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Molly Sims -- The Gratuitous Bikini Shot

12/31/2009 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Las Vegas" actress Molly Sims rolled around Mexico in a bikini yesterday ... and no one complained.


Happy New Year.


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I actually think she looks really good. I've always liked her body. She looks like and I've heard interviews where she says she works out hard. Even though this picture is suspect, I still think she's gorgeous. If the pic is real on the bottom half (which looks a bit cartoonish at the bikini bottoms)I can overlook the lack of butt because it's well toned.

1727 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Ok, that is not even a good Photoshop job. Look at the top of the bottom of the bikini, folks. Look at where the bikini meets her skin below her belly-button. One color simply runs into the other. There is no natural curve of fabric.

As others have pointed out, the bottoms also have a color shift that happens when you save an image in a bad format on Photoshop. I know, I work with it every day.

I can't say that I can always catch a Photoshop job. When people do them exceptionally well (like me) they can be hard to spot, even by experts. But, I can always spot a bad Photoshop job.

This was one of the easiest I have had to call.

This photo is not real, so there is NO reason to comment on this woman's body, because this is clearly NOT an accurate representation of her body.

1727 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I don't know if I was clear. Look at how there is no curve of fabric at the top of her bikini. It looks in the picture like it was literally "painted" on. Do you see it? That is such a dead giveaway. That is not possible in reality, especially given the fabric of that particular bikini as evidenced by the top.

In this case, the bottom of that bikini WAS literally "painted" on.

1727 days ago


she , she, looks like a man...

1727 days ago


OK, you "Photoshop" people are all idiots...there, I said it. Not to mention illiterate...oops, I said that too. Try this--Google her and look at the rest of the pictures that were taken of her in Mexico. Then shut your jealous asses up. Stupid people.

1727 days ago


FLAT @SS.............FLAT B@@BS to.....

1727 days ago


Here, I made it easy for ya, this is the link to the other pictures of her.

Oh yea, and she DOES have a butt. You losers, just appreciate it, it's not the cure for cancer or something and you won't die just appreciating that she's healthy.

1727 days ago


And as for Jennifer Bouldack...what makes her an expert in Photoshop? NOTHING, that's what. Just saying it doesn't make it true, Jen baby. And Photoshopping the fat out of pictures of yourself does not make you a Photoshop Diva. Happy New Year.

1727 days ago


we have to start having brazilian women as actresses....they have the best asses everrrrrrr...I hate women with no ass.

1727 days ago


Nude video always much better. Oh, by the way check this video out - lol

1727 days ago


That shot of her ass, has to have been photoshopped because it looks like she's suffering from the rare affliction, Noassatall.

1727 days ago


She is a beautiful woman, but man...I don't know what it is with Hollywood women wanting to resemble little boys. I don't find it attractive at all.

1726 days ago


it's photoshopped! Whoever did this made a banged up job on making it look fake! You can see on the picture that the back is not even hers. The bottom doesn't match the top and the bottom is also a man's ass in tight swim trunks. Why photoshop TMZ?

1726 days ago


Did she drop her butt somewhere?

1726 days ago

Truth Hurts    

Nobody is perfect. She is very nice looking, but she doesn't have a butt. Some women are hour glass figures: Marilyn Monroe or Beyonce Some women are more rectangular: Molly Sims
It is what it is.

1726 days ago
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