 sons, Rebbie's oldest daughter Stacee Brown and youngest son Austin Brown, and Jackie's daughter Brandi.

1695 days ago


You have got to be F***ing kidding me, these estate lawyers are getting on my nerves, right to privacy, MICHAEL WAS HIS DAM SON, they have every right to ask for whatever they want, it's their SON. I behind you on this one Joe. When the hell are we going to hear about Conrad"Killer Doctor"Murray going to jail, it's time they finally make the announcement about him going to jail. WE HAVEN'T FORGOT. MICHAEL JACKSON FAN FOREVER. And Jay Z you will never be king of pop, never.

1695 days ago


TEAM JOE JACKSON...No matter how much you guys hate Joe the fact still remains, he's Michaels father and as a parent he has the right to see his son's medical records. If there is anything crazy in his medical records, Joe and his family SHOULD go forward with a lawsuit, Just like any other family would do if they suspect something in the medical records.

1695 days ago


I believe the medical records are always the legal property of the patient. Once the patient dies, they become the legal property of the immediate family and Joe is that. I don't think they have rights to the autopsy reports, though I could be wrong. Especially in a murder - I believe the autopsy reports belong to the State.

I sure hope that the info doesn't hit the media - especially before they can take Dr.Death to court - and all the little Doctors Death who gave him meds for the years before his death.
If Joe does, however, manager to find and take all the OTHER doctors to court - good - I'd be happy to see them get an ass kicking and I don't care who's doing it.

The family do have a right to know exactly what those medical records show. I sure would be demanding to see them if I were family.


1695 days ago

so wrong    

82. If u guys really fell into this MEDIA DEATH HOAX,u are incredibly brainless...Follow the yellow brick road.

Posted at 3:45PM on Dec 31st 2009 by Renata

meaning what, you believe in the death hoax or not.

1695 days ago


I think this will be a huge mistake if joe gets copies of these.
He needs money and so far is not getting anywhere with mj estate.
i believe joe would sell these to the highest bidder. I wouldn't be surprised if jerkmaine had something to do with this. He needs money too. Plus, didn't the family get a 2nd autopsy done. They have the results, why don't they look at those and see what drugs were in his system and the remaining reports. I understood that LaToya said a couple months ago that they had their autopsy reports but weren't saying anything until the coroner produced all of their info.
Joe is out for a buck and I'm sure if the courts don't let him have them, katherine will do what she can to get them and hand them over to joe.
Boy, what Michael had to endure with this family.

1695 days ago


OK I need a short break


1695 days ago

a fan    

OMG! I never even thought of him selling the medical records!
MJ would not want anybody to see his medical records and someone should be speaking for him. Maybe the hospital will refuse. I think Joe is desperate for money and doesn't give a sh*t about his son and will do anything for the $. Why the h*ll not. He treated the kid like a slave when he was a boy and then acted like a leech his whole life.

1695 days ago

so wrong    

why don't we send an email to this BS attorney Howard Weitzman and ask why the h@ll he's releasing all this private and confidential information regarding his client, Michael Jackson, to Levin at a tabloid website. WTF?

1695 days ago


So let me get this straight - some of you would not want to know what others found to be the cause of death of one of your loved ones? Whatever. Stop trying to make his request seem unreasonable. Whatever his relationship was with his son, he was his son, and he has a right to know what was written in those records.

1695 days ago

a fan    

All of you who think Joe is entitled to anything as MJ's father are kidding yourselves. He never wanted to be MJ's father. He refused to allow him to call him dad. He only wanted to be MJ's manager. That is all he should be now, too. A former manager. MJ would NEVER let his dad see his medical records. Joe Jackson only cares about Joe Jackson. He proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt at the BET awards when all he cared about was promoting his new blu ray dvd company and forgot to pretend to be sad about his son dying and then taking that singer to the VMA awards for MJ's tribute. Isn't it alleged that he sexually abused his kids? He was an ex boxer who beat the hell out of his kids and treated them like slaves and while whoring around with every groupie he could find. He treated his boys like a pimp. Stop confusing him with your own dad. He is only after MONEY. That is all he has ever cared about.

1695 days ago
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