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AT&T Hangs Up on Tiger Woods

12/31/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods just got a dropped call from AT&T -- as in, "Hello, Tiger? You've been dropped."

AT&T did not explain why they're ending the sponsorship with Tiger.

The news comes in the wake of a study, which shows Tiger's sponsors took a serious financial hit after news of his infidelity became public.

Tiger had already lost a deal with Accenture.


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London not England    

#71-Mr. Common Sense

This IS NOT about "Bringing down" a White boy....

This is about FAIR and Equal treatment! I have "common sense" also...?
IT IS NOT RACIST CRAP to point out the obvious...whether YOU wish to believe it or NOT. And I'm certainly Not "Peddling" anything....
You're right, MAYBE HANES will DROP Sheen....MAYBE they won't....
But the blogs haven't NEARLY Been as Hard on Sheen for 911 Call Attempted they were with Tiger Woods for simply sleeping around. Good Reputation or NO reputation...

My biggest ISSUE is the Fact that When The typical Black/White Double Standard is Pointed out, White people are QUICK to shoot it down as "racist" or "playing a race card".....and poo poo it away....I've GOT NEWS FOR YOU: African Americans see things differently. BECAUSE WE DEAL WITH IT EVERY DAY...whether you're a Millionaire, or the Brotha on the corner....
Now, you can Deny the Holocaust, you can Deny slavery, and you can Deny that we are treated slightly differently than our White counterparts all you doesn't make it NOT TRUE.
If Tiger comes back to golf, he'll still be the best....
If Charlie Sheen goes back to his wife, the Po Po WILL get called again! but he'll still be high fived and winked at by White Males as "THE MAC DADDY" Stud, where as Tiger gets Vilified...
Where's the equity in that?!?!?!?!

1719 days ago

me so horny    

AT&T is the worst cellular carrier in New York City, I have difficulty getting reception in the office that I work in. So next month i'm switching my service to TMobile.

1719 days ago

me so horny    

9. OKAY....

So let's Be FAIR PEOPLE!!!!

Charlie Sheens Sponsors of "Two and a Half Men" need to back out also...

He threatened to KILL his woman.....

We wouldn't want to appear Prejudice now would we...ya the RICH white ACTOR license to behave badly, but KEEP him a Star, and throw the little black boy under the bus no would we?!?!?!

Posted at 10:36AM on Dec 31st 2009 by Californiaboy

Well said Californiaboy, but Tiger is Black and Sheen is White So now the world can see the true colors of american corporations.

1719 days ago


Totally agree with Post 9 (Californiaboy) and Post 15 (Sista Soulja).

1719 days ago

me so horny    

You're a racist AND a jackass.

Posted at 10:48AM on Dec 31st 2009 by sandy
No she's not Sandy, you failed to see her point so you are the jack ass Bitch

1719 days ago


Tiger should have kept that "thing" in his pants instead of being such a WHORE mongrel. Those sluts only wanted him for his money. how stupid can he be?? He has a beautiful family and an awesome career and he screwed it up for what?? SLUTS and WHORES??
He made his bed now he has to "sleep" in it. I don't feel one bit sorry for him.

1719 days ago

London not England    

#97-evil Kitty
#98-Ralph Zaccaro

I Guess you GOTTA POINT.......

and #99-Enough Already!
Yeah, it's EASY to tell US "To Get Over It"....

you'd never, NEVER SAY THAT TO A JEW about the HOLOCAUST though...
and ya know that!

1719 days ago


Tiger is as nasty as a man can get. He had numerous prostitutes, bimbos, sluts, etc., 3-ways, kinky sex, you name it ...... and then went home and kissed his children. How filthy and sick of him. His poor wife doesn't look half as good as she did before she got hooked up with that whoremongering adultering perverted degenerate! I'm sure her health has suffered because of his dirty life style, and she deserves every dollar she can get from the loser. A clean, decent woman shouldn't be around him.

1719 days ago


Tiger is not BLACK he is bi-racial.
And that has nothing to do with being a WHORE MONGREL!!!
As for Charlie Sheen, he is another loser and egotistical addict!!

1719 days ago


Tiger and his Ho's need to strike up a deal with Valtrex or Trogens!

1719 days ago

London not England    

Have you ever heard of the "One Drop rule".....?
Ask your Daddy, or Grand daddy.....
That Meant, that if you were born in THIS COUNTRY, and had ONE DROP of black Blood in you, you were segregated against. It was used from the time of emancipation until the Civil rights movement in the 1960's, mostly in the South. Quite effectively as well....
check out poster #120.Steve - "Nike, ATT is offering a free call to Tiger if you want to dump his black lying ass."

Oh, BUT Noooooooooo there's no Racism out there...?!?!?!?!
Mr. Steve proves the point i've been making that YOU ALL don't wish to acknowledge all along!
Oh, and Steve, he'll STILL be Richer than YO MOTHA F**KING ASS whether that VIKING BITCH leaves him or NOT!

1719 days ago


Sista Soulja... Tiger is not black, he is bi-racial and actually prefers to be called "blasian". So would you stop trying to turn this into something it isn't, and realize that people are just making a big deal about it and talking about it because it's a scandal, and people love to gossip. It's human nature, it has nothing to do with being "black" or white.

PS... Tiger doesn't even like black women (notice the 13 white women he cheated on his white wife with...) so stop trying to be a hero and stick up for him.

1719 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Two thoughts:
One - He didn't cheat on me so I don't give a damn what happenes to him personally or professionally.

Two - I'll still buy general Nike products, but won't buy any tee shirts or jersey's with his name on it.

1719 days ago


Why are his supporters/enablers trying to make this into a racial issue? Like oh poor, poor Tiger, everyone is picking on him because he's "black". Well, it has nothing to do with his race. It has to do with his actions, his lack of character, disrespecting his wife and children. Is that so difficult to grasp?!?

Tiger isn't "black" anyway. His mother is Thai, and if his father was an American "black," he had some white blood as all American "blacks" have, so he's not even 1/2 black. So quit wringing your hands and claiming "racism". What BS. He already has enough money to last him the rest of his life, and for what? For pretending he's an "athlete" and knocking a ball around, a rich white man's boring game. What does he do that is useful in the world, by the way? In addition, he never went after "black" women, so why are his supporters crying "racism" and sticking up for him?

1719 days ago


LOL... Tiger has millions and millions.. well he'll have less once the wife gets her part, but he will continue to play, continue to win and all of these hypocrite and politically correct companies will eventually come back once this dies down. They will crawl back to Tiger and say... we're sorry, we had to do it, pleeeease come back.. we'll give you double.... it always happens

1719 days ago
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